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Why You’re Afraid to Claim Your Power

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Summary of Brenda’s April 7, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at It is likely that recently pieces of information just appeared or were sensed by your being. It is time to further stretch your new skills by asking for assistance of your new being for specific concerns such as finances or how to live with earth’s density.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Your DNA is Unfolding”

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Dear Ones,

Let us discuss the fears of Lightworkers, Wayshowers or whatever term you use who have not yet claimed your birthright to be you in all your glory.

Many channels have described your fears as an unwillingness to claim your full being. We wish to help you understand why you are hesitant to do so.

In  the past, many of you have hidden your true beings under cloaks of passivity, religious orders or outer-directed power. You easily accept that you hid your true power in religious orders – but not that you did the same by fully exploring outer-directed power. The same power many of you are now speaking of with disdain – political power, corporate power, race dominance, gender or sexual orientation or any type of power that made you feel more powerful than others. And using that power to control those who were willing to be controlled.

You have explored outer-directed power in all its formats. Many of you speak with anger about those politicians, corporate moguls or religious beings who cannot be trusted. Yet, your current mantra of “we are one” is more accurate than you realize.

In this lifetime, you are reaching for the stars. But that has not always been the case. You could not have reached this point without exploring all aspects of outer-directed power – including harming others emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Many of you do not wish to hear this truth. You would rather blame the “dark ones” for keeping you in captivity instead of accepting that you have been one of those “dark” entities on more than one occasion.

You have completed your outer-directed lessons with flying colors. Logic will tell you that such would not be so if you were a victim or caretaker life after life on earth. To complete your outer-directed lessons, you needed to explore all aspects and so you have.

It is futile – even silly – to address those who wish to remain in an outer-directed world. You believe that your wisdom will help others move into their place – a place that is consistent with your current beliefs. That somehow they have taken a wrong turn or have not yet claimed their true place in this transition – that you can lead them to that place.

Such thoughts are outer-directed for they are about controlling and thus directing others to the true message. If you change a few words, you will realize that such thoughts are little different from those of church leaders who are certain all should be of whatever denomination that leader is affiliated with – or politicians who believe you must be of their party to be correct.

Each entity on earth is finding their place when and how it is correct for them to do so. You cannot force someone to think and act as you and expect that to be a New Age action. This transition is about everyone finding their place at the time that is correct for their being.

Indeed there are nuclear hazards, religious thinkers and political leaders who do not feel the same as you. How will earth ever shift with those terrible people drawing others into their dark net? And you know how dark that net can be for you have played all the roles you find unpleasant or frightening now. You understand their need for outer-directed power for you have displayed it fully on more than one occasion.

This transition is not about dividing earth entities into good and bad columns. But instead, helping you accept the joys and peace of inner-power.

You know how uncomfortable you now feel when you rant within your being or in whatever format you use to draw others to your outer-directed belief patterns. You feel a disconnect with the peace you have worked so hard to uncover. A few years ago such anger and rage would have felt cathartic – now it feels wrong.

That is not to say you no longer feel anger if you are a true Lightworker – merely that you no longer have to feel it at the depth you did so in the past.

It is time for you to be concerned with yourself. The beliefs and concerns of others are no longer part of your being.

Perhaps that thought seems cold and calculating. It is not. You have an inner compass that will radiate joy and peace when you discover actions, activities and groups that are part of your path.

There are entities yet on earth who fully enjoy outer-directed power. They feel complete experiencing or displaying it. They are in the right place for them – but not for you.

Your need to move them into the light is no different from their need to move you into the dark. And if you accept their anger and play into their rages, you are returning to outer-directed power.

Many of you are concerned that you do not have the strength to move yourself into the new earth with your Pollyanna attitude. You do. You merely need to be concerned about your direction. Others will take care of themselves.

Do not be surprised if those who try to maintain outer-directed power are not successful. But then, do not be surprised if they are. For indeed there are those who wish to continue their outer-directed lives. They are the ones you find most offensive. But as you do, realize that you have played the very same role numerous times and that your anger is more about your anger at your past lives on earth than about them. For you are uncovering pieces of yourself you did not expect to find – including the need to harm others. Your rage at the behavior of those still enmeshed in outer-directed power is merely shame of your past behavior.

You needed to move through all pieces of outer-directed power to accept your new inner-being – including outer-directed power, victim hood, care taking and every element in the Old Age bag of tricks.

You are now opening your New Age bag of tricks – joy, peace, love and harmony. Allow those who enjoy their outer-directed lessons to complete those lessons.

You have a new lesson plan that is much more fun for you. All you have to do to claim these new lessons is to move in joy, harmony and love. You no longer have to do what others tell you to do if it does not feel comfortable – that is victim hood. You no longer need to slow your progress to match someone else’s pace – that is care taking. And you no longer need to control anyone – including yourself – that is outer-directed power. So be it. Amen.  If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Political and Global Upheavals are All About You!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Overview of July 24 “Creation Energies”, 15-minute, channeled show: It is time to release the belief that life is linear – it is circular and never-ending. Falling off is not possible. This new energy allows us to create without special prayers or meditations.

Special Event: Monday August 1 at 11 pm Eastern Time (8 pm Pacific), Brenda will be a guest on the BBS “Angels Are Near Us” show hosted by Linda F. Torres. Please feel free to tune in.

Dear Ones,

Many of you are watching in amazement as United States politicians fight for the right to spend the money of their citizens. Others remain horrified by the recent shooting spree in Norway. Others are excited about the political possibilities in the Far East and Africa. And still others are collecting their thoughts and lives after the latest natural disaster. 2011 is not a calm year.

Most of you reading these materials have concerns and issues, but not at the depth expected given the negativity and fear reported daily in the media. You have a subconscious – maybe even conscious – feeling that all is well. Despite indicators to the contrary – floods, volcanoes, political upheaval, financial crises – you feel that your life will not only continue, but will be better in the future than was true in the past. How are such feelings be possible?

Do you remember when you were clearing your emotional fears how joy did not seem possible? Both the earth and society are now at that place – but you no longer are. Your willingness to move through your personal pain, anger and fear has allowed both society and the earth to now do so.

When you were in your darkest place, would you have ever believed that you could survive a similar process in society and on earth at the same time? Yet, do you not now have glimmers of sunshine throughout your being?

Oh, some of you continue to be angry at politicians or other outer-directed power holders – but not to the extent you would have been even six months ago. You have evolved. And so will your society and the earth.

What makes today or even this week noteworthy? Do you remember when you were at your lowest ebb? Perhaps you contemplated suicide. Or maybe you did not even care enough to think of ending your life – you just existed. Your society is at that point and will be for the rest of this week. Your politicians just want to survive the day – they do not care what others are feeling or thinking.

A similar stance will also soon be noted in the church, the medical and corporate worlds and any other outer-directed institution. For the shifts your politicians are undergoing – whether in the United States or the Far East – will affect all aspects of your society. Is not much, if not all the dissension including murder, about the worth of humanity? Ah – now you are beginning to understand.

During your deepest days of fear, you reviewed your value to yourself and the world. “Why does anyone care if I am alive? Why do I care if I am alive?” Your politicians are answering that question globally – who is important and who is not.

Perhaps you feel that allowing your politicians to answer such questions is terrifying. Let us reassure you that just as you came out of that deep hole of despair into the joy of life, so will your society via the movements of your politicians. We are not telling you that a particular vote will occur this week or that new governments will be created. Rather, that the politicians will begin to shift their thinking from personal ideology and need to a global consciousness. Just as was true for you after you determined your value.

Throughout the world, the people are beginning to direct the focus of their governments, churches and corporations. You might feel as if little or nothing is shifting. But in truth a tsunami of love and inner-power is washing away the corrupt and personal agendas of those who believe they are in power. It is impossible for anyone, including you, to be in a personal prison if you do not wish to be there. Note the number of political leaders who supposedly hold your dreams captive. Which group has the larger number – those in power and control or those who put them there?

As politicians throughout the world start fearing that they will lose power unless they agree to the needs of the people, their power base, direction and inner thoughts will change.

Such change will not happen overnight – maybe not even within the next few weeks, but it has started in waves of discontent that will topple the structures of government, churches, the corporate world and any other institution designed to hold power for a few to the detriment of the majority.

Are we discussing a revolution? No. Rather an awakening of an individual’s worth. Those who value their being will no longer give their power and their life to someone who does not believe in love, joy, peace and harmony.

Let us explain. We have promised you love, peace, joy and harmony. Such feelings are beginning to bubble within you. That, in turn, has forced you to look at those institutions that do not display similar beliefs or patterns. How can you be part of an ideology of fear when you are moving into love? And so it is that you – the people – will change your government, your churches and the beliefs of society.

Of course, those few institutions that do not wish to move into the New Age/new earth will continue. They will be populated by those people who are not interested in the New Age/new earth. But such institutions will not affect you – you have different interests and directions.

An analogy might be that there are several majors areas of study at your University, but you are not concerned about how difficult the mechanical engineering final exams are because you are an English major. You might even study next to a mechanical engineering major – but her exam does not alter your life or add to your stress. You are in different fields (or dimensions) and thus have different directions.

