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Flitting Between Relationships

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s July 27, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at   You’re in control of the energies received from the Universes. Because energies never leave earth, as is true for snow, create in your inner or outer worlds whenever YOU feel it is right to do so. The escalating energies allow you to create rapidly and for those beginning their journey to transition more rapidly than was true for you.  

“Decide” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Each of you is a unique individual existing under the totality umbrella. So it is you are beginning to experience your uniqueness in ways you never before experienced while of the earth.

Many of you are lonely. Not because you are truly alone, but because you did not step outside social boundaries in your previous earthly existences. So you wait for approval that will never arrive.

For you are transitioning to the rebel status required for a unique being. In time, that rebel label will be honored – but not yet.

So you feel alone and odd. Much like the fable of the ugly duckling who discovered he was a lovely swan.

You might contend that some of your political leaders are displaying uniqueness. The difference is that most have not extended their uniqueness to the umbrella of totality. So it is they are unique, but without the heart, you have consciously mastered.

You will know who your co-harts in this new world are by the feelings of rightness when you are with them despite their different callings or actions. If their actions are from the heart, you will easily accept their differences. If their actions are from their mind without heart, you will find it difficult to be with them.

So it is you are deeper into your heart than you thought possible a few days ago. You no longer need others telling you who is right for you, you will just know. But by adding the ability of just knowing you remove many people from your interactions. Hence your loneliness feelings.

Many of you believe such is not a reward but a punishment.

Instead, one of your initial evolution pieces is the ability to understand people without words. To sense from deep within you that those who speak the “right” words might not mean them. And those who speak the “wrong” words might be more filled with love than you realized.

Words are becoming superfluous for you are beginning to sense beyond words. Almost as if you x-rayed into their beliefs and thoughts.

Such might mean you have more surface relationships or you ignore or refuse to interact with them. It does not matter. You are a unique individual beginning to search for those interested in adding additional skills to their skill set.

Your loneliness will be short-lived for you have added a joy button to your being that attracts like souls and detracts, unlike beings.

Do you remember when you started a new job, you were attracted to some of your co-workers but not all? Or when you moved to a new community, you became friends with some but not all of your neighbors? So it is now. But this attraction is different for it is based on inner-sensations instead of commonalities such as children of a similar age.

Even though your new connections will not necessarily be as now expected, these connections are deeper than those of the past for they are based on inner feelings.

Many of you wonder how you can detect these inner feelings. A question similar to your teenage daughter asking how she will know when she’s in love.

Even though you perhaps hope such connections will be forever, such is not to be for you are now excited about flitting from one sensation to the next. Your new connections will jettison both of you onto the next crossroads of creation.

For you are now so focused on your path that nothing or no one is more important to you. Such a statement likely frightens you for you are already lonely, and you want some stability in your being, some sense of belonging to earth in a loving fashion.

The shift now happening is not localizing your love or abilities, but expanding them globally. That concept might seem frightening now, but once you are in full swing of inner-directed activities, you will function with joy as you flit from experience to experience using different skills, time frames, dimensions, and qualities.

You are not a ‘stick in the mud’ personality. A portion of your 3D lack of joy was your need to fit in a tiny box of shoulds. Now you fly into new adventures and connections daily or in your sleep state.

Perhaps knowing that you will no longer form deep and lasting relationships is a frightening thought for that is what you clung to in your earthly existences. Your energies are now directed to what gives you joy. Even though that might mean a few lasting relationships, you are designed for adventure and love – which you will find when you look within.

Perhaps such predictions do not seem loving. They are in terms of who you are now. For you must interact successfully with cells of different types, just as is true for the human body within the womb. If some of those cells refuse to interact with a variety of other cells, that infant is born with physical or mental difficulties. So it is you are returning to the womb of sorts to interact with any who will further develop your new being only to leave them with love as you move to the next cell pod.

Think of bumblebees. Even though they deeply love the flowers they interact with, their role is to return to the hive with information about flower locations and to help create honey.

Your role is similarly focused. So even though you will meet many of the heart along the way, your role is to forge ahead on your path. Something that might seem odd at first, only to discover that 3D connections mean little in comparison to your new Universal cell connections.

You are now searching for others of like nature. Not to complete you as was true in 3D, but to push you further along your path. Those connections will be stronger but short-lived for both of you will focus on your new you need instead of 3D needs.

