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Returning to Fear Helps No One

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

This is indeed a convoluted day. What is does not seem correct; and what is not seems as if it should be. Do not despair. Once again you are in a shift – a bit like “Alice in Wonderland” falling down the rabbit hole.

This week is a mirage.  It is designed to ground you and allow you to once again decide the correct path. For those of you experiencing discomfort, we add a thought that will not necessarily make you happy, but will help you understand.

Many of you reading “Brenda’s Blogs” are in a relatively calm state of being. You moved through your greatest fears months or even years ago. Indeed, you are the scout masters and wagon train leaders of this New Age movement.

Yet, so many people you love are experiencing pain and fear. The teacher that you are wishes to help your wagon train members easily move through the difficult pieces they are experiencing. You feel uncomfortable living the ‘good life’ as those around you seem to be falling apart.

Do you need to feel guilty? Not in the least. Those of you having an uncomfortable day or week – even though you have, on the whole, breezed through the multiple shifts in the last few months – have returned to your Old Age care-taking mode.

Of course, you do not wish to learn this on two levels:

  • In the past, you worked diligently, and alone we might add, to clear your major issues. Yet, today you feel as if you are at step one in the clearing process. You are stressed, weary and fearful. Does this pain ever end?
  • Secondly, you thought you cleared your caretaker needs months ago. Yet, you feel as if you are revisiting the issues you so carefully explored in the past.

You are correct on both levels. You no longer need to address caretaker issues. What kind of scout master would you be if you returned to your wagon train with comments like, “It is really scary out there. Would someone please hold my hand as I move through the next mountain pass?”

And what type of role model would you be if you believed you had the strength to move through issues without assistance, but others did not? Is that not similar to the thoughts of missionaries and social service personnel in past generations? The “I am strong, but you are weak so I need to take care of you” thought process that created the victim/power schism that you are moving away from.

Some of you are thinking that your latest trauma is impacting you as much as it is anyone else – that you are the center of the storm and not the observer. Perhaps you are, but that is only so because you have placed yourself in the center of the storm for a reason. Most likely, that reason has more to do with care taking than a need to revisit the pain and trauma you have already moved through.

Allow yourself to breathe. Take a deep breath. Remember how much you have already moved through. And then remember why you needed to move through those issues before others. You are a scout master. You are a wagon train leader.

Address your current issues of concern with your new skills.

Ask yourself why you needed to re-address fear. If your answer is that you have not yet moved through a particular issue, remember how many traumatic issues you have already moved through without assistance. You are strong and capable.

Again, you are strong and capable. But then, so is everyone else. No one needs a shoulder to cry on anymore. They require the image of you having moved through your traumatic issues – with resulting overall  joy and peace. It does others little good to see you falling apart. Nor does it do you any good to do so.

You have the skills, as you have displayed so brilliantly in the past, to move through these most recent and relatively simple tasks, we might add, without much thought or concern. Tap into the New Age you. Stop depending on your Old Age skills to move you through New Age issues. Most importantly, stop care taking others. They are as strong and capable as you.

How do you move through your current issues? How indeed? Open your tool box and find the correct tool for you. Unlike the Old Age, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to each dilemma. We cannot tell you what to do. You already know – you have passed through the ‘eye of the storm.’ You are more skilled than we are in this arena.

Just as we cannot tell you how to move through this week’s trauma, you cannot tell someone else how to do so. Do you not remember how you poured through numerous resources including written materials, counselors, friends and support groups to find your way out of your pain a few years ago? Do you not remember how you grabbed a piece from this source; and this and that from another to create a healing that was truly your own?

Allow others that same healing freedom. No one can heal your loved one’s pain for them – anymore than you can make someone stop abusing drugs or alcohol.

At the same time, remember that your self-healing skills are much stronger than they were when you moved through your most deeply entrenched fears. In comparison, what you are experiencing today or this week is minimal. Allow yourself to know that. Then allow yourself to feel the joy you wish to feel; and allow others to find their own healing solutions.

You are not helping others by returning to or remaining in pain, you are merely postponing the inevitable joy of the New Age. Breathe in that joy. Open your new tool kit of healing resources and allow others to do the same. This is not the Age of pain and fear. This is the Age of joy. And as a scout master or wagon train leader, it is your role to explore and experience that joy fully.

It helps no one,  including yourself, to return to Old Age feelings. Your role in this New Age transition is to explore your new tool kit and to display your new skills in joy and pleasure. No more and no less. So be it. Amen.

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Are You Afraid of Your Power?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we have discussed previously – your fear of your powers and thereby, the New Age.

We have told you that the New Age is not about following or even caring about the dictates of others.