Allow your outer-directed power holders and the earth to find their balance – their harmony. Just as you allowed yourself to do so. This transition is not all about you – yet, it is all about you! So be it. Amen    If you would like to receive my free, channeled blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of my subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Care Taking Remains Deeply Embedded in Your Belief System

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

5/9/11 “Creation Energies” 15-minute radio show highlights: Yesterday, the Universes provided a buffer that will greatly enhance our ability to move into and expect joy and love. The complete channel is available at or

Dear Ones,

Care taking others is so deeply embedded in your belief system that you continue to have difficulties understanding your true role in this New Age/new earth transition.

You have been taught for eons to give is proper, but to receive is selfish or somehow wrong. Granted, you allow yourself to receive token birthday and holiday gifts, but you continue to feel it is your duty to protect others while denying yourself.

That perception needs to shift during this transition period. If you continue to put others before yourself, you will not hear that soft inner voice that directs you to your role. For indeed, is it not true that when you move to a place that is comfortable for you, someone asks you to move over so they receive the same benefits or more?

Taking care of others means denying your self-worth. Both parties are victims. You are a victim for moving away from your dream to help others fulfill theirs. And they are a victim in that they do not believe they can create for themselves. You are not teaching them to fish – you are giving them the fish.

Many parents understand this principle – it is more difficult to encourage your child pick up their blocks than to pick up those blocks for them. Just as it is easier to smooth out any wrinkles in the life of another than to teach them how to care for themselves.

This New Age does not reward victims or care takers. Everyone will know they are strong enough to create what they want when they want it.

We have used that last line over and over in our blogs and books. It remains a difficult concept for you to accept. Once you accept the concept, you will know without a doubt there is no longer a need to take care of others. And you will also understand how care taking forces you into the victim role.

Are we indicating that you should not give to others? No. What we are saying is that it is time that you consider yourself an equal in the equation. Does it feel warm and loving to help others, does it radiate from within you? Or is it merely something you think you should do?

Doing what you think you should do will give you less and less pleasure during this transition, until there is a point that you become angry with yourself and with the person who feels incapable of directing their life without your help.

In the Old Age, victims and care takers were wonderful and demanding roles that allowed many to create outer-directed power bases.

In this New Age, both roles are not only unnecessary, they are physically harmful. For the anger and rage you develop over time as you again and again help someone who refuses to learn how to take care of themselves will be internalized by you because you will know that you are allowing them to use you.

Let us explain. In the past, care taking and victim hood were honored roles. People bragged about what wonderful friends and neighbors they were as they put off their lives to care for someone else. A role that was eventually re-labeled “enabling” in your self-help dialogues. Both roles will be further degraded until no will wish to admit they are participating. “My life was on hold to put him through college.” “I gave up my dream because she needed me.” “I work 70 hours just about every week because my boss needs my specific skills and doesn’t have the money to hire another person.”

Why would anyone need to put their life on hold if everyone has the power and skill to direct their life? That is a difficult concept to absorb is it not? Do you see how deeply entrenched those care taker/victim modes are?

Yesterday, in our radio show we discussed how a buffer has been provided that will more easily allow you to move into joy and out of fear. Care taking and victim hood are not part of joy – both are offshoots of fear.

Ask yourself why you wish to take care of someone. Is it because your heart sings when you do so? Then it is right for you.

Or is it because you feel you should? If it is the latter, you are moving both yourself and the person you are care taking off the path of joy. For the person you are care taking must reciprocate with feelings of gratitude, even if their heart tells them that they wish to do this piece on their own. Who among you has the courage to tell a loving care taker to take a “flying leap?” And so it has been for ages.

The net result is that even if you feel strong enough to do it on your own, pushing the caretaker aside seems cruel. So the two of you continue a dance that neither wants to be part of. And if one partner wishes to continue in that dance and the other does not, it merely means that one has moved into the New Age and other wishes to live in the Old Age.

What are you to do if your child, parent or friend begs for help and you do not feel as if it is something you wish to do? Yes, what are you to do? Do you follow your heart or follow the dictates of society? Do you do what you need to do to move into the New Age or do you stay stuck in the Old Age because of guilt and fear?

Do you see how enmeshed you are in some of  the Old Age belief patterns? It is time – actually far beyond time – for you to stop believing you can make anyone stronger, better or healthier than they can themselves. They have access to the same tool kit that you do and always have. You are not stronger or better – just different, with a different role to play.

Your society has used both care taker and victim roles to control the masses. If someone “out there” can make whatever is bothering you all better, why would you spend time trying to work out your issues, pain or fears?

Let us return to an example with which all parents are familiar. Is it not easier to pick up your child’s blocks than to encourage them to pick up their blocks? Some parents do not have the strength to wait as the child picks up one toy, looks at it, whines and then asks why they must pick up their other toys – over and over again. Are not those parents the ongoing care takers of their adult children?

Teach them to fish and they will swim on their own. Teach them to depend on you or anyone else and they will never leave their small pool of comfort. So be it. Amen.

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