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You Can Exist in Two or More Places at Once

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

5/16/11 “Creation Energies” 15-minute channeled radio show overview: In the past, care taking created victims of both participants. It’s time to listen to our hearts and allow others the strength and wisdom to create their own lives. “Creation Energies” is available at both and

According to the number of readers of last week’s blog, “Care Taking Remains Deeply Embedded in Your Belief System,” many people are struggling with their care taking beliefs. This week’s radio show augments that blog.

Dear Ones,

It is time to discuss another difficult issue. Not everyone now on earth will create the new earth even though most of you reading these materials will be part of the group that does.

What does that mean for those you love who do not wish to move into joy? Will you be isolated?

The future is less gruesome than some of you envision. Perhaps you have read materials about life between lives on earth and other planets; or materials that direct your attention to how you decided to be on earth at this time. Most materials probably highlighted how you travel in groups – on earth or another planet.

The rumor that you may have a “twin” somewhere on earth is not necessarily a myth. You can exist in two or more places at once. Not in your current physical being, but rather your spiritual being. It is not unusual to explore two or more lives in two or more locations at the same time while your soul, your true being, is observing the results.

What does this mean in practical terms? Not much unless you wish to experience travel. Ah. We are finally returning to a topic we discussed months ago. Time travel means moving through time – either forwards or backwards (Both of which are a misnomer as time is not linear. But that is a topic for another day). Experience travel includes time travel with the added element of exploring all of  “you” living in the spiritual and physical realms.

In experience travel, you would find many of the same people you now consider your friends and relatives. They may play different roles. Perhaps your father in this world and place is your brother in another or your boss, whom you dislike intensely, is your mother in another experience. You have a repertoire of players with whom you experience life after life. Sometimes other souls join if they wish to explore something your group has highlighted as their learning or teaching needs. Sometimes those from your group attach themselves to another group if they feel they can learn something new. But of course, they always return to your group with that new information.

You are a member of a loving group of actors who take turns being the lead actor, as well as the villain, saint or any other required role. Have you watched a movie knowing that the actors have worked together in different roles? Perhaps the lead in one movie is a bit player in another. So it is for you and your group.

Those of you reading these materials are most likely the lead actor in this particular lifetime and place. If you were a bit play, you would not be intrigued with New Age, new earth materials at this stage of the transition. You are the lead in this play.

And just as is true for historical sagas, as you move into other dimensions through whatever you wish to call the transition that is your exit from earth, another of your group will assume the lead role. They are your understudy.

But this does not address your concern about being alone. A lead actor in any production knows more than the bit players. At the end of the play, does not the lead actor solve the mystery, address the group or somehow relay what information they have learned? Even your love stories are learning grounds of how to fall in love. Lead actors are the teachers and the supporting cast are the students. So it is for you.

You are the one feeling the emotions and shifts within your being of the New Age/new earth. And as you do, you relay this information to the bit players in your personal drama. Some will wish to listen, others will ignore you and still others will continue on their “Merry Old Age” way. But if they remain in your heart, they are actors in your group and will complete the actions necessary for you to move deeper into the New Age. Their roles are not passive, nor are they negative. They merely support you as you move into the joy of the New Age.

Please understand how important their roles are and how much they love you to allow you to be the star in this exciting shift. Your role may not seem easy. But then, does the lead actor visible in every scene ever consider a role easy? So it is for you.

You are the star of your play. Those who love you the most are your supporting players in whatever fashion the two of you decided before birth in this dimension, at this time. Perhaps you required someone to push you into the New Age through pain. Maybe you requested that they appear at the right time with the appropriate book. It does not matter. They are part of your group.

Is it possible for you to be the lead in this drama and at the same time a bit player in someone’s else’s drama in another part of earth or the Universes? Many of you are. Think of yourself as part of a traveling acting group in which you are the lead in London and bit player in Spain. All o f those in your group are fully capable of being the lead actor. In time, you will allow yourself to move through your fears and beliefs to travel with that group of loving players at the same time you are the lead actor in your drama.

Your new tool kit is phenomenal. You can travel to and experience other parts of your being, as well as time travel to your past and future lives. But for this blog it is enough for you to know that even those who anger you are part of your drama group and are playing their roles in love so that you can be the featured star.

Will the number of people you love be reduced? Never. They just play different roles. And if there is a time during this transition in which you feel lonely because your supporting actors are encouraging or forcing you to accept your New Age skills, know that you merely need to allow yourself to experience travel and you will feel love radiating from all of them.

You are not alone on earth or in the heavens. You are supported, challenged and yes, prodded by your group to be the best you can be. Your supporting actors love you dearly and wish only the best for you during this transition. And if you allow yourself to experience travel, you will most likely find yourself in a supporting role doing something similar for the lead actor in your group. And so it is. Amen.

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Create What is Right for You NOW – Not Next Month or Next Year

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Brenda also channels a weekly, 15-minute radio show “Creation Energies” available on her website or at Her blog and radio show contain different channeled messages.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps some of you are wondering when “your ship is coming in.” That phrase has many elements of your Old Age beliefs including you must wait for someone or something to create what you want.

Or you may be concerned that your dreams might shift before or shortly after you create your dream. A bit of, “Do not rush into anything because I might be a different person with different desires tomorrow.” You will be. But that has little or nothing to do with who you are today.

We are tapping into a belief pattern that has followed your creative efforts for eons – wait for someone or something better. For those of you who beg to differ, let us remind you of the times you found a dress, car or home that felt perfect the first time you saw it, yet you forced yourself to take time to think about it before making any emotional or financial committment. Let us also remind you of the times you found the perfect date or mate for the day – perhaps your high school prom – and delayed action just in case someone better appeared.

Maybe you are laughing at yourself – and well you should. For indeed, if the object, item or person is perfect why would you wait until the object, item or person is no longer perfect?

That last thought may seem negative. That is fine. We are merely pointing out your eons of training that taught you to wait for the joy that was certain to be short-lived as some trauma or misstep ruined your joy. Your Old Age belief patterns were designed to curtail joy and increase pain.

Let us return to the example of the perfect dress. Suppose you decided to continue your shopping excursion despite knowing you would return for that dress. And suppose you eventually return for that dress – but only after you have ruined a perfectly beautiful summer day racing from store to store to ensure that your first glimmer of joy was a reality?

We are not telling you to stop price or comparison shopping, we are merely reminding you that your inner voice can do that for you. This is yet another element in your new tool kit. In the Old Age, you expected to race from here to there for the perfect item – including spouses and significant others.

This New Age calls for different methods. If it feels right and bright – do it. Your action, whatever it is, is correct for today – maybe even tomorrow. But you no longer need to base your decisions on, “If I make a mistake, my life is ruined.”

You are shifting so rapidly in all aspects of your being that you can no longer expect that any choice will be right for you tomorrow, much less next month. A terrifying thought is it not? For in the past, your decisions have been based on long-term solutions. “She is my soul mate for life.” “This car will be perfect for the next ten years.” “This suit will help me be noticed within the corporate world.” All logical thoughts last year. All inappropriate thoughts now.

What if the New Age changes mean that no one wears suits anymore? Or that your car will be technically outdated before you drive it off the lot? Or that your mate of today will not necessarily be your mate of tomorrow?

The New Age is about creating what is right for you now – today, this moment. Not what might be correct in a few months or weeks. That is how rapidly you and your Universes are evolving.

Now is your moment. If it feels good in your heart – do it NOW. If it does not feel good in your heart, if it does not make your heart sing – walk on by. It may make your heart sing tomorrow, but tomorrow is not yet here.

As you expand your skills, your Old Age method of shopping for the future in whatever form that takes is no longer appropriate. If it feels right – do it now. Or wait until it feels right. This is an issue of trust that you have long neglected or denied. Trust your inner being. Your inner being has so many more skills than you are aware of including knowing which dress is correct for you at the right price – that is, if you need the dress today. If you are shopping for something to wear next year, we suggest you postpone your decision. Each day you are evolving into the new and lovely being that is the New Age you.

Everything, absolutely everything in your being is shifting. You ccept that computer technology shifts constantly. The IPad you purchased a mere few months ago is already outdated with the new IPad II.

Like computers, you are constantly  being updated as you move further and further into the New Age. Your tool kit is wondrous, just as you are wondrous.

You are changing even more rapidly than any computer technology. On that basis, do not force yourself into objects, relationships or ideas that are forever. For just as you are shifting so are all others in the Universes.

Should you sit around your house afraid to try anything new or different? Quite the contrary. Paint today – in a color that makes you feel joyful. Buy a dress today – which is not necessarily practical, but is oh so cute! And ask that person, who makes you giggle inside, for a date. Maybe the relationship will be forever or just for one day – it does not matter. Your inner being, your unique computer GPS system will continue to direct you to the correct objects, people and activities.

Allow yourself to move beyond the structures established by your society of right and wrong. Most importantly, know that you – and you alone – know what is best for you. And all you have to do is to turn on your inner being and let its light shine on those people, places and things that are right for you now – not tomorrow, not next year – but now. So be it. Amen.

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Lesson 3 – Gather Your Soul Group

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Let us look at lesson three of your new tool kit.

Some of you may have created your heart’s desire using the skills described in lessons 1 and 2 (former blogs). Some of you may not have. Do not fret. This material is not dated, nor is it necessarily sequential. Some of you may gravitate quickly to one lesson, yet feel unable to use another.

It did not matter if you learned to read the word, “cat” before you understood the word “dog”. Both are words you needed to read your first grade primer. And so it is with these lessons. Some will be easy. Others a bit more difficult. But, all in all, you will learn to use your new tool kit at a pace that is correct for you.

There is no need for special classes. There is no need for you to feel as if you are a slow learner. Each of you is a unique individual with unique learning skills – an area we might add that your current education system does not take into account, hence the number of children daydreaming throughout the school day.  But that is an issue some of you will soon address.

We will digress a bit for you to understand how marvelous and almost unbelievable this New Age shift truly is. Some of you will use your new and enhanced tool kit skills to alter the academic world. Others, political systems. Others, the world of religion. Others, the monetary system. And still others, familial/cultural systems.

The world as you now know it is shifting rapidly – much more rapidly than was true in the 1960’s and 1970’s. That shift is speeding up with every burst of energy you feel. Think of a time machine you enter in 1950 and exit in 2050.

So let us turn to lesson 3 of your new and enhanced tool kit skills. For those of you who think these lessons are extremely elementary, remember you learned what letters sounded like before you could create a word sound. And you needed to use that word sound to haltingly read your first sentence. So it is true for your tool kit. You are learning the elementary pieces that will very soon create the novels of your heart. So let us begin.

Find a relaxing and quiet place to complete this exercise – not that such will be necessary in the future, but most certainly is in your early learning stages. Close your eyes and visualize or sense your dream in whatever way is most right for you. Today, we will just select one dream. Now ask that your spirit/ spirit guide join you in whatever fashion feels most right. Join hands with your spirit/spirit guide either visually or again, in whatever fashion feels right. Then request that all parts of your being from past, future and present lives in whatever environment they exit join you. Note that these parts of your being surround you and your spirit/spirit guide. Again visualize your dream. If you sense or see a bright light streaming from your group, your wish will be fulfilled in the very near future.

If you feel, see or sense that very little light is radiating from your dream, ask your group for their guidance in helping you create a dream that is more right for you at this time. Thank them for their assistance. Then take some time to interact with all parts of your being. In all likelihood, it will feel like a wonderful family reunion. If not, take the time to interact with those who do not feel or seem light and airy. Ask them what they need from you or the totality that is you. Take the time to heal that fear and pain by merely asking your group to help you heal those parts in the easiest and most rapid fashion possible. For until that pain is healed, you will remain in your elementary tool kit stage.

Let us give you an example. Suppose you have entered the first grade knowing it is unlikely that you will ever be fed breakfast before school. Instead of concentrating on the words “cat” and “dog,” you will be thinking about how long until the free school lunch is served.  Or if you are from an abusive household, how long before you are beaten again. Of course, many children in those situations manage to block those issues and become star pupils. But those issues fester until they are addressed at some point in their lives – whether that be at age 6 or sixty.

So it is for you. Take particular note of any heavy or dull spots in your grouping and request the services of all of those in your group – including your spirit/spirit guide to help you heal that part of your being in the easiest and most rapid method possible. Perhaps the healing will occur in your dreams. Perhaps you will “accidentally run into” someone who has bothered you for some time and the two of you will heal your relationship. Perhaps that person or organization will merely no longer be part of your life. All you have to do is ask.

But ask you must – for indeed, anything that is shadowy will detract from your marvelous new skills. And as we have stated on several occasions, your new skills are to be activated as soon as possible. You no longer have twenty or thirty years to whine about the injustices you have suffered. That is not your role on earth at this time. Even though such a role was necessary during the Old Age, it is futile and infantile now.