You have devoted this life and eons of previous lives to learning how to disregard your inner voice in favor of someone who seems to have or be what you want.  Granted, you had certain karmic issues you wished to complete in each lifetime. But even in that regard, you allowed and even encouraged others to control the direction of those lessons. Someone volunteered to be the bad guy, the bad boss, the bad mate, the bad politician or the bad parent so that you could complete your karmic lessons as a victim who may or may not have triumphed over those you felt were in control of your pain.

You were always in control of each and every life. You merely agreed to learn those lessons in pain. And others agreed to be part of your “passion play” – that was the over-all lesson of the Old Age – the past Age.

The New Age has arrived.

Fewer and fewer people are willing to play the “bad cop.” Oh you may find a few willing to give you a growl or two – but in essence, fewer people want to play that role and fewer still are looking for someone to do so. The pain game is over. You have moved through the Old Age gracefully and beautifully.

The New Age is about pleasure. So claim it. Do not worry about the poor soul who does not have all that you do. That soul is as strong and capable as are you. Victims are no more. And those people who opt to remain in the Old Age role of victim are finding it more and more difficult.

Maybe you are thinking that thousands are without work; millions live in poverty and countless others continue to be battered and bruised. Such is true – but those people are not fulfilling their inner direction or the earth’s new direction, they merely are trying to remain in the Old Age.

You are perhaps angry with this last thought. For indeed, you can see the starving children a few blocks from your home. You observe in your media as calamities strike  one geographical location after another. You see the tears of anger, pain and frustration. No one would opt for that life of pain if they did not have to.

Ah. Now you have reached the crux of your fear. “What if I follow my inner voice and discover that it is wrong?” Is it not easier to blame a boss, government official, parent or child than to take responsibility for a direction that may be wrong?

This New Age is about accessing and implementing the messages of your inner voice – which are never wrong for you. You may retort that schizophrenic and psychotic people follow their inner messages and look how far afield that takes them. Their’s is a different voice – a voice of the Old Age. The voice they are following is emanating from their mind, their ego – not their heart. And your need to believe that you may be psychotic if you follow your inner voice is yet another indicator that you are afraid of your power and of the New Age.

How can an Age of joy and happiness include thoughts of harming yourself or others? Listen to your heart, your inner being. That is your first and most important New Age lesson.

Your inner being will direct you to joy and lightness, for that is the function of your inner being. A function you closed down purposefully to more easily move through the Old Age. Now that it is time to access it again, you are overlaying its benefits and the resulting joy with fears produced through eons of living in the victim/martyr/controller roles of the Old Age.

Throw off your fears. Test drive your new inner thoughts and feelings.

But as is true for any fear, move through your fear of your inner voice at your own pace. Perhaps your first step into the New Age might be allowing yourself an ice cream cone or a quiet moment. It does not matter. Does it give you joy? Then it is of the New Age. Does it make you feel less than happy? Then it is of the Old Age.

Of course, there are still the naysayers telling you that such is never possible. Life is about pain and then you die. How silly and interesting that that last statement rings more true for you than does the belief that life is about joy and then you transform into a different form of joy.

Many of you read those last words and agreed. But observe your life, your current reality. How much joy do you allow? How much pain do you still expect? That is your personal measure of how you have accepted the New Age.

The New Age is here. And all you have to do to enmesh yourself in the joy that is the New Age, is to expect joy today, tomorrow and forever. Does that thought seem like a fairy tale? Then you remain in the Old Age. Does that seem like a possibility? Then you are tip-toeing into the New Age? Is that your reality and your expectation? Then you are of the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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The Freedom From Being Wrong is Lonely

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

You are not alone. Of course, that is extremely difficult for you to comprehend as you move so slowly, in your time frames, through your issues.

Perhaps you feel as if you have been slugging through the mire for ages. In a sense you have. For indeed prior to this New Age transition, the format has been: create some karma, exit the earth, create a new earth life in which to work out your past karma and then create new karma. A never-ending cycle of work, or if you like, pain.

You have read over and over again how you must clear yourself of karma and that even as you do so, you are again creating new karma no matter how diligently you feel you are living a “good and appropriate” life. Do such thoughts indicate that you are bad, an ongoing sinner? Please place those thoughts in the power needs of the church of yesterday and you will understand the need for such thoughts until the church was ready to evolve.

Let us be more explicit. The church was designed on the mother, father, children model that you most often use to describe a family. Father or God had complete control. Mother or Mary was the tender-hearted mom who helped you even when God or father was angry at you. You have played the role of child for eons – to allow you to move through control and power issues.

You have completed those lessons. Your karma is no more. Never again will you return to earth to solve some dilemma that you set up in the Old Age. Those painful lessons and memories are over. By the same token, you no longer need or want an all-powerful father figure telling you how to live your life or having life and death control over you. You have graduated or more to the point for this discussion, you have left home.

Will you make “mistakes?” Of course, just as is true for any child leaving the nest. But will the ramifications for those mistakes be the same? No, for your perceptions and needs have evolved as  is indicated by your movement into the New Age.

You no longer want to learn your lessons in pain – that is of the Old Age. Therefore, you no longer need to have any group – whether that group be the government, the church or your family – outlining what is right or wrong for you and creating punishments that fit their needs.

Do you see how appropriate heaven and hell would be if the church wanted to control parishioners? Do you see how appropriate laws would be if government had a need to control the people? Do you see how right and wrong would be appropriate for any family setting in which the parents needed to maintain control?

Those controls, those needs are dissolving much more rapidly than even we expected. But the net result of that freedom from being wrong or doing wrong, is a loneliness that is difficult for you to describe.

You have maintained your religious, governmental and societal guidelines for eons. Even though you often did not like those guidelines, they did provide you with a sense of rightness. If you married the right person, you were given accolades. If you offered services to your church, you were given accolades. If you followed the laws, you were given accolades. The Old Age rules set you free at the same time that they were imprisoning you. For those rules were not designed for or by you, but rather by the institution that needed to perpetuate itself.

Now that you are an adult, you will create your own rules. But that brings us to our original thought. Leaving home, becoming an adult can be lonely. That is what you are currently experiencing. In essence, you are buying and furnishing your own home in the city of your choice and you would love to have your parents tell you what is right for them, so you would know what is right for you.

Such is no longer possible. The small piece that remains of the Old Age you is pinning for that direction – at the same time that the New Age you is screaming to be free.

Do you understand that you cannot have close friends telling you what to do, until you know enough about yourself to move forward without their input? This is a complicated concept that we wish for you to process slowly. You are looking for friends and relatives who will tell you that you are moving in the right direction – while at the same time, you do not want anyone telling you what to do. Even if someone were to pop into your life who was willing to create a life plan for you, you would soon toss that plan by the wayside.

The New Age is about freedom. A concept you are just starting to understand and accept. Freedom to cherish yourself. Freedom to make your own decisions. The freedom to be.

Freedom is an extremely difficult arena for you right now, because you have been trained for eons to listen to and follow whatever grouping, including friends, you construed to be of import to you. Never before have you created your own life, with your own policies. That special freedom has always been given to someone or something out there.

There is no longer anyone out there providing the answers you want. That is your loneliness. More to the point, that is your freedom. Friends and family will return. You are one after all. But they will return only after you have discovered your own freedoms and joy.

Are we telling you that you may be lonely for a time? Yes. Not because we or God are punishing you, but because you want to find out who you are without the comfortable restrictions your society has placed on you for eons. Does that mean you should negate the friends you have? Of course not. Merely that they will not feel as close as you would like them to feel until you have found yourself.

Do not fret. You have not been abandoned. You have been set free.

Like parents who have every confidence that their child can handle the world without them, we tell you from the depth of our being – you are fine, you are strong and you are capable. Go find yourself and you will find others that think and act as you do. Negate finding yourself and you will continue the relationships you have at this time.

Do not be frightened. You are fully capable. You are a complete, strong and wonderfully evolving human. Allow that thought to drape you in warmth and then allow yourself to set out on your journey of discovering yourself. What a wonderful time for you. What a wonderful time for the Universe. So be it. Amen.

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What Have You Done Wrong? Where is Your Joy?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Where is your joy? What have you done wrong? Why is everyone else “sailing along” and you seem to be hitting one block after another?

Ah. This is a time of transition. In truth, one of the greatest transitions ever on earth or other planets. Transition or change is never as easy as is indicated in your history books.

The forefathers of the current United States had many doubts about their direction and even the outcome. History paints a picture of their knowing what to do and where to turn. Nothing could be further from the truth. They merely moved in the direction that felt the least painful emotionally, but not necessarily physically. They could have easily capitulated to England’s demands. Their immediate lives would have been more physically comfortable. Yet, their emotional needs precluded such a direction. And so it is with you.

It would be easier for you to remain in a community, a relationship or a job – than to move towards the transitions your heart is telling you to make. But then, easier in the short-term does not always equate to a long-term solution..and so it is with you now.

Oh not all of you. Some of you have already completed your major adjustments. This particular piece is for those who remain in the throes of change.

Let us use yet another analogy that might make your current discomfort just a bit easier to understand. Those of you who have been pregnant understand the discomfort of that state. The difference is that you knew what the outcome would most likely be – a darling new addition to earth.

The same is not true for you now. You know what you feel like doing, but not the reason why. You do not have a specific outcome in mind, other than comfort and joy. When you are pregnant, you can laugh about your weight gain or your need for pickles and ice cream – both predictable indicators that you are indeed pregnant and all will be well in less than nine months. But like the forefathers of the United States, you currently have no end date in sight, nor do you understand your inner cravings.

Are you crazy or merely following your heart? How do you know your heart is correct? Most important of all, when will it all end?

We can give you no end date – each of you is moving at the pace that is correct for you. Some of you have moved through the bulk of the issues you wish to move through and feel light and airy. Others of you are just starting your journey, and you feel as if your life is at an end. It is.

The life you have known is no more. That is why you are moving through your issues. And just as is true for any movement, any direction, some of you are scout masters and others are pioneers. Both of you are moving in the same direction, but not at the same time.

If you are in extreme pain right now, ask for help and you will connect with one or more of those who have gone before.

The scout masters completed their issues in a somewhat blank state. They had no idea what was happening or why. They just knew they needed to move in a specific direction – much like salmon swimming upstream. Scout masters accepted that extremely courageous challenge before birth so that you would have a path to follow.

If you are in tremendous pain now, ask for help and you will connect with one or more of those who have gone before. Pioneers have always followed the trails carved by scout masters. The same is true for you. Open your thoughts and your being to those who can help you understand your path and your overwhelming need to move forward. Perhaps your scout master is a maintenance person, philosopher,  school teacher or political leader. It does not matter. Just ask for assistance and that person or persons will enter your life.

You will know your scout master(s) by the joy they provide whenever you are in their presence or by the words they speak.

Simple. You are in pain. You are not alone. You are a pioneer, but you have scout masters readily available to help you move through and beyond your pain. This transition is not about individuals pushing themselves to the very edge. It is about your society creating a new world together – in joy.

Allow yourself to accept the help of your scout master(s). And then allow yourself to know without a doubt that you are moving in the correct direction for yourself and society. You may not have an infant to display after your transition, but you most certainly will have feelings of peace and joy. That is your end game. That is your direction. And that is your need to move through your issues. So be it. Amen.

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Most Time Travel is a Small Segment of the Totality of You

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

What a day! Many of you are probably feeling as if your being has been scrambled. And so it has. This full moon is merely an indicator of what will be shifting within your society in the next few weeks.

Does it not appear as if everyone is angry? Is there not a great deal of shame and blame floating very close to the surface? Many of you are confused. We continue to discuss the joys of the New Age and yet you feel as if you are surrounded with the pain of the Old Age.  Do not fret – all is well.

Please remember that we access a different perspective than you currently allow yourself to experience. You limit your view to the narrow stream of your current life rather than the totality of your being.

Many of you are quite interested in time travel – but even time travel is a small microcosm of the totality that is you. Let us explain. The totality that is you has had many experiences on earth, as well as other realms. If you believe and thereby expect to only access the existences you have had on earth, you will not be able to “see” your lives between your earth existences or your lives in other locals. You will be limited to what you expect to see and/or experience.

There are so many other exciting arenas to explore. You are fully capable of exploring your lives on earth in whatever historical perspective you wish, your lives between your earth experiences and your lives in other arenas. Such exploration is yet another tool in your new tool kit.

As is true of the tools we have mentioned previously, your time travel tool has always been available – just much more difficult for you to access.  A bit like the difference between a canvas airplane of the early 1900s and a jet. Both are capable of transporting you through the air, but the jet is so much faster and more comfortable.

Now what does time travel (we prefer the term, Experience Travel) have to do with the anger and rage displayed throughout your current world via the media? Everything and nothing. From a larger perspective, the small squabbles you are learning about are mere blips on the screen of life.

If you remember, many predicted that the end of the world you now know it – the introduction of the New Age – would occur in a cataclysm of some sort – perhaps a nuclear war or a similar catastrophe. Instead, this New Age transition is occurring without a world cataclysm, war or revolution. In comparison to those predictions, this transition is and has been extremely gentle. There is, of course, vocal dissent and civil unrest in various parts of the world, but certainly not to extent that was predicted even a few years ago.

If you would allow yourself to Experience Travel to a view above, or perhaps a better term, through your current perspective, you would note how easy this New Age transition has been and will continue to be. The naysayers will fade and those who wish to explore the New Age will move to the forefront. “Life is Good” is an extremely appropriate term for this transition.

Some of you may experience a more dramatic transition than others. That is your choice. But again, we will tell you that such pain is not necessary. Allow yourself to see the positive aspects of any and all situations and you will soon find that your life is truly joyous.

But then, as you have learned from several channels including this one, if you continue to “beat the drum” of pain and anger that is what you will draw to you – not to the earth or the Universe, but to you. The difference between you believing that “life is painful and then you die” prior to the New Age and after the New Age is that it was possible to achieve a world filled with pain interspersed with joy prior to the New Age. Now it is only possible for you to achieve that vision for yourself.

The world and the Universe have moved on – in large part due to your subconscious efforts. It is now your choice whether you wish to follow the joy of the New Age or to remain behind in the pain of the Old Age.

It is also your choice to tap into your Experience Travel capabilities. Or to worry about this or that issue. Or if you wish to experience a personal life of joy, while others on earth are allowing themselves to continue their life of pain.

Your new tool kit is no different from your computer commands. If you wish to correct your spelling errors in a computer project, you merely have to select spell check – but you are certainly not forced to. And so it is with your tool kit.

As we continue these blogs, we will provide more explicit tool kit operating instructions. For the time being, we are merely pointing out the features of your new tool kit – not the least of which is your ability to easily implement your Experience Travel skills.

Use your new tool kit or not. Experience Travel or not. Live in joy or not. The New Age is about choice, as well as an expansion of your being. All of which or none of which is required for you to continue living on earth.

But to not believe or access some of the multitude of skills that you now have readily available is similar to those people who discounted the value of flight with the statement, “If God meant for me to fly, he would have given me wings.” So be it. Amen.

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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have recently heard various singers perform the song Hallelujah! A song of joy and poetry. You might even find yourself humming the song as you go about your daily tasks. That is not an accident. Not that this song encompasses all that we have talked about in our blogs and e-books, but rather that it encourages you to shout to the heavens and to others your joy in being alive, your joy in discovering your new skills and new directions.

Perhaps some of you are afraid to shout hallelujah just for fun – but why? Go ahead – spread your arms and shout to yourself or anyone who cares to listen – HALLELUJAH! Was that not fun and a bit out of character? The New Age constitutes new behaviors and new beliefs – one of which is that you are a glorious being who is marking the path for others so they dare join you in your New Age fun.

Have you ever listened to children sing just for the joy of singing? Do they care about pitch or tone? Why do you? Are you not cautious about creating a scene? Are you not concerned that someone will find you silly? Or someone will be offended or irritated? So you hunker down and play by the rules, “Do not talk in elevators.” “Do not be too loud.” Do not dance too wildly.” “Control yourself.”

When and why did you feel the need to control yourself? Was it at age four? At age 21? Or was that control a progressive sense of containing yourself into an acceptable little box? One that society agreed upon was appropriate for your age, race and gender? Is it not interesting that men kissing each other is completely acceptable in some countries and not in others? Or that dancing is sedate in some countries and “wild and crazy” in others? Even humor shifts from country to country. Yet, you firmly maintain control on your behavior so that you will be acceptable to society. Which society?

Some of you have  moved to a country or locale that is more accepting of your being. But even in those locations you maintain age appropriate behaviors. When was the last time you danced as you walked along the sidewalk? Or the last time you laughed loudly and inappropriately?

Infants laugh as long and as loud as they like. Toddlers dance and sing with delight whenever they wish. They talk in church and even run with scissors if possible. Infants and toddlers do not follow  rules, nor do they want to.

Slowly but surely, your society assumes control until all adults follow similar patterns. Toning down is a key element of your society.

How can you live in joy if your joy is sifted through society’s sieve of correct behavior? Why should you behave differently on a picnic in which you might have a few drinks than at your office or in church?

Many of you are now thinking that you would not drink alcohol in your office and so you behave differently than is true on a picnic. We beg to differ. If you allowed yourself to behave as your inner being directed all day every day, you would have little need for alcohol and other drugs.

Alcohol and other drugs are necessary when you have so hidden your true self that only alcohol and drugs allow you to be free. Do you not you speak and act differently when you are imbibing than when you are not? And does society not allow that behavior based on the amount of alcohol or drugs you have used? You even have terms for your behavior shifts related to alcohol – “mean drunk” “silly drunk”  “druggie” all of which allow you to behave in a manner that society finds erratic, but acceptable given the circumstances.

What if you behaved in the same fashion whether you were drunk or sober? Better yet, what if society encouraged you to behave in a similar fashion whether you were drunk or sober? What if you are using drugs and alcohol to access your true self?

For many of you that last statement is a  frightening thought for you do not like the “you” who appears in a drug or alcohol stupor. Yet you feel the need to use either or both – why? Could it be because such a stupor is the only manner in which you allow yourself the freedom to be? And so it is.

We will add one more piece. The reason your behavior feels out of kilter when you are in a drug or alcohol induced state is that you have so  “bottled up” your true feelings that you must explode – not unlike a pressure cooker releasing steam. If you allowed yourself to sing in joy at the level that feels most fun whenever you feel like singing or whatever behavior feels the most fun at that moment, you would have little interest in drugs and alcohol.

So sing, dance and play to your heart’s content. Hallelulah! It is time for you to be who you are instead of who society dictates you should be.

Perhaps you are now thinking that if you truly allowed yourself to be who you are, you would be fired. Find another job – one that allows you to be who you are. Now that you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it, why would you opt to remain in a job, community or friendship that curtails your being?

The New Age is not about rules. It is about finding and cherishing your being. And so it is. Amen.

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Now introducing “It’s Time” the third e-book in “The Creation Series.” Books one and two are titled, “Economics of the Heart” and “Create Your Community.” For more information, please visit Life Tapestry

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Jealousy is a Wonderful Cover for Not Moving Forward

Dear Ones,

It is time to address jealousy – an issue that has long been a part of your culture and therefore your personal life. Even though the start of 2010 on January 1 is merely a “marker” created by society, it remains important to most of you in terms of starting over. A new year brings thoughts of new goals and fresh starts. With that in mind, we wish to encourage you to finally eradicate your jealousies.

Jealousy is a valid concept when someone has something you are not capable of attaining. But since you are able to create the life you want, the concept of jealousy is as outdated as the thought that women must stay in the home and answer to their husbands.  Yet, a mere fifty years earlier such were the societal expectations. Enter you baby boomers and those thoughts shifted.

It is time for you baby boomers to once again create new guide posts for those who follow. Just as was true for race relations, gender biases and war stances, jealousy stunts your growth. How can you move into the life you dream of if you continuously think about that which you do not have? Jealousy stifles your creativity and your being.

No one wishes to be jealous, just as no one wishes to have a painful life. What rewards do you achieve by being jealous? Jealousy allows you to remain stationary. If you truly believe that what someone else has is not achievable, you are able remain in a holding pattern for decades.

Jealousy is a wonderful “cover” for not moving forward. “I can never have what he has, so I might as well be satisfied with what I have.” Compare that thought to the following, “I like some of what he has, but I would like to change it a bit as I create my life. I am thankful that I was able to observe his life because it has stretched my creative possibilities – without his example, I would have never thought of such a life.”

Jealousy can be defined as standing still. Creativity is growth and freedom.

Speaking in baby boomer jargon, jealousy is a “cop-out” because it stops you in your tracks. Creativity allows you to fly. So the question becomes, “Do you wish to fly or would you rather sit there and whine?” It is your choice – and it always has been. It is just that jealousy was a perfect fit for the Old Age because it was yet another method of controlling society.

First, jealousy encourages you not to grow and thereby, not to shift society. Secondly, jealousy encourages you to fight with others, rather than looking at society as a whole. Most importantly, if you are capable of creating the life you want, what need is there for the societal parameters that best protect those establishing those parameters – whether that be government, the church or your family?

It is time to create the life you want. Deep within you, you already know that the person or life you are jealous of is not quite right for you. If you doubt that statement, please play a game with yourself in the next few days to determine if you truly would wish to be a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah clone. With the internet you can observe their lives quite easily – do so. But as you do so, tweak it a bit here and there. Shift locations to one or more that are right for you. Include people and /or things that speak to your heart. And then realize that the jealousy you have been feeling is a springboard to creating your perfect life. Those you are jealous of are not your rivals. Instead, they are wonderful marks along your path of creativity. Do you understand that you would not be jealous of them if they did not have something that you wanted to create?

A different way of internalizing it is that those people you are jealous of paint with a color you are not familiar with. That is, you were not familiar with it until you saw them painting with it. You have your own paint tray. Add that color to your paint tray plus any other color you want. Than create the glorious painting of your life that you were meant to paint. Change your perception of jealousy to one of new dimensions that you would like to add to your current lifetime. Then know without a doubt it is time for you to create it. So be it. Amen.

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To a sparkling and creative life for us all! Brenda

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Your Fame is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Dear Ones,

We have noted your exhaustion and your almost superhuman movement into the New Age – a bit like salmon swimming upstream to mate, despite all of the odds against success.

Many of you may be thinking that you are not exhausted, you may even feel exhilarated. That exhilaration is more about a job well done or initiated than peace and harmony. Do you remember the joy of completing the final test in your most difficult course and knowing that you had done well? Such is your feeling now. You have birthed the New Age. Many of you have also birthed new sources of information for those who follow.

Birthing the New Age alone is a cause for celebration…and exhaustion. Similar to the feeling you had following the birth of your perfect little baby. Yet, many of you have continued beyond that point to create new sources of information for others. You are beyond exhaustion. And just as is true for small children, many of you are now a bit cranky because you need a nap. We have discussed this area before, but today we will do so in a different context.

Even though creating sources of information to help others better understand the shift may have been joyful, the results are not as exciting as you had imagined. A bit like thinking you wrote a bestseller only to find that your book is selling moderately well.

Please review what you have achieved. You helped create the New Age and you have created a new source of information, despite financial upheavals and physical disruptions both of the earth and on the earth. In a sense, you have created a masterpiece in the midst of chaos. Do you not see the miracle of your creative efforts?

Ah, but now you are thinking, “So show me the money” whether that be the emotional reward achieved by the large number of books sold, or the physical reward of becoming a multi-millionaire as a result of that bestseller.

Every segment of your society is rapidly evolving including your reward systems. It is time to use your feelings as your ratings base rather than the adulation of others. Are you proud of your achievements? No other reward is necessary in your new inner-directed world.

At the same time, you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. So if you crave adulation, you will have, it but on a different level than before. Please remember the Old Age super stars who shortened their careers with drug usage, sexual addictions, gambling and similar issues that curtailed their fame. None of those super stars felt as positive about themselves as you did about them. They could not accept fame because they did not feel they deserved it.

You are shifting that paradigm. You are creating in a different fashion. You baby boomers have had decades to understand yourself. Secondly, and most importantly, you are building your success in layers starting with your inner most being and moving outward – rather than starting with outer-directed success and trying to manage the feelings that go with it, as was true in the Old Age. And thirdly, as you are building your new fame model, the earth and the Universe are shifting about you.

You are asking too much of yourself if you expect instant success. In essence, you are trying to live in the New Age with an outer-directed success model. The two are not compatible. Nor do you have the energy to maintain two separate models. Allow your fame to build from within. And allow your financial rewards to arrive from a number of sources, rather than the traditional outer-directed, “I must work to create something wonderful before I can be financially rewarded.” It is time to know, “I will play at something wonderful as long as it is fun and I will be financially rewarded to the extent that I allow myself to be.”

This is a New Age with new rewards and new ways of creating. Allow yourself to know that. Then create what you are pining for from within. The rest will fall into place. Most of all, remember that play is a key New Age word. Work is of the past. If you find yourself working to create something, stop and take a nap, read a good book or do whatever makes you giggle until you return to a play mode – and all of your desired rewards will occur. So be it. Amen.

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Fasten Your Seat Belts – It’s Going to be an Interesting Weekend!

Dear Ones,

Yes, we are teasing you a bit for did your heart not drop  when you read that title? “Oh dear – this is the weekend I am going to be with family and friends and it’s going to be terrible.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There will be energy surges throughout this Thanksgiving weekend and the result will probably be some erratic behavior. Now you are thinking, “So what else is new?” And we laugh along with you for that statement is true on so many levels.

The behavior we are discussing is the potential for extremely rapid shifts in your feelings from great love to anger to resignation. You may be crying one moment about how much you love everyone, and the next sharply telling everyone to put on their coats so you all can go shopping. Your feelings, and therefore your behavior, will be a bit like the yo-yo you used to play with as a child.

Many of you fear that such erratic behavior will create dissention during your Thanksgiving gathering. Such might be true – but it is much more likely that the energy surges will create a great deal of laughter. Everyone will be “off” just a beat or two. You will say something and your cousin will respond in a fashion that has nothing to do with what you just said. Both of you will be surprised and giggle at the silliness of the interaction.

Even though there will be many energy surges this weekend, those surges will not equate to pain as has been true in the past. Is that not why you were a bit frightened to read this information? You so want your holidays to be about love, and yet there is that ongoing fear that continues to be reported in the media about holiday depression and anger. Such is no longer the case. Of course, it can be if you wish to continue to play with Old Age pain. But you are not the only entity on earth affected by these energy surges. This is a shift of Universal proportions.

Perhaps, like Brenda, you are having difficulties believing that pain is no longer part of the holiday season.  She keeps thinking, “But given this set of circumstances won’t there be pain or anger?” Even though pain might remain, it will be such a mild case as to not be noticeable.

Do you not see how silly your thoughts are? We have told you for months that the New Age has arrived. That pain is no longer fashionable. That you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. And yet you continue to believe that these new patterns will only affect a few or will happen sometime, somewhere in the future.

The irony of Old Age holidays was that much anger and pain was displayed and discussed, yet everyone looked forward to the holidays because that was when you thought you would be surrounded by love.  A bit like “bait and switch” in the retail world – bring the customers in by advertising a sale item that does not exist.

We will tell you that such “bait and switch” holiday seasons are no longer. Will you feel great love for everyone you are with? Perhaps, perhaps not. But you will feel an acceptance of the differences between you and those who usually irritate you. That is a new thought for the holidays is it not? “You are different from me, but those differences are interesting, funny, silly or just different.”  Rather than, “You have to think like I do or I will become angry.”

This holiday weekend will be bumpy in terms of energy bursts which will encourage – and at times even force you – to shift your behavior patterns. The same is happening to everyone. Your perspective will shift as is true for all of those you associate with. So laugh this weekend and have fun. You have waited eons to do so.

Despite your interest or need to be angry, you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible. Anger is an Old Age reaction to fear. When you are no longer afraid, you no longer need to be angry. What you will feel this weekend – a feeling that will grow throughout the next few months – is an inner security that is not conducive to your old holiday behavior patterns or beliefs. A shrug of the shoulders will be much more evident than angry, flashing eyes.

The New Age is truly here. It is time for you to allow the new patterns that are arriving daily to resonate throughout your being. Have fun. Play. Burn the turkey. Bump your head on the oven door. And laugh. Life is so fun. Not life can be such fun – but life is so fun. So be it. Amen.

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Did You Feel the Hurricane This Week?

Dear Ones,

Brenda thought she was going to channel how pride has evolved in this New Age. We will address that issue at a later date.

A much more important issue for those of you following her posts is your personal drama this past week.

Some of you may not have noted a great deal of trauma in the last few days. Such does not  indicate you are not part of this New Age movement. You are merely at a different place than those who are ‘going with the flow’ of these New Age energy surges. Do not be concerned. You will catch up at a later date – and you will do so with a bit less trauma than those who are the scout masters of the movement.

The majority of you reading these materials have opted to be pioneers, rather than scout masters for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is you wish to explore your new world with a bit more information than is true for the extremely limited knowledge held by those affected by this week’s hurricane.

This week, those of you who are the New Age scouts have been through a hurricane of vast proportions. At times, you found yourself in the eye of the storm – it seemed as if the world around you were exploding and yet,  you were completely calm and accepting. At other times, you were part of the storm – ranting and raving and thrashing about. Now what is the distinction between those two activities and why were you involved in both?

When you were in the eye of the storm,  you rested physically and at the same time allowed the new energy bursting forth to become part of you. You have had similar experiences in the past, it is just that this week was more dramatic than most others you have noted. Perhaps you found it difficult to concentrate or you were obsessed with something that means little to you. Or you needed to be outdoors no matter what the weather was. With those activities, you were grounding yourself to earth. A bit like animals who gather together prior to a major storm. You knew something was different, something was amiss. But you did not understand what that something was. You were irritable, unreasonable, cranky and most of all, exhausted. Would you not display many of the same characteristics following a difficult  medical procedure? What occurred this week was yet another major energy thrust into your being. Two years ago, you could not have maintained your physical being on earth with such a dramatic input of energy. As each energy surge occurs and becomes part of your being, you are able to withstand greater and greater surges of energy. And of course, each energy surge is designed to broaden and enhance your creative skills.

There is also the issue of what occurred during the times you felt you were part of the hurricane. Perhaps you unreasonably lashed out at someone or something – which surprised even you. Or perhaps you could not find anything to laugh about. Or perhaps those people who you have ignored for a long period of time irritated you yet once again – bringing back all of the anger and rage you thought you had rid yourself of.  Perhaps your dreams were hurtful or angry. Perhaps you decided that none of your physical dreams were possible. Or that you were all alone and the world was not a wonderful place to be – a bitter feeling about life in general. Somewhat like what you would feel if your home and community were destroyed by a hurricane.

What does all of this hurricane, eye of the storm activity mean for you? We will tell you that you have again shifted in such a dramatic fashion that it will take you several weeks to decompress. Do you not remember that astronauts returning to earth must decompress prior to returning to their earth lives? Such is true for you. You entered the brave new world, the New Age several months ago. But the energy thrust you received this week was the difference between being an astronaut who merely circles the globe and one who lands on the moon.

You have completed an extremely brave and commendable activity this week. Allow yourself to rest. Give yourself accolades for a job well done. And once the dust has settled – which might take a few days or even weeks – note how your direction is a bit different from what was true prior to this week. Oh, perhaps not enough to be noted by those who are not that close to you, but different enough to be noted by you and those who are on the same ‘wave length’ or search.

We will discuss what you are finding and feeling a bit later. For now, know that you have completed an extremely difficult transition and yet again, you have done so extremely well. We continue to marvel at your bravery. We continue to marvel at your physical strength. Most of all, we continue to marvel at your commitment to this New Age transition. So be it. Amen.

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What a week!!!!! Brenda



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