You are changing the earth. Such cannot happen if you confine to your life to the few people who have always been in your life. Now you wonder about the happy gardener who finds joy in displaying flowers for all to see. Those who support that role will appear as needed. For that gardener will be the like the flowers bees pollinate. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Societal Rules are Now Constrictive

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.Life Tapestry

Overview of 7/11/11 “Creation Energies” 15 minute, channeled, radio show at Until you rid yourself of your societal beliefs, you are allowing a self-made dam or barrier to reduce or end your flow of energy. Going with the flow is a New Age expression that is not possible for you if you retain beliefs designed to meet the needs of others.

Dear Ones,

You do not need to negate who you are to move into and possibly through the New Age – you merely have to be more than you have been.

When you were born on earth in this lifetime, you possessed a sliver of the totality of you. There was much more of you floating about in what you call space or the spiritual world. Your being did not find the need to expend all your energy in the heavy and difficult earth environment – even though extremely beautiful. You have perhaps read that you use 10% of your brain – such is also an accurate description of the capabilities you have accessed with your sliver of totality.

The sliver of you that you have allowed on earth has shifted dramatically in the last few months. Once you accepted your beings in all of your lifetimes on earth and in the Universes, you became more than a sliver. You were a being that could access more information, as well as one that felt complete.

Please know that you have not incorporated all your beings – past, present and future – into your physical body for that is not possible. Such a being would contain too much energy to maintain a physical body on earth. Instead, you have welcomed all parts of your being into your heart so that you have access to more information and skills than in any previous Age.

Inviting your various beings into your heart has resulted in a multitude of skills and interests that better meet your needs than has been true for the societal rules that have plagued you for eons. Rather than the Old Age committee meetings you are familiar with, your various beings want the same or similar outcomes and are able to offer the skills necessary to help you move in the direction that is correct for inner-directed you.

In earlier Ages, there was little need to bring the skills and interests created by your past, present and future selves into your earth being – you needed limited skills to follow the masses. Even though some negated those patterns to follow their own messages, most stumbled along without a great deal of original thought or direction. A bit like lemmings following the lemming in front whether or not they want to move in that direction.

At birth, you were expected to go to school,  find a job or perform the role most correct for your gender at that particular time, get married, have children and start the game all over again. Some of you moved outside those societal box of givens – but not enough to warrant a complete or more complete being than the original sliver of you at birth. Why waste resources? Why bring the totality of your skills to earth if you only needed a small percentage to learn the lessons you had to learn?

Your being has shifted dramatically. You have worked diligently to reunite your various parts or slivers. You have tried this and that to create new ideas and goals – all the while tapping into the resources of your various beings. You think and act differently because you are more complete now than any previous life on earth.

Uniting all parts of your being was the initial phase of your New Age work. Now that you have completed that phase, we are moving you into phase two – removing those societal beliefs appropriate for the sliver of you, but most certainly not for the totality of you.

You have more skills and a larger knowledge base than you have ever had on earth – which means you no longer need or wish to be a lemming, a follower. You are discovering your true being and as you do so, the rules of society become more and more constrictive.

Until the recent energy shifts, societal rules were comforting. You knew what was expected of you and when. Some of you were rebels – especially in your youth. But even Old Age rebels were part of  society for their rebelliousness was not inner-directed, but instead merely fighting the outer-directed status quo. Such rebels gave the power brokers licence to create more rules and regulations.

Now that you have gathered your pieces into one totality, you are no longer particularly interested in doing what you are supposed to do to support an outer-directed society. You are not a rebel for you do not care if you offend someone or deviate. You are only you…or soon will be. It is not terrible to be you – that is your role in this lifetime. But by being you, you will no longer fit into the nice boxes created by society. That world you knew – at least for you – is over.

You are replacing societal roles with a broader spectrum of you. This broader, stronger spectrum of you will not deviate from its urge to move into love, joy and inner-directed power. You have become a salmon swimming upstream.

How will your radical new thoughts and directions shift society? How indeed? Will you all be moving in different directions, creating havoc? Quite the contrary. You will all be swimming to love and joy – perhaps in different streams – but for the first time in earth history, you will all be moving towards one inner-directed goal – joy.

Let that last thought process a bit before we close. Know that your new, and perhaps to you, odd thoughts and feelings are not inappropriate. They are wonderfully freeing – and moving you to the joy and love of the New Age. So be it. Amen.       If you would like to receive my free blogs as they are posted, please  click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of my subscription page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation you receive.

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