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New Job, New Role and Many Fears

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 7, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at We have entered a Scorpio period – a time of endings/death or rebirth in traditional astrology. In this transition, Scorpio represents birth – the ending of the old and birth of new and different joys. A new “Creation Energies” show will be channeled on Wednesday, October 17.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for ”Should You Ignore the Fears of Others?”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show presents different channeled material than “Brenda’s Blog” even though both might be about a similar topic.

Dear Ones,

Many of you remain frightened. So much has happened to you emotionally and physically in the past few months, weeks and days that you feel as if your nerves are outside your body. You may even feel as if one more incident, one more sliver of fear or pain will push you over the edge.

Such is not true, but you do not yet believe that. Reviewing and shedding beliefs you have held for eons makes you feel extremely vulnerable. You have open spaces, if you will, in your being. So you are feeling – perhaps subconsciously – as if you have given up something comfortable, even if painful, for nothing.

Your core being is shifting so that those empty spaces will eventually be filled with love and joy. Many of you advance Lightworkers/Wayshowers are experiencing those first stages of joy – not that your life is necessarily that much different from what was true last month or even last year, but that you perceive/sense joy in your experiences.

For many, starting to feel joy does not seem worth the effort. You have given up so much and moved through extreme pain only to learn that even advanced Lightworkers/Wayshowers are experiencing minimal joy. You fully expected this transition to be rapid – perhaps a few days of discomfort.

This transition is a process. It is improbable for you to expect to shift belief patterns you have maintained for eons in a matter of days.

Many channels have encouraged, even begged you to find joy – to make joy more dominant than pain in your life on earth. You have read or heard such material for years, yet you still have to deliberately focus on joy to feel it.

Much like learning to ride a bicycle. To keep your bicycle upright, you must at first concentrate on the actions required to do so. Then one day, you no longer need to think much about doing so – it is a natural part of your being. The same is true of your movement into joy.

You are being bombarded by your society as it transitions through and out of negativity; by your friends and relatives frightened by the shift and by those who have no interest in moving into the New Age.

Your joy transition does not yet feel natural and that is your concern. You have to focus too diligently. You want joy to feel and be easy – and so it will. But you have to practice until such is true.

The December 2012 dates many of you hope are dates of completion – whether of ascension or joy – are for you to join in celebration. Those dates are booster rockets for you – ascension, if you will, not into another world, but into another life.

Will you feel pain after those dates? Yes, but to a lesser degree than was true before. Just as now you are not feeling the depth of pain of a year ago. You continue to experience pain or fear, but you move through that in a matter of hours or days not months or years. After December, your pain and fear will diminish yet again.

We wish to address those of you who feel as if your life is so painful and chaotic that you barely have energy to continue. You are sorting out your beliefs – just as would be true if you were moving to a new home. What items/beliefs do you wish to take with you? What items/belief do you wish to leave behind? And for now, you are mourning what was part of your being.

Perhaps some of you mourned leaving your home town when you graduated from high school – not because you wished to live in your home town, but because it was familiar. So it is for you now. You have empty spaces that were once filled with fear, pain, control, victimization and care taking. Those areas are fading away leaving holes in your emotional being – and you have not yet fully accepted joy.

You are not only leaving your care taking and victimization pieces behind, joy is replacing many emotions with which you were comfortable. And joy is an emotion you have had little experience exploring. New job, new role and many fears.

Some of you feel that this shift is too much – just as you felt the first time you tried to balance on a bicycle. You will soon be gliding along on your path of joy.

If you were not so enmeshed in letting go of pain and/or filling holes left by that pain, you would note that your joy is starting to be greater than your pain – that your pain does not last as long as it once did.

Do not force yourself into your new life, but know that you will soon be there – with the help of group attention on November 11, December 12 and 21. Those dates were established by you to help you focus on filling the empty spaces as you reduce the dominance of pain and fear in your being.

You will not fail. You will not fall. You are just learning to ride your bicycle. A task that may seem far too daunting today, but will become quite easy. Some of you are already flying on your new bicycles. Others of you want someone to hold on during your first attempts around the neighborhood and others feel the need for training wheels.

The advance Lightworkers/Wayshowers are demonstrating that flying through the air on your bicycle is not only possible, but fun. Just as your older siblings or neighbors did when you first learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.


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Accelerate Your New Joy Cells

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s September 30, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at You Wayshowers/Lightworkers have moved beyond the halfway point on the pain/joy spectrum. Your new role is to expect and accept joy so others will know it is possible.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for ”The Universes are Showering You With Joy”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show presents different channeled material than “Brenda’s Blog” even though both might be about a similar topic.


Dear Ones,

Many of you believe your life is little different from what was true a few weeks ago. Others of you continue to wait for any sign of joy or light.

Please remember that even though joy energy is now readily available, your inner-being is accepting joy at a pace correct for your physical being. Those of you who wish to live your dream life now think that such a statement is a ‘bait and switch’ – we promised joy and you are not necessarily sensing what we promised.

Even though you are experiencing more joy than was true a few weeks ago, you are not yet accustomed to noticing that joy.

We have told you that the amount of joy you experience has much to do with your perceptions. And so it is. But in addition to learning new perceptional techniques, the Universes and your inner-being have collaborated to create joy cells within your being.

This transition is a micro/macro operation. If you merely changed your perceptions, such a lesson or process would need to be repeated by each individual of each generation. Joy would continue to be the same outer-directed lesson plan that has been true for several generations in preparation for this transition.

Joy is no longer something you need to learn – as is true with Algebra or Chemistry. Joy is now a given for you have passed the halfway mark on the pain/joy spectrum.

Indeed before the Wayshowers/Lightworkers passed that halfway mark, joy was something you could only achieve with effort. For some, that required a great deal of effort – they were so enmeshed in pain they could not understand the concept of joy. For those who decided to accept and expect joy, it was easier.

Joy is now pouring into your cells. Will all on earth experience that joy? Not immediately. But the work of the Wayshowers/Lightworkers has made it possible for all to shift their cellular structures when they wish.

Is our statement that joy is rushing into your cells not the same as stating you are sprouting wings to fly? Are not both outrageous concepts that are more fairy tale than reality?

We beg to differ. Your cellular structures, DNA and all other parts of your physical entity are pouring joy into your being. Your emotional and spiritual beings have accepted joy. It is time for your physical being to do the same.

Even though we honor the convictions of those determined to live in pain despite anything you read or sense, such is no longer possible. For indeed, if you are reading these or similar materials, your spiritual/emotional being is searching for the joy that is a given in this transition. You would have absolutely no interest in these materials if you wished to remain in pain or the Old Age.

Perhaps you cannot believe anyone would choose to remain in Old Age pain. We remind you that all of you are individuals with unique roles to play in this transition. There are indeed a number of beings now on earth who have absolutely no interest in accepting joy.

Do not judge the reality of others. Merely know that deep within your being your cells are shifting at this very moment in such a way that your joy is being slowly, but comfortably, introduced into your physical being.

Perhaps you think such a statement is merely a magician’s trick. That nothing is happening in your physical being or your life. That you have been in pain and will be in pain for the remainder of your time on earth. Yet, you are drawn to this blog and other similar materials hoping against hope that someone has the solution for your pain. All the while, your inner-being is working diligently to shift your physical body into the joy mode.

Again, you have completed your spiritual/emotional shift into joy. You merely need to complete your physical piece.

It is to your advantage to notice every fragment of joy that flows to your being – no matter how small. For you are training your cells to accept and expect joy.

Does that last thought seem unrealistic? How can you train your cells? We remind you that you have always trained your cells. If you had not taught your cells that a hot stove could harm you, you would place your hand on a burner again and again. If you had not trained your cells to create thoughts and sentences, you would not be able to speak or read a language. You are constantly training your cells. The difference is that in the past you emphasized pain lessons and taught your cells that joy was a fleeting possibility.

Your cells are shifting from pain to joy. Help them do so by noting any joy you experience from a great movie, to a beautiful flower, to watching a child giggling in the sun. Any joy will help train your cells to a new way of being.

It is now time to flex and thereby expand those new joy cells by using them. Much as you did as an infant exploring the carpet, insects, toys and your mother’s face within a matter of minutes and all with a great deal of joy. That is, until you were injured or reprimanded for doing something that might be painful or wrong in your parents’ mind. And after generations of training cells to expect and accept pain, pain was an easier lesson for your infant being than was joy.

As the Universes and your being are introducing new joy cells to your physical body, you are also starting a new lesson plan that will ensure that joy is easier to learn than pain. And future generations will build on the learning tools you are now introducing.

It is as if you are learning to breathe again – only breathing joy in and out instead of pain. For indeed that is exactly what is happening. The air you breathe, the environments you inhabit and the life you live will be filled with joy. And as more and more of you make a conscious effort to flex your new joy cells, you and earth will be surrounded and enveloped in joy.

You are learning to breathe on earth once again. And future generations will breathe joy in and out as easily as you once did pain. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.


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You ARE a Lightworker God/Goddess

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s January 16, 2012, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show on     Evil spirits are Old Age fears. You’re creating a new play. How do you want to change your script to joy?

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, channeled, weekly blog at http://www.Life Tapestry “Your Lightworker Job is to Lead”

Dear Ones,

You are shifting daily now – more rapidly than you know. But because those shifts are not necessarily apparent yet, you may feel as if you are in the Lightworkers slow group. Such thoughts merely cloud your vision of what is happening to you and earth.

Can your progress be slowed by worries of not transitioning as rapidly as you would like? Not at all. You have moved beyond the point of slowing your progress. You are all now in free fall in terms of your transition. Which is no different from being pregnant and deciding you do not wish to be a mother. Too late.

Of course, free will continues to be an important part of your being. But you, consciously or subconsciously,  have decided to transition into the New Age. A key indicator that you have done so is your continued interest in accessing information such as that provided by channels and other spiritual workers. There is nothing you can do to shift into a different place or pace UNLESS you decide to return to the 3rd dimension.

Some of you worry that your fears will return you to the 3rd dimension – despite your intention to move into the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or beyond dimensions. That is not at all true, anymore than those days you wish you were not pregnant makes it so.

You are no longer learning about or thinking about becoming part of the New Age/new earth, you are part of the New Age/new earth. Only a direct physical shift on your part – such as denying your interest, directing your energies into pain without an interest in finding joy, or otherwise purposely harming yourself or others physically, spiritually or emotionally – will return you fully to the 3rd dimension.

No one but you is deciding which track/dimension you accept.

Being a Lightworker is both a privilege and responsibility. You must shift your beliefs from pain and fear into love and  joy – not an easy task. Similar to those parents who very much want a child only to discover that the responsibilities of caring for that child are wonderful even though burdensome at times. Do those parents wish they did not have a child – some days perhaps – but most days they think of their  child with wonderment and joy. So it will be for you as you continue your transition.

Some days you will feel almost overwhelmed by the energy bursts, only to discover a new skill or feeling the next – a feeling far beyond your most precious dreams. Will there be some Lightworkers who will not wish to continue? Yes. That is why we are transmitting this information today.

We wish you to know that you are not alone. That you will soon feel joy. That your physical being can easily adjust to the changes if you allow the changes to flow within your being, instead of fighting them or clinging to fear.

As we noted in our radio address yesterday, thoughts of evil spirits overtaking you or earth are Old Age fears overtaking your sense of self. You are safe. You are a complete entity. No one or nothing wishes to or can overtake you.

Thoughts of evil spirits are little different from many ‘old wives tales’ such as if you sleep on your left side, you will have a boy – or if you throw salt over your right shoulder, your child will have a successful life. Such beliefs now seem archaic even though earlier generations insisted they were true.

So it is with your evil spirit beliefs. Future generations will study evil spirits with amusement. For evil spirits were created to control through fear. A fear that has been successfully maintained for eons including beliefs about witchcraft, science advancements and most new thoughts or directions. Evil spirits only exist if you create them for yourself. There is no place for evil spirits in the New Age/new earth.

Allow yourself to know you are a Lightworker with all the responsibilities and joy that role entails. Know that you cannot return to the 3rd dimension unless you want to.  And know that your physical being is adapting and adjusting perfectly to the new you.

You are increasing your energy intake and splinters of the totality of you daily. So even though some days you may feel uncomfortable, your end-product is more glorious than you can imagine. You ARE a Lightworker god/goddess. So be it. Amen.     If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe to blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Brenda’s classic, channeled book, A Glimpse of Your Future, provides an overview of why you and your current economic and political worlds are transitioning, as well as what the earth will be like in the year 4000.  A Glimpse of Your Future is available at or http://www.Barnes &

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