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Is Earth on Your Shoulders?

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Summary of Brenda’s July 8, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  The fear expressed via your media, politicians, friends and family is as predicted. For 3D structures wouldn’t collapse if fear and pain were occurring in bits and pieces instead of almost daily. Each of you has a personal puzzle piece that won’t become part of New Earth if you follow shoulds instead of your joy. 

“Focus” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

You no longer need to carry the world on your shoulders.

Many of you are experiencing a heaviness you cannot attribute to happenings in your life. You are trying to understand why you cannot shake or shift sadness that is so deeply ingrained in you that you feel hopeless, angry and fearful.

That heaviness, that uncomfortable feeling is you assuming you are responsible for all earth and earth beings. That without your assistance, the earth would fall into a heaviness that is beyond anything you can imagine.

Once again, it is an issue of self-love and listening to that little voice within you. You are no longer the only or one of the few humanoids responsible for depositing Universal love throughout the globe.

For many of you have fulfilled that role time after time. You are the god/goddesses of love that seeded earth for this time. And each time you performed that role throughout the ages, you were either alone or one of a very small number. You did have the weight of earth upon your shoulders then.

As we discussed before, the earth is your creation and experiment.

So whenever you en masse felt the need for an injection of Universal love on earth one or a few of you would volunteer to perform that task.

That phase is over and has been for many months. Yet, because you are so attuned to earth, you feel the need to reduce the anguish of others starting to awaken – or to move them more quickly into 5D. Neither is possible for you are no longer able to perform that role. It is a bit like after being promoted to company manager you also want to complete the role you had previous to your promotion.

You do not have time nor energy to backtrack to a role you completed years ago. For once you initiated your personal 5D journey, you transitioned out of your earth caretaker role.

Yes, yet another caretaker role you must abandon now. For indeed, the earth is as capable of taking care of itself as are others. A piece you have neglected to accept fully. For you now are starting to accept that other entities can take care of themselves, but not yet that earth, as a whole, can also. If you will, the earth is your baby. And you do not wish to sense that your baby is unhappy.

The unhappiness you are now sensing is merely earth proclaiming uniqueness and individuality – just as is true for you.

And the unhappiness you are sensing through many entities of the globe is merely other beings awakening to their potential, their new beings. As if the blindfold of continuing service to anyone but themselves is being ripped off instead of being gently removed as was true for you.

Many of you feel as if your blindfold of continuing service was ripped off also. But in comparison to what is happening now – yours was somewhat of a “walk in the park.”

Of course, you are angry at such a statement for you suffered for months, possibly even years. In a sense, you opened the wound of knowing that there is a more loving way to live on earth. And those following are ripping off the bandage you applied to that wound.

Even though this is not now a “going gently into the night” process, it is not your process. You are at a different place for a reason. You are the beacons for anyone who cares to sense a better way. It is not your place to enmesh yourself in earth chaos. Such was your caretaker role for eons – either as earth observer or participant. That role has been completed.

Your new role, your promotion is to beacon of light. For indeed, instead of suffering and gnashing your teeth for a few months or days, you were embroiled in that role for eons. That role is over. Your new role is to be a beacon of possibilities for those who wish to follow. Your new role is to live in joy, to display to others the glorious possibilities of new you and New Earth.

Others will complete their painful stage in months or perhaps a couple of years instead of the eons you devoted to shifting earth to Universal love. Those following are completely capable of doing so if they wish. Carrying them will not assist them in moving to their joy – it will only delay their agony. Just as is true for those parents who ensure that their child never suffers or fails. Such makes for a wonderful childhood, an uncomfortable family dynamic during that childhood and an amazingly detached adulthood for that child.

So it is now. You cannot take away the pain and growth of others without stunting or stopping their growth. They will survive. In truth, they will eventually thrive despite their cries to the contrary. Do you remember trying to teach your child to pick up his or her toys? It was such agony with wails of anger, “I can’t. It’s too hard. NO” until many of you just completed the task for your child – resulting in even more wailing the next time.

You cannot carry someone over this phase. You can only display self-love in the hopes that they will notice and emulate. It is not your role to return to those who do not – and try to shine your light more brightly. Your only role is to shine your light for those who wish to see.

And you will shine your light by the joy you express, feel and display in your world. You are no longer saving or preparing the earth for this wondrous transition. You are the beacons of earth with no need or energy to pick up the toys of earth. That was a role you satisfied before initiating your transition in this lifetime. Go in joy. Live in joy despite the anguish of others.

That role will be difficult for you initially, just as was true when you started teaching your child to pick up their toys. But if you continue to pick up their toys, you will not have the energy to be the beacon you now are. Living in joy and expressing that joy will do more for earth entities than any caretaking you can envision. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Holidays – Another Should?

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Special Event: Brenda is a featured guest this week of – the Netherlands based Internet show of

Summary of Brenda’s November 19, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at The goals of last week’s vehicle creation exercise was a reminder that creations aren’t permanent and you can create in whatever medium you wish. Your child-self used to create with freedom and joy. Your adult dreams are often encased in shoulds. Your new assignment is to create in your mind your most joyful Thanksgiving or special day.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for   “Between Comfort Zones and Fear”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

The media, your community and family encourage you to believe that most, if not all, of your friends, relatives and neighbors are enjoying a loving holiday season, that all is wonderful in their lives.

Such is not the case – but deep within the recesses of your being you feel as if it is. Your belief is that you and you alone are wondering where love and joy is.

Even though you might have moments of joy and love throughout this holiday season, you do not seem to have the level of joy others are displaying.

Perhaps it is difficult for you to decorate, shop and prepare to host or take part in holiday festivities. It is as if you are watching from the outside wondering why you feel little or nothing. Or a dull ache of loneliness as others laugh and party their way to the new year.

Your sense of not fully participating in festivities is more about your transition than loneliness. You have detached from friends and relatives in small and large increments. Somewhat like a being from the outside looking in. Perhaps an old-fashioned snow globe is an apt analogy – the kind you shake so sparkly snow falls upon the little village or house within. Even though you enjoy the effects of the globe, you are not in or of the globe.

Your joy is shifting to different places than the somewhat hollow joy of the traditional holiday season.

Perhaps the phrase, ‘hollow joy’ is not appropriate for you love family gatherings. So you might and so you can. But many of you feel less joy than before, or wished you felt, as you participate in this year’s holiday festivities.

Your Old-Age joy was condensed to a few days near the end of the year and labeled the holiday season. Even though there were other holidays and gatherings, those gatherings were not featured throughout your society as is true for the last few weeks or first few weeks – depending on your country of origin – of the calendar year. According to society myth, anger and fear disappear once the holiday season begins only to be replaced with a loving need to give to others emotionally and physically.

That myth was never accurate for many – and is especially not accurate now.

Perhaps you used to enjoy the holidays. Perhaps they were a respite from family disagreements. Perhaps you were alone and lonely. Perhaps you felt harried and confused. Perhaps you tried to enjoy the holidays for others. Perhaps you enmeshed yourself in the love and joy that seem to permeate your world during this period. You always felt something because your society set an extremely high emotional bar for what you should feel.

You may feel little or nothing this year. You might enjoy the company of family and friends – or not. But most likely, you will not muster the energy of joy, fear, anger or disdain that carried you through previous holiday seasons.

You have not become a zombie, Instead, you are declaring yourