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Saviors are SO Yesterday

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s December 12, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  Not everyone wishes to use energies in the same way. Those not awakening perceive energy bursts as chaotic reactions. Those of you exiting your cocoon use the same energies to create new earth and new you. Energies aren’t the Universes care taking you, but instead, you accepting Universal energies when and if you wish. Universal energies never leave once they enter earth’s atmosphere

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for  “Declare Independence From Outer-Directed Power”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

It is likely you do not comprehend how much you are shifting the Universes. Even though you continue to believe yourself a very small piece of earth, your power far exceeds your beliefs.

Since it is likely that you view yourself as one cell or atom in the totality of all, it is time for you to understand how one cell, one atom can shift the Universes. Perhaps you, the cell, accept a cancer mutation into the totality of you. That one mutation attracts (like attracts like) other cells also wishing to experience a cancer mutation. Then those like-minded cells join together to create enough cancer energy for an illness within your totality.

So it is for you now. You are attracting like-minded beings or cells, if you wish, to the point that you are mutating earth beings, and thereby the Universes, away from fear and to love. Love has always been a Universal key.

3D earth was, in a sense, a cancerous cell that became much larger than anticipated by the Universes. The cancer of earth attracted more and more Universal beings who wished to experience the fun of fear – that is, until they became enmeshed in the denseness of that fear and forgot Universal love.

You, as a group, decided it was time for new earth lessons in joy and love.

Perhaps you believe that because it was time for such to happen, love would have become dominant on earth whether you were part of that group plan or not.

We beg to differ.

Earth became so densely enmeshed in fear that those who volunteered to shift thoughts, perceptions and actions were lost in the mire.

Indeed, even though individual saviors volunteered to shift earth to more of a fear/love balance, they were not successful. Not because their words and actions were not noted, but because their words and actions were twisted to fit within a world of fear.

You are among the Universal entities who decided this shift required a group effort. So it is that you are now of earth and accepting energy shift after shift – proud of your accomplishments individually, but not yet understanding or accepting how valuable your services are.

You believe that you must do or create something beyond what you have accomplished so far. That somehow you must make your mark in this transition.

You need do nothing else other than to light the way to help return earth entities to love.

Do you expect former cancer cells to perform a circus act if they remain within your being? Or are you so excited to have eradicated cancer that you expect nothing more of those cells than to remain cancer-free?

There are those among you who accepted a bit larger role to fulfill YOUR needs. The Universes require nothing more than shifting from the heaviness of earth fear to the lightness of love and joy.

But fear is not completely removed from your being or any being anymore than you can remove all cells from your physical body and replace them with new cells – at least not at this time in your history. Instead, your fear cells are surrounded by love cells that eradicate the effects of 3D earth denseness.

Your major new earth task is to just BE you in love. If you wish to volunteer or have volunteered for additional tasks, that is fine and good. But many of you believe that just being you is not quite enough. That you must save the world or proclaim new earth on a soapbox. Not at all.

Proclamations, promises, guarantees are Old Age. Do you not laugh at television commercials and those who promise you everything and produce nothing or the opposite of their promises?

For you to believe that you need to shift someone to new earth is of the Old Age.

New earth is living your dream and allowing others to view your dream fulfillment. That is all that is required of you. It is not about proclaiming your wisdom or verbalizing promises you may or may not keep.

Your dreams are shifting every moment of every day. As you heal from your cancer of fear, your dreams are becoming larger and more in tune with love and the Universes. What was important for you to proclaim as the answer yesterday, might seem boring or outdated today.

Nothing more is required of you than to be you. Free of the debilitating cancer of fear that has stalked your earth being for eons.

Granted you will retain some fear cells to round out your being, to retain a full palate of creation paint colors. But your fear cells are much less vibrant and active than was true six months ago – and will be less active six months hence.

Those of you who exited your cocoon are allowing your being to be cancer/fear free more every day. Granted, some days you wish to test your progress by returning to fear. But those days, those minutes are becoming less and less as you begin to trust and love new you. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her blog and subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Stop Wishing – Create Now

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s September 22, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Your DNA is changing so creating is easier. Key phrases for now and ever more are: “It is now and it is easy” It’s time to move through your Old Age perception block that all happens in the future and you must “work” to receive it. It is now and it is easy.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Testing Your New Communication Skills”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.

Dear Ones,

Let us address your fears that your creations are of the future, that you are not skilled enough to create immediately – nor is such possible for anyone other than fairy tale heroes.

You continue to believe your Old Age teachings:  All is work and you are not quite good enough.

Even if you had ten million dollars, your Old Age you would compare yourself to someone who has twenty million or the number of their toys and social connections.

All was never enough in the Old Age. Nor was it easy to achieve. You accepted that others were better than you, that they created faster than you, that they had special skills you did not,

Of course, you were willing to limp along, as it were, wishing you had the skills of this or that person from Warren Buffet to Nelson Mandela. Wishing, wishing, wishing – but never quite achieving. Even the word “wishing” – like most of your creation words – has a future element.

It is time for instant creation. Some of you will attempt creation this very second. Such may not happen – which will allow you to continue your Old Age belief that instant creation is not possible.

You have refused to believe that creation is instantaneous for eons. You suffered through famines, pestilence, natural disasters, imprisonment and personal heart breaks knowing sometime in the future your life MAY improve or you trials end with your earth death. You never expected immediate relief from your pain, much less that your greatest dreams would materialize instantly. Work was required. As were various gurus from the right employer to the person who provided you with the right meditation.

Creation was of the future and almost always with the help of someone wiser and better than you.

You accepted a life of servitude – even with your creations.

It is not that work is a terrible word, merely that you devoted so much time to physical 3D work issues – jobs, finances, marriages and child-rearing – that you had little time for spiritual thoughts or creations.

Is not guessing/anticipating the needs of others how you direct most of your relationship energies? Do you not create a job description of sorts for every relationship? A friend requires this, a wife that, etc. Perhaps those predetermined societal requirements were correct – but then, perhaps not. If they were, the results would always be joy and love. Such has not proven to be the case as can be noted by abuse, murder and on and on.

Your life job descriptions created by your society – and they were indeed created by your society – were not designed for love, but control.

It is time to interact with others via your new communication skills.

Many mothers intuitively know the difference between an infant’s physical needs and the infant’s need for cuddling. What if you allowed yourself to continue that melding of thoughts throughout a child’s life? What if during a job interview you allowed yourself to know this company is not right for you – and you created a better opportunity? What if on your first date, you allowed yourself to sense this woman was your perfect mate and why?

These are not fairy tales or future possibilities.

When did you think you would  apply your new earth applications (apps)? Perhaps practicing for a few eons until you deemed you were an expert in a particular field? That thought is so Old Age!

You have new skills. Use them. Practice with them. Play with them. But do not deny that you have them or continue to play the wishing game as if you are not skilled enough to create what you want NOW – not tomorrow, next year or in a few years.

Maybe you know what you want now, but your attempts do not produce whatever it is. You feel like a slow learner. Do not fret. The first step of creation is believing you can create. Most of you – and please check within to verify this thought – believe others can create, but you cannot. And so you cannot. It is as simple – and for most of you – as complicated as that.

What do you need to know to believe in your skills – skills you have always had, but have not allowed yourself to know about in your 3D world?

It is time to awaken. To test your new abilities and shift your creation belief patterns.

If you wish, ask your inner-being, DNA and cellular structures for assistance. But do not request creation help from others. Even though we are one, each entity has unique DNA patterns that do not necessarily communicate in the same fashion. So requesting help from others, probably means you will continue to spin your creation wheels.

That last thought does not mean you must not speak to others about your concerns – physical, emotional or spiritual – but that this creation piece must be approached in a direct fashion, instead of through an intermediary. Which is no different from reading counseling philosophies so you can counsel just like a particular author. Counseling techniques that probably work well for the author, but you are not the author, you are you. Creation is the same.

You cannot create like your neighbor, nor would you wish to. It is a personal skill that evolves as you evolve. Maybe you merely need to think of what you need and it appears. Or to meditate. Or to establish a dedicated thought. Or whatever comes to your mind/senses when you are ready to use your creation skills – when you finally remove the layers of fear that have stopped or dramatically slowed your creation skills.

Allow yourself to listen to yourself. You are your creation guru. You do not create like anyone. Nor does anyone truly understand why you are creating whatever it is you are creating.

Whenever you place any filters on your creation skills, you move from now to sometime in the future – or never. And so it is. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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No One is Going to Coax You Into Your Role

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s January 13, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at The Universes have noted your concerns about not transitioning as rapidly as you would like and are sending additional energies this week to better help you create what you have wished for since December. For some, this is the inner knowing that you are indeed Lightworkers.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Introducing Your New Spiritual Manifestation Skills”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show is different channeled material than “Brenda’s Blog” even though both might be about a similar topic.

Dear Ones,

This is indeed one of THOSE weeks. The energies are flowing in every part of your being.

Some of you will claim that such comments are a hoax. That your life, thoughts, sensations and emotions are no different from last year.

Perhaps you wish to be on the Lightworker stage but feel you are not worthy or that someone/something is stopping you. Neither belief is correct. You are a Lightworker. Granted, not everyone has or even wants the same skills in this new earth transition. But if you continue to deny the energies surrounding you –  and this week, almost pummeling you – then you are not ready to move forward.

Even though you are fully capable of being on the Lightworker stage waiting for the spotlight to find you, some of you have decided the stage is too frightening and have moved behind the curtain. That is your choice – not a choice created by the Universes – but by you. For you are a Lightworker.

Lightworkers who need proof will probably never receive it. Self-worth is generated from within. We cannot give it to you, nor can anyone else.

We have stated on several occasions that you would be clearing your most difficult pieces before transitioning into the 4th and beyond dimensions. And so it is. Spiritually, physically and intellectually you may be excited to move to other dimensions – yet your fears limit your options.

You would not be interested in exploring new earth materials if you were not a Lightworker/Wayshower/Starseed or whatever you wish to label those of you introducing earth to an age of joy and love.

It is your need to feel worth-less or unworthy that is forcing you from the stage of Lightworker fame.

Many of you state that you do not feel anything or that your life is just the same. Does that not sound like a child during summer vacation whining that life is boring? And as a parent do you not laugh at such statements and suggest several activities your child might enjoy? You are now the adult.

Then there are those of you who claim that you are just not clear enough, strong enough or good enough to be a spiritual leader. That somehow everyone “out there” is bigger, better and stronger. Shades of Old Age comparisons that hold no validity in this New Age.

You are not like anyone else – other than you are transitioning into love and joy. Your path is unique. To compare yourself to another Lightworker and their skills or sensations is like comparing apples to oranges. You are different for a reason. If all Lightworkers were the same, how could this transition expand beyond a small group of like-minded, like-acting, like-skilled individuals?

There is no time for modesty, fear of your power or an unwillingness to be a Lightworker –  if that is what your heart draws you to. In past lives, you could shirk the game plan created by you before you entered earth knowing that you could fulfill that obligation to yourself at a later time.

Such is not the case in this transition. Each of you is an important thread in this transition tapestry.

You may feel as if you have nothing to contribute. Quite frankly, if you allow that belief to penetrate your being – you do not. And if that is what you wish to continue to believe, it is indeed time for you to move behind the curtain and allow someone who believes in themselves to move center stage.

No one is going to cajole you into your role. No one is going to babysit you as you moan and groan about how you wish to participate, but you cannot because of this or that. No one has time to hold your hand as you whimper about how unqualified you are.

This is the time to accept your full power. That does not necessarily mean you will be a media star. Merely that you claim your power in whatever form gives you joy. And the first step in claiming your power is believing with every fiber of your being that you are a Lightworker. That is the energy we are sending this week.

For some that means a physical manifestation of something you have longed for. For others it is the knowingness deep within your being that you are a Lightworker with a role to play in this wondrous transition – a role you created before your entrance on earth.

Perhaps you are of the group who brought the New Age to earth. You have since shifted roles into beaming the joy of this transition to others. Meaning that not only must you accept that you are a Lightworker, you must display that you are in whatever way your inner-being dictates – whatever gives you joy from growing vegetables to becoming a media star.

You are who you are – as you created yourself before entering earth in this lifetime. Perhaps you are shy. That is entirely acceptable and exactly what you wish to be. But in your shyness you still will radiate the light of a Lightworker – if you accept your worthiness. This is not the Age to hide under a basket in fear or pain. But instead to shine your light in whatever fashion feels most joyful. You never have to be center stage – but you do need to accept that you have a place on stage before you can be a true Lightworker.

You do not need to channel, heal the sick, write books, make presentations, change the world, transport yourself to other parts of the Universes or create a new tool to be a Lightworker. You merely need to accept that you are a Lightworker and that you will move into your role – whatever that role is – when it is your time to do so.

Stop whining. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop make excuses for why you cannot be a Lightworker. Stop throwing up your hands in disgust because all of this is a hoax – and move to your place on stage. Your co-Lightworkers are moving toward their joy and have no need to care take you. Any more than you have a need to care take others.

You are a Lightworker of the greatest magnitude merely waiting for your role to begin. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Acknowledge Those Parts You’ve Been Ashamed of for Eons

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Also listen to Brenda’s free, weekly 15-minute channeled “Creation Energies” show on Her radio show does not contain the same message as her weekly blogs.

Dear Ones,

We have not done this before but we wish to return to our message of Brenda’s radio show earlier this week. We stated during that channel that those of you listening would have completed most, if not all, of your blending of your beings – or those entities that make up your past, present and future lives and thereby, your soul.

We also stated that most of the recent energy shifts were designed for you to easily access and yes, invite those various parts of your being into the totality that is you. Such has happened and is happening. We also promised that most, if not all, of that merging would be complete by the end of March.

Such merging is a priority in this New Age transition. You have often heard the phrase, “You must love yourself before you can love another.” In truth, “yourself” is much larger in terms of entities and experiences than you can possibly comprehend.

You probably have had many lives on earth, but you may have also had a similar number of experiences on other planets and in other venues. Does that thought confuse you? Most of you diligently try to determine the number of past lives you have had on earth. You may have even succeeded in seeing or sensing a particular incident, time period or geographic location. Such pieces are the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of who you are.

Do you really suppose that someone who has experienced many lives on earth – given that pain and fear were the lesson plans for eons – would have the ability to suddenly become godlike or gods on earth as we and other channels have long proclaimed?

We have eased you into this bit of information by telling you that all parts of your being would join together to form the whole of who you are. We did not necessarily tell you where these parts were from. It is the time to do so. For within a few weeks, you will be joining with other entities and we do not wish for you to be frightened or to negate the joy possible when more than one of you join together.

The earth is indeed a shining jewel in the Universe. All of you reading these materials have had past lives on earth, and likely will have future lives on earth. But you have also experienced other planets, Universes and entities. You are not creating the New Age in a vacuum. You know exactly what you want and why. And you know this because you have sampled a life here and a life there. You have discussed the pros and cons of those lives with others – most notably in the spiritual realms – and you have entered the earth in this lifetime with a blueprint for what the New Age will be and why.

The New Age is not a “hit or miss” process. It is clearly delineated and already created in another dimension. You merely have to “plug” your entity into the correct socket – much as telephone operators in the mid 20th century – to fulfill your role. What if you refuse to cooperate, to plug into your socket? The same as was true for the telephone systems of yesteryear – telephones will continue to ring and the sockets will be filled – just not yours.

How will your empty socket impact the world, the Universe? Very little and yet a great deal. Returning to our telephone switchboard example, perhaps you have important information for a corporate executive that determines whether a contract  impacting the world is signed. Suppose you never make that call. In all likelihood that contract will eventually be signed, but not as easily or rapidly.

The New Age is here. And you have a key role to play. If you choose not to play your role, the New Age will continue with a bit less sparkle, a bit less charm and a bit less ease.

But let us return to the melding of your beings for that is the theme of this week’s channels both on the radio and in this blog.

You have long learned that you are all one. Most of you assumed that thought merely meant you needed to love a homeless man as yourself. That is true. But the piece that most of you have ignored or denied is that many of the lives you have lived on earth and in other environments are not necessarily shining examples of love and joy.

As you returned to earth or whatever environment after one of those “less than wonderful examples of love and kindness” most of you negated the experience to a hidden part of your being. It is quite easy to be horrified by the exploits of others knowing that you could never do another harm. In truth, all of you have done someone harm – including murder, torture or any other form of rage or hate you can imagine. How could you not if you wished to explore the Old Age fully? And the same is true for experiences in other environments.

The strange sensations, the discomfort you have felt for the last few months – or in some cases years – are those pieces of your being you hoped you had buried so completely that they would never appear again. But they are part of you. An extremely important part of you. You cannot love until you have felt the opposite. And so you have many, many, many times in many lifetimes on earth and in other environments. You have completed that work so that you would be fully prepared for this New Age of joy and love.

It is time to acknowledge those pieces you have hidden and been ashamed of for eons. You are all mass murders, as well as loving entities. That is the exhaustion and exhilaration you have felt. As you allow each piece of your being to return to you with love – the joy is almost overwhelming. And as you pretend that a mass murderer could never have been you, your exhaustion sets in.

Allow all of you to be loved and accepted. More importantly, invite all of you to return. For the next stage of the New Age that you will enter after March will require a complete entity, or as we discussed in our radio channel, a full glass. If you attempt to blend and meld with other complete entities while you continue to struggle with some of your pieces, the blend will not work.

The more complete your entity is, the more easily you will access your new tool kit of creation. We indeed are all one. Allow yourself to know that – more importantly to accept that. All of you moved through every stage of darkness possible, so that you could move into the light that is the New Age. Nothing you have ever done is worse than is true for anyone you meet on the street. All of us truly are one.

Now it is time for you to meld with those who wish to be part of the New Age, the light of the New Age. Allow yourself to accept who you are – and do so in joy. For that is how we view you. A miraculous, loving, courageous group of entities who fully accept all parts of their being even though doing so seems difficult at times, so they can move into the light. By doing so you will alter the earth and the Universe for evermore. So be it. Amen.

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Create Your Own Song!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Let us return to a message we provided some time ago, but is pertinent to the energies of today. Not all of you will be moving at the same pace or in the same time frame. More importantly, not all of you will be creating the same type of life.

Joy has so many connotations. To some, joy is watching their grandchild grow into an adult. To others, joy is money to buy whatever they want and to still others, joy is merely peace and contentment within the life they have already created.

Each of you has different needs and directions. Much like the birds who wake you on beautiful sunny mornings, each of you sings a different tune. But the harmony of those different tunes creates a melodious harmony that warms your heart and fills you with joy. And so it is with your direction and your purpose. No two people are likely to create the same life.

In the Old Age, most people hoped for the same type of life – even if that life was not what they wanted, but was what society taught them to want.

You now are able to create what you want, when you want it. But not everyone will want the same lifestyle. Do not forget to include your individuality in the equation. How boring it would be if all birds warbled the same tune day in and day out – a  bit like “elevator music” – music that distracts but is not noteworthy. And so it is with your lives now. It is time to create your own song.

It is time to spread your wings in wonderment and joy. No longer do you need to limit your paint box of life to the one or two colors dictated by your society. It is time to add deep purple, lime green and vibrant orange. It is time to paint a life as vibrant as displayed by the neon colors of the 1960’s and 1970’s. There was a reason those colors were so energizing and fun – you were thinking about your uniqueness. That need has not gone away, it has merely been dormant for the last 40 years.

Now it is time to fly, to do “your thing” in any fashion that feels right. Does that mean living in a beat-up trailer in the desert? Maybe. Does that mean living in a mansion on a mountaintop? Maybe. It means whatever strikes your fancy.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, did you limit your dreams and thoughts? Of course not, you followed your thoughts to a logical or even silly conclusion. You just did whatever felt right; not knowing exactly where those thought processes would lead, but knowing they were right.

Such is the time again. Only now you baby boomers have an understanding of your strengths, interests and more importantly, of your world. You are no longer feeling the need to rebel just to rebel. You have reasons for your movements.

Perhaps those reasons are not as clear as you would like now – but they soon will be. Much more so than was true when you felt the need to be a “flower child” forty years ago. Then, you just thought it was “cool” to be different. You had no overall image of what you were creating or why. Now you do. You are moving into joy for a reason and that reason is to introduce those generations that follow to a life of joy and peace.

We will again remind you that joy no longer means following rules that make others happy – anymore than it did in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

You are now feeling the need to break out of the restrictions of society. That is the New Age calling. But now – unlike the 1960’s and 1970’s – you know why. You could have moved into the New Age during that time. But as a group you, baby boomers, opted to observe your parents’ rules from within and to compare them to the freedoms of your youth.

You have completed that observation phase and you have overwhelmingly agreed to return to those youthful freedoms. All that is stopping you or slowing you down from that exciting, unique freedom adventure are the “shoulds” of society that you have accepted for the last forty years.

“Shoulds” are no more. You have completed that phase. It is time to once again paint in large, bright strokes. Only this time, you are doing so with the maturity you did not have in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

You are a unique individual – even though you are part of the whole.

Think of yourself as one cell of the fingernail group, others of the hair cell group and still others of the blood cell group. You each have unique roles for one body. If you tried to play a role not correct for you, the overall body would not function correctly.

So it is with your life today. It is time to paint your life in bold, vibrant colors. Colors that declare who you are and what role you play in the overall scheme of the Universe. It is time to throw those safe colors, those safe actions out the window and declare your independence, your spirit, your joy. Paint your vibrant canvas in whatever fashion feels right for you – not for your society, your family or your friends – but for you. So be it. Amen.

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Lesson Two of Your New Creation Toolkit

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

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Dear Ones,

Your New Age transition is not an immediate “fix”. You are moving through the process in stages most appropriate for your physical being and your intent in this lifetime. Some of you have adjusted more easily than others to these new energies. That is expected for all of you have unique life paths. Even though you are most likely a trailblazer, scout master, wagon master or a pioneer, each of those titles call for different skills and different awakenings.

A trailblazer or scout master is likely to move forward sooner than is true for a pioneer. And so is it true for you. If you are a trailblazer, you have cleared most, if not all, of the issues that keep you tethered to the Old Age. If you are a pioneer, you are most likely in the clearing process. Neither is better than the other, merely states of being.

For those of you who are ready to create, let us turn to our second creation lesson. You have probably already practiced the first creation step of envisioning an object, sketching that object and expecting to have it arrive in a timely fashion. Some of you achieved great success, others have yet to create an object. That is neither here nor there. Perhaps the first lesson was not the best use of your skills or of interest to you. So let us move to lesson two.

Take out a writing tool and paper. Write down, sketch or color what you wish to create – and why. If your reason for creating an object is to “outshine” others, it is likely that your creation will not occur.

Your new and enhanced creation skill are inner-directed skills designed to enhance your joy – not outer-directed abilities to prove that you are better than others. That thought might be a bit confusing as we told you earlier that one of the reasons you were to create objects was to be a model for others to do the same. Teaching others to create what is joyful for them is far different from creating objects to prove yourself more spiritual or advanced.

So clear your ego much as you might do with a computer with a double-click to your thought processes. Remove those thoughts that feel outer-directed – you might ask for help from your spirit guides if those thought processes seem deeply embedded – and insert thoughts and feelings that are inner-directed. Then sketch or write what you are creating and why you are creating it.

Your answer to why you are creating the object will help you resolve many of your inner-directed/outer-directed issues. If you wish to create a new house to outshine others – you are working from an outer-directed format that will most likely not be the source of creation energies for you. We must add that some of you are “strong enough” creators to overcome such limitations, but most are not.

Once you have determined that your creation is an inner-directed thought process which will bring you joy – not joy to the life of your children, spouse, parents or friends – place the sketch and reasoning under your pillow each night. The next morning, remove the sketch and reasoning and place it in an easily observable place. The last piece is to EXPECT the object you have envisioned to appear or happen in the near future.

How is this lesson is different from our first creation lesson? The key difference is that you have sorted through your needs and interests to create something that is truly a joy object. The second piece is that you have now evoked your dream world – which for many of you is more accessible than your waking creation state. That is no longer true of course, but we wish to honor your current beliefs. They will change in time.

Perhaps you are wondering why we continue to discuss creating objects instead of a “soul mate” or new job. Creating objects is easier than bringing people into your sphere. Creating an object does not require others to acknowledge your needs, nor a review of their willingness to take part. So for the near future, we will continue with object creation.

One last piece before we close. It is extremely important that you clear your need to be better or faster than others. Your physical being dictates how rapidly you will acclimate to your new and enhanced creation skills. If you are a pioneer in the creation field, your skills will not develop as rapidly as is true for a scout master. Again, that is neither good nor bad, just different roles with different patterns.

All of you reading these materials are creators. In truth, everyone now on earth is a creator for you are all of God. But some of you – especially those who follow these messages are most likely scout masters or very early pioneers; both of which mean you will grasp your creation powers sooner than most.

As was true for you when you were learning to read, creation might seem impossible for you now; yet one day in the very near future, your creation skills will click into place and you will be on your way. Were you not excited the first day you realized that the letters c-a-t spelled cat? So it will be for your creation skills.

You are not a slow learner. You will not need to repeat your creation skill lessons – or in more common terms, repeat the first grade because you did not grasp the concepts. You are all advanced creators whose skills will “pop” at different times. Some of you are trailblazers and so you will “pop” very soon if you have not already. Some of you are pioneers and you will “pop” shortly afterwards.

Neither a scout master nor a pioneer is a better creator. They are just different creators with different skills. So go create! And if you have found a better way to create – a shortcut on your keyboard, as it were – use it. It does not matter how you create or what you create –  as long as your creation gives you joy and it is inner-directed. You can and will create anything and everything. So be it. Amen.

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Live, Laugh and Love Yourself This Holiday Season

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

As we move closer to the solstice/eclipse of December 21st you will note that your feelings – perhaps even your physical being is changing. You will find it more difficult to concentrate and when you are able to do so, you will find yourself thinking of many others you previously did not care for with a warmer heart. You will find yourself falling in love with yourself and thereby, others.

It is true that some of you reading this material may not change in the least for you have already opened your heart to yourself and thereby, others.

But most will find the next three or so weeks quite dramatic. For indeed, not only will your emotions soften, your physical being will become a bit more lovely as a result. Have you ever noted how someone in the first stages of love often looks younger than had been true before? Such is what we are speaking of. For indeed, the shift has much more to do with emotions than with any physical changes in diet, exercise or even plastic surgery. Love will allow you to feel and look younger.

Again, some of you have completed this shift so you will note little difference; other than a greater than usual ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand – most notably completing your holiday preparations. Those of you who are about to go through this self-love  shift will find your world in disarray – but then, you will not care that it is so.

Do you remember falling in love? You felt light and airy – everything was beautiful and you could not wait to be with the object of your love. Apply those same thoughts to falling in love with yourself and you will see the joy and yes, silliness of such thoughts in the midst of your holiday preparations. Much of what you do during the holiday season is about making others happy. This season, your priority will be making yourself happy.

Those of you fearful of being selfish merely need to review your past holidays to determine that you have “paid your holiday dues.” You have stayed up all hours baking your cookies, shopping for and wrapping your gifts and spending money you did not feel comfortable spending – to make others happy.

Your society shifted the arena of love from loving yourself to that of giving to others at the cost of yourself. Even though many of you may receive joy in doing so, we are merely pointing out that you may have done so not because you wanted to, but because others expected it of you.

Do you really enjoy shopping, wrapping, cooking and cramming thousands of activities into a few days a year? If so, that is wonderful. You are doing what is right for you. But if you, like most people reading this message, are thinking of the holiday season in terms of deadlines, hard work and giving of yourself despite your exhaustion, perhaps you will want to review your priorities. That is what this solstice/eclipse is about.

Are the holidays to celebrate love – for yourself and others – or to show others what a wonderful person you are? In essence, to buy their love with your kindness? Are you having fun or is it a ritual dictated by society?

If you have fun with holiday preparations, very little will change. You have already determined what gives you joy. But if you find yourself exhausted and irritable year after year, you will find it difficult to focus this year.

Your being is shifting from giving all of yourself to others, to loving yourself as much as others. Does this mean you will do away with your holiday celebrations? Perhaps. But more likely, you will find yourself less willing to take part in the rituals that mean little to you and therefore, to others.

Let us explain. Prior to this year, few humans were “clear enough” to know if rituals were to please others or if they had personal meaning. Year after year, the rituals continued because they were expected. How many women breathed a sigh of relief when it was no longer their “duty” to cook and clean for hordes of guests? That is what we are speaking of. It will be as if you wake up one morning and ask, “Who am I doing this for and do I enjoy doing it?” A very simple question but one that the majority you have never asked before. Holiday preparations were your duty, your obligation –  joy had little to do with it.

Granted, joy often did arrive at some point. Perhaps when someone you love opened the “perfect” gift. Or when your child or grandchild’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. But at what cost to your well-being?

For the first time, you might question yourself. But you will do so in a fog. A bit like waking up in the morning and not being able to focus without your first cup of coffee. You will attempt to maintain your traditions, but you will have so much difficulty focusing that you will pare down your preparations to those you can do easily and effortlessly.

We have returned to joy and self-love. How can you love yourself when you have driven yourself to distraction with various preparations? How can you have fun when you are too exhausted to think?

In the next three weeks, you will question yourself repeatedly, “Why am I doing this? Who is it for?” And you will come to the radical conclusion that you may like this piece, but not that piece. You will simplify and adjust your holiday preparations to those you feel like doing, rather than the usual what you “should” be doing.

The net result will be a more loving and joyous holiday season than you have had for a very long time. For as you put yourself first, as you fall in love with yourself, you will have more to give others.

No holiday, no activity is a should. It is time for you to return to joy – which is only possible when you love yourself. It is time for you to enjoy the holidays. It is far beyond time for you to breathe a sigh of relief that you have completed your holiday rituals.

Live, laugh, love. These are the key words for your life and all holiday celebrations in your future starting with this 2010 season. So be it. Amen.

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Your Latest Internal Shifts Are Compromising Your Holiday Preparations

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

It is almost as if too much sunshine is streaming through your windows. Emotionally and physically , so much is happening to you now that even we are having difficulties keeping up with your latest and greatest shifts.

We are aware of the wide array of holidays impacting a large percentage of those now on earth – as well as your unusual feelings that you will not complete all of your required tasks in the time alloted.

Your internal shifts and change are compromising this holiday season, as are your unexpected needs to be somewhere else at the same time you try to continue your family  traditions.

Many of you may have had similar feelings of panic during past holiday seasons – too little money, winter weather, all of the family can not be together, all of the family can be together and on and on. The difference this year is that you feel as if you are in a daze. You are going through the motions of selecting gifts, food and whatever else is an important tradition in your home, but you are doing so as if in a fog with the added panic of extremely limited time.

Let us explain both your panic and your fog. Astrologically, the 21st of December, 2010 is a day “written large,” if you will, as both a solar eclipse and the winter solstice occur on that date. You are beginning to feel the effects of both. More importantly, you are shifting dramatically internally to meet the Universal deadline for both happenings.

Those of you reading these materials know that this has not been a “normal” spiritual year. For those of you who have difficulties remembering how much has happened within the last 12 or 13 months, we suggest you review the blogs, readings, videos or internet materials of your favorite channels and astrologers. The shifts within you, the earth and the Universe have been dramatic. December 21 will be the cap, the fireworks of this year.

Will you explode? No. Will you shift? Most definitely. And that is your sense of not having enough time to complete all that you wish to complete before your holiday festivities. As you move closer to the 21st of December, your head will be less clear for you will be shifting into your heart mode – at a greater pace than ever before.

You will be shifting gears during the busiest season of the year. A bit like finding a need to shift gears on an interstate as five lanes of traffic push you to continue at your current speed without any hiccups that such a gear shifting might incur.

This is a “fence” month. Your head is filled with lists of holiday gifts to purchase and foods to prepare. Yet your heart will want to slow down and savor the moment – whether that moment be watching the first snowfall or baking some lovely sugar cookies that you eat by yourself, rather than saving those cookies for the “big day” as you had promised.

You will not feel as you have during past holiday seasons and that will bother you.

This message is to tell you that you are doing what you need to do. If you are extremely task-oriented, perhaps you might decrease your holiday stress level by purchasing gifts sooner rather than later  or suggesting your family eat out rather than expecting that you will be able to or even be interested in preparing their standard holiday feast.

These words are not true for everyone. But most of you moving into your New Age roles of trailblazer, wagon train leader and scout master will be quite befuddled during the next few weeks. You will dash from task to task without being able to or even finding the need to complete those tasks. And you will astound your family and friends for you are the quintessential task master. You are the one who has ten lists going at one time and is miraculously able to complete them all in a seemingly easy fashion. Not this year.

You are shifting. Allow that to be. Allow your holiday preparations to be much more simple with long stretches of rest throughout. Allow yourself to know that love is not displayed by the perfect gift if your heart is not involved. Allow yourself to give the ones you love a personal hug, visit or whatever strikes your inner being as perfect. That gift will mean more than all the large screen televisions you could have bought them.

Give from the heart. Prepare your holidays from the heart. Most of all, excuse yourself from continuing your role of  the exceptional planner, task master, gift giver and party animal. Allow yourself to be. And you will have given yourself the best holiday season of your life to date. So be it. Amen.

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Your Spiritual Growth is Now at a Phenomenal Pace

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Today is a day of cleansing. You have heard something similar in the past few weeks. But as is usual when we highlight something that appears to repeat what you have already learned, we wish to emphasize this cleansing for a reason.

You have learned that your receptors, your common intake instruments will evolve from the third dimension of reality to the fourth, fifth and perhaps even sixth dimension. Today your cleansing is to prepare you for the fifth dimension. Those of you reading these materials have already moved to or through the fourth dimension. Let us describe the difference dimensions. Then we urge you to rest during this important transition.

Do you remember when your infant first learned to roll over? Were his first attempts to do so not extremely difficult for him, but did he not continue to practice until he had achieved that goal? Then do you remember that same darling infant surprising himself when he learned to crawl? And finally, the look of utter astonishment and pleasure on his little face as he took his first steps?

Your dimensional skill upon entering this earth in this lifetime was the ability to roll over. In the past few months, you have learned to crawl. Today, you are taking your first baby steps unaided. No wonder your tired and a bit out of sorts.

Perhaps many of you, like Brenda, cannot feel or sense anything out of the ordinary – other than exhaustion. That sense of “nothing new here” will soon pass. Your new abilities, just as is true for the infant who learns to walk unaided, are a bit uneven but they exist.

You will note your new skills in a variety of ways. Your ability to read others will be much more finely tuned. And they you – that is, those of your friends and relatives on the same path. Your ability to create will be at a higher and more rapid level. And your understanding of yourself and your world will be much greater.

Will you grow wings and become angelic? Not likely!! But you will automatically place yourself in environments that best meet your new needs. A bit like an infant is amused for a very long time with one rattle, while a six-year-old is not the least bit interested in any rattle.

In essence, you are maturing rapidly in your dimensional abilities.

Will you move beyond the sixth dimension in this lifetime? Perhaps. But we will venture to guess that you will have so much fun exploring the fifth and sixth dimensions in the next few days, months and years that you will not find the need to move beyond those skill sets.

Do not fear that you will no longer be the you that you are now. You will merely be you with more skills. An infant does not become a different person with each new skill set he learns, he just becomes more comfortable in his environment and the exploration of that environment.

Your role is to explore the hidden territories that are you. And once you are comfortable doing that, blending and creating with those people on earth and in heaven who have common interests. That is all the New Age is about – learning new skills and blending with those interested in the same areas.

The New Age is not frightening, merely a time of exploration and jubilation.

You needed to learn how to grasp your rattle and roll – or as Brenda likes to say, “Learn to rattle and roll.” Skills you have worked on for eons and are quite comfortable with. You learned to move about your room/world with some difficulty we might add, by rolling over and over. And you learned to amuse yourself by watching your hand shake up and down listening to that incessant rattle of fear and pain.

You recently learned to crawl in the fourth dimension. Now it is time for your first steps.

Is it possible that you will decide never to crawl and merely start walking? Yes. Or that you will wish to crawl for a very long time? Yes. Or that you will decide to run, skip and jump in this lifetime? Yes. Or is it likely that you will become a skilled gymnast in this lifetime? No – but it is possible.

As you obtained each new skill as an infant, your world expanded both internally and externally. The same is happening to you now. It is as difficult for you to remember how you felt as an infant before you learned to roll over, as it will be tomorrow or the next day how it felt to have the limited spiritual skills you were born with in this lifetime. You are growing spiritually at a phenomenal pace – far more rapidly than you understand. The net result is that you will become the angels on earth you have long discussed and dreamed about.

As you create a new you, you are creating a world of joy. Allow that to be.

Shortly, we will begin helping you explore your new skills. For as is true for any infant, you will soon want to climb the stairs, learn how to run and wish to ride into the sunset on your tricycle.

It is enough for you to know that you are continuously mastering skills that will move you far beyond what you thought was possible even ten years ago – and that you will learn these skills easily and almost effortlessly.

Exhaustion is a side effect that you may be feeling today or for the next few days – but is that any different from your infant daughter as she plops herself on the ground after taking those first five or six exhausting steps? Within a month, she was difficult to monitor as she zoomed from room to room without your help – often to your dismay!

So it will be for you. Today you are exhausted. Tomorrow, next week or next month, you will be zooming about with your new skill sets. One of which is that you will be better able to read/understand the inner workings of others and they you. So be it. Amen.

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The Shadow You Feel is Your Higher Self

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Sunshine and shadow are our topics today. Perhaps you see the sunshine as you look out your window, yet know deep within the recesses of your being that there is a shadow somewhere in your being. You feel as if you have completed the meditations, chanted the correct chants and opened your heart to yourself and others. Yet there remains a shadow being affecting your.

This shadow being is not about the fears and negative thoughts you have allowed to be part of your earth being. This shadow is your spirit being, your higher self joining your earth being.

This thought might be frightening. “Who or what is my higher self?” “Will my higher self force me to become a different person than I am now?” “What if I don’t like my higher self?” “And why is my higher self called my higher self? Is it better or more advanced than me?” “Does that term mean I can no longer interact with friends and relatives – that I will become some “godlike” creature who does not feel comfortable on earth or in heaven…or that I will have to give up my current pleasures to wonder in the desert?” All and none of the above.

Merging with your higher self/inner being merely means that you will access information and skills you have long denied to live in the former denseness of the earth, to “fit in.”. You will continue to “fit in” on earth, but in a much different way.

Prior to your recent and ongoing shifts, you were comfortable in two worlds – both heaven and earth. Again, this message is for the trailblazers, wagon train leaders and scout leaders of the New Age. You could easily channel, chant or interact with those on a spiritual path and return to you work-a-day world with very little difficulty. It just was. You did not tell your employer that you saw angels during conference meetings, nor were you interested in creating an elaborate business plan when you were interacting with your spiritual friends. Your two worlds existed side-by-side. In a sense, you had a split personality.

Such will be true no longer. This latest shift, the one we discussed last week – shifting from AM to FM frequencies – reduced your abilities to interact comfortably in the work-a-day world, and increased your spiritual abilities.

Those of you requiring funds to pay your bills or who love your job, may be frightened by this thought. Do not fear. All is coming together in a fashion indescribable with your current language skills – but your spiritual being will fully understand for our messages are relayed more by frequencies than words.

Let us describe how your new being, your new skills will change your life and thereby, the earth. Perhaps you expect to work for years to design the new widget that will produce millions for your company. Your joy is providing the solution no one else was able to discover. You will continue to do the same – only the design will make itself available to you in minutes or hours not years. Your boss will not necessarily be surprised because whatever has happened to you, you are now an instant creator. But if you are in the wrong field or the wrong company – one which does not value your new and enhanced creation skills, you will find the need to move on… or to create your own design company.

Combining your human self with your higher self merely means you are a complete being. You will have access to many more creation skills. And you will no longer wish to be around people who continue to plod their way through life, fearing this and fearing that.

Will you have fewer friends? Perhaps. Or you lose touch with your relatives? Perhaps. Or be forced through sheer boredom to leave your job, house or community? Perhaps. But more than likely, the scene you are already part of, or soon will be, will honor and expected your new and enhanced skills.

Those who honor you, will be those who wish to have the same skills – and by your modeling those skills, they will. Remember that you are trailblazers, wagon train leaders and scout masters. Your new skills will seem achievable to them because they knew you before you accessed them. The common thought process will become, “If he can do that so can I.”

Those who expect you to use your new and enhanced skills will be fellow trailblazers, wagon train leaders and scout masters. Your skills will be no more astounding to them than is your ability to wake up every morning and dress for work.

And so the New Age will shift from hope to reality for those who wish to be part of it.

Will most people now on earth be part of the New Age? Such a question is little different from the question of the early 1900s,  “How many people will want to own an automobile?” At first just a few. Yet within a few years, owning an automobile was the dream of most on earth. The same was true for the radio, television and the computer. A few brave souls create the product (In this case, New Age spirituality that combines heaven and earth easily and effortlessly.) and others test it out until it is such a common product/practice that no one can remember what life was like before.

The New Age was created by all of you. Now you are moving into the practice, the skills, the joy of the New Age. Allow a few bumps in the road – the first automobiles were not that convenient. But know within every fiber of your being, that your skills are enhanced and you merely have to decide how you wish to use those new skills.

When automobiles were first created, they were in all shapes and sizes with many components that defy description. You are testing your New Age skills in so many ways, not all of which are comfortable for you now or comfortable for others in the future. Suffice it for you to know that the shadow you are feeling is merely your higher self, with all the joy and excitement that entails, melding into your current earth being.

This is not a time for fear – it is a time of true creation, true design and true fun. Melding with your higher self means that all of your future and past beings are part of you, as well as their knowledge base and interests. So do not be surprised if one day you feel like taking singing lessons, the next creating a new flying vehicle and the next just reading a book. All are right and true as you combine your being to discover who your New Age person really is.

Will you emphasize shifting the economic structures, religious thoughts, expressing joy or laying on a beach for years creating philosophies instrumental for future generations? Will you become a great painter? A great writer? Or a lovely neighbor.

Create to your heart’s desire. Knowing full well that as you blend with your current shadow self, there are no limits and no rules – only that which gives you joy. So be it. Amen.

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