So gather your group at your earliest convenience – remember to join hands with your spirit/spirit guide. Visualize or sense your dream. Tell your group that it is time to be in all your/their glory – for you are all one. And note any gray or heavy areas in your group. Immediately move to that/those areas and ask for healing assistance from your group. Do it today, tonight or tomorrow. It is time.

After you have asked for help – and perhaps allowed a day or two to pass – repeat the exercise. For indeed, it is time for you to reach your dreams so that those who follow can understand and most importantly, believe that joy is now possible. So be it. Amen.

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Lesson Two of Your New Creation Toolkit

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

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Dear Ones,

Your New Age transition is not an immediate “fix”. You are moving through the process in stages most appropriate for your physical being and your intent in this lifetime. Some of you have adjusted more easily than others to these new energies. That is expected for all of you have unique life paths. Even though you are most likely a trailblazer, scout master, wagon master or a pioneer, each of those titles call for different skills and different awakenings.

A trailblazer or scout master is likely to move forward sooner than is true for a pioneer. And so is it true for you. If you are a trailblazer, you have cleared most, if not all, of the issues that keep you tethered to the Old Age. If you are a pioneer, you are most likely in the clearing process. Neither is better than the other, merely states of being.

For those of you who are ready to create, let us turn to our second creation lesson. You have probably already practiced the first creation step of envisioning an object, sketching that object and expecting to have it arrive in a timely fashion. Some of you achieved great success, others have yet to create an object. That is neither here nor there. Perhaps the first lesson was not the best use of your skills or of interest to you. So let us move to lesson two.

Take out a writing tool and paper. Write down, sketch or color what you wish to create – and why. If your reason for creating an object is to “outshine” others, it is likely that your creation will not occur.

Your new and enhanced creation skill are inner-directed skills designed to enhance your joy – not outer-directed abilities to prove that you are better than others. That thought might be a bit confusing as we told you earlier that one of the reasons you were to create objects was to be a model for others to do the same. Teaching others to create what is joyful for them is far different from creating objects to prove yourself more spiritual or advanced.

So clear your ego much as you might do with a computer with a double-click to your thought processes. Remove those thoughts that feel outer-directed – you might ask for help from your spirit guides if those thought processes seem deeply embedded – and insert thoughts and feelings that are inner-directed. Then sketch or write what you are creating and why you are creating it.

Your answer to why you are creating the object will help you resolve many of your inner-directed/outer-directed issues. If you wish to create a new house to outshine others – you are working from an outer-directed format that will most likely not be the source of creation energies for you. We must add that some of you are “strong enough” creators to overcome such limitations, but most are not.

Once you have determined that your creation is an inner-directed thought process which will bring you joy – not joy to the life of your children, spouse, parents or friends – place the sketch and reasoning under your pillow each night. The next morning, remove the sketch and reasoning and place it in an easily observable place. The last piece is to EXPECT the object you have envisioned to appear or happen in the near future.

How is this lesson is different from our first creation lesson? The key difference is that you have sorted through your needs and interests to create something that is truly a joy object. The second piece is that you have now evoked your dream world – which for many of you is more accessible than your waking creation state. That is no longer true of course, but we wish to honor your current beliefs. They will change in time.

Perhaps you are wondering why we continue to discuss creating objects instead of a “soul mate” or new job. Creating objects is easier than bringing people into your sphere. Creating an object does not require others to acknowledge your needs, nor a review of their willingness to take part. So for the near future, we will continue with object creation.

One last piece before we close. It is extremely important that you clear your need to be better or faster than others. Your physical being dictates how rapidly you will acclimate to your new and enhanced creation skills. If you are a pioneer in the creation field, your skills will not develop as rapidly as is true for a scout master. Again, that is neither good nor bad, just different roles with different patterns.

All of you reading these materials are creators. In truth, everyone now on earth is a creator for you are all of God. But some of you – especially those who follow these messages are most likely scout masters or very early pioneers; both of which mean you will grasp your creation powers sooner than most.

As was true for you when you were learning to read, creation might seem impossible for you now; yet one day in the very near future, your creation skills will click into place and you will be on your way. Were you not excited the first day you realized that the letters c-a-t spelled cat? So it will be for your creation skills.

You are not a slow learner. You will not need to repeat your creation skill lessons – or in more common terms, repeat the first grade because you did not grasp the concepts. You are all advanced creators whose skills will “pop” at different times. Some of you are trailblazers and so you will “pop” very soon if you have not already. Some of you are pioneers and you will “pop” shortly afterwards.

Neither a scout master nor a pioneer is a better creator. They are just different creators with different skills. So go create! And if you have found a better way to create – a shortcut on your keyboard, as it were – use it. It does not matter how you create or what you create –  as long as your creation gives you joy and it is inner-directed. You can and will create anything and everything. So be it. Amen.

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Anything and Everything is Now Possible

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have entered yet another earth year. The possibilities excite you and yet, you are concerned about the changes necessary to realize those possibilities.

Those of you reading these messages have moved beyond a point where the changes occurring in your life and the world frighten you. Does that mean that your life from today forward will be without fear or even anger? No, for both are part of your paint palette of life.

Instead of reducing colors on your paint palette, as you have done for eons, part of what is going occur this year is that you will expand your paint palette to include all colors…and thereby, all emotions. It is just that joy will be your dominate color or emotion; and fear will have many more grey tones. Fear will be less clear, less concise and more of a background color that you will use for interest – just as was true for joy before this transition.

Let us return to our message of the day. Did you accept our challenge of creating a small object last week? If so, were you successful? If you did not feel you were successful or you have not yet tried to create a small object, we will repeat the lesson for you. Visualize a small object that you would like to have – perhaps a pen or something of that nature. Sketch the object immediately after seeing it in your mind. Tape or paste that image in a prominent place and EXPECT that image to become reality in a short time.

For those of you who created your object, it is time to move to the next phase. Use that object to create something else you would like. If you created a pen, use that pen to sketch another object. If you created a house, use the image of the house to place a car that would please you in the garage of that house.

A pen and a home are one and the same for both are created from energy, energy you can now move about easily.

In your mind, in your belief patterns, a pen is a small, simple object and easy to create. But a house! A house is – in your belief patterns – far too complicated for a novice such as yourself. Retaining such a belief is fine for now. You will soon shift that belief, you are just not quite ready to do so. Continue to create pens. Creating any item tests your creation skills – not for us, but for you. We already know you are capable of creating anything.

For eons, you were trained to believe that you were not capable of creating. Yet, your history should point out that such was not true. When the need for more rapid transportation arrived at various stages in your history, horses, camels, carts, trains, planes and automobiles were domesticated or created as needed. Were not these innovations creations?

Many of you are saying that such is not true – that all the aforementioned inventions or applications of what was available were somehow just dropped from the ethers. Of course, such was not the case. Many people in your histories availed themselves of the same creation skills we are now teaching you.

Even though you have always had creation abilities, those skills were more hidden then is now true. Historically, some of you were the Edison’s of the world and tapped into those hidden resources expecting results. But most of you believed the general consensus that such inventors and innovators were of an elite grouping that you could never be part of.

Do you see how easily your society helped you create that belief? Are there not scores of history books elevating those innovators to a special elite group?

A few of you on earth today, such as Bill Gates (software) or Steven Spielberg (movies), slipped through the mesh fence of limitation to create something new and wonderful. But most did not. We are now telling you that you are as capable of creating as was true for Bill Gates when he envisioned the reach of his software company. Bill Gates may have interests and skills in different areas than you, but that does not limit your creation skills.

You might have an interest in creating a new dance step, song, type of music, a new type of energy or a blog. It does not matter what you create – just that you BELIEVE you can create.

Many of you are now concerned that such a multitude of creations will create complete chaos. We beg to differ. Even though you are all one, and therefore all have creation abilities, each of you has interests in different areas. Do you remember how frightening the 1960’s were to your parents? New clothes, music, literature, movies and even sexual attitudes arrived daily. Chaos at first – but have not most of the 1960’s innovations become part of your daily life with little or no difficulty? And so it will be now.

Create big. Create small. It does not matter. Just realize that you can create what you want, when you want it. And by so doing, you will not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Instead, you will add to the palette of colors for everyone.

Computers changed your lives in so many ways – but few of you would care to return to the time before computers. Do you remember the fears that computers would negate employees? Has such happened? Perhaps, but not quit as many envisioned. Computers have spawned so many fields that need new and different skills.

And so it shall be for your New Age creations. Life will be different and more exciting. Most of all, it will be more fun. Just think of the possibilities of creating what you want, when you want it. Think of how jealousy and fear will automatically become less important; and joy will predominate.

Will everyone want a palace to live in and a sports car to drive? No. Anymore than was true in the 1960’s. You believed then that anything was possible. You tasted your creation skills and you had a grand time with “flower power” and all that entailed. That is, you did until you remembered your previous training of go to school, get a job, get married and have children so your children could repeat the cycle.

It is time to return to your teens. It is time to play joyfully again knowing, without a doubt, that everything and anything is possible. Go live your life in joy. Go create the life you want. Not the life created for you by society – but the life you want. So be it. Amen.

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The Sky Is No Longer Your Limit

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us begin a new phase of our planetary shift. Most of you are familiar with discussions pertaining both to December 21 of this year and the significance of the year 2012. Various writers have written about the end of the world, new skills, the end of darkness or the joy of  light.

All of the above are correct – and none are correct. The energy shifts you have experienced and will continue to experience at an accelerated rate in the next two or three years are indescribable in your current language.

If something has not yet happened, how can it be described? So is it true for what is happening to you, those around you and yes, the earth. Major differences from what was, to what will be are occurring second by second and minute by minute. Sometimes you are unusually angry, frightened, exhausted or joyous. All indicators that something is happening to you. And so it is. But the net effect cannot be described as easily as, “I’m having a bad day.” Anymore than the industrial revolution could have been defined with, “I am working in a factory.”

Both statements are and were true, but the ramifications of those statements could not and will not be determined for several years. Let us give a more concrete example. In the 1960′s and 1970′, yogurt was available in a few health stores for health “freaks.” Today, your neighborhood grocery stores display shelf after shelf of all types of yogurt.

The same will be true of the skills you will be using on a daily basis within weeks, months or years depending on your interests and needs.

Channeling is not that unique. All of you reading these materials, in truth, all the beings on earth have the ability to gather and disseminate information in many more ways than you now allow. Some of you are most comfortable with sensing what is to happen, others see it and still others determine in a different fashion. You will find in short order that such skills are elementary compared to how you will access and disseminate information in the future.

The solstice/eclipse of December 21st and the following years until and through 2012 are merely the start of new worlds of gathering and disseminating information. Does that mean your current world will end? Yes, in the sense that using only five senses will seem elementary. Libraries used to be research centers with a limited number of volumes. Computers offer many more resources than was possible a mere thirty years ago. Did your world fall apart? Or did it expand? And so it will be for you now and in the future.

Those of you a bit more adventuresome will access your new skills more rapidly than others – including channeling. Channeling is merely your past, present and future joining forces to allow you to visualize or sense what is going to happen at a pace that fits your physical being. Some channels are able to sense, see, hear and know far into the future. Others curtail their skills to information that is for today or tomorrow. And still others only offer information that directly pertains to them. For indeed, channelers are limited by their world view. If they are afraid of dark forces, many of their messages will relate to dark forces. If they live in joy, their information will point to joy.

We are not stating that some channels are better than others, merely that their information is based on their courage and their knowledge-base.

Now we have frightened some of you. How will you know which channel is correct for you? In the same way that you know which yogurt is correct for you. It tastes and feels right. No more and no less. But we have digressed a bit.

We merely wish to state that all of you are capable of channeling or gathering information in addition to the five senses you now claim as possibilities. And as we move closer to 2012, you will automatically find yourself playing with these “new” resources. It is not so much that something will be added to your being during these dramatic energy shifts, as it is that the veils of knowing are being swept away.

You truly will be a new being in 2012 and thereby, it will be a new earth in 2012. As we move closer to that date, you will find yourself knowing and sensing more than you ever thought possible. That new knowingness will shift your life and your world. What was grey, will be white. What was red, will be blue. What was frightening or odd, will be expected. That is what these shifts are about.

Channeling is delightful and will continue so – but more in the sense of the many flavors of your yogurt choices. You have many skills you will develop and yes, create in the next few years. Our words cannot describe how you will change. But each time another veil is lifted, you will be more of who you truly are. You will no longer be a split personality of past lives, current life, spiritual lives and the future. You will be you in all of your glory.

You will skip along the path to time travel. You will play with energy. And you will have more fun than you can imagine for each of you will find skills and interests that do not yet exist. The sky will no longer be your limit – nothing will be.

You are a child of God, you are god and you are you in all of your glory. Allow that glory to shine as you add your creative and joyful thread to the Universal tapestry of life. Express yourself in all your glory. Sparkle in your joy and you will find channeling and your current methods of tapping Universal knowledge as elementary as reading a book before discovering the joys of a personal computer. So be it. Amen.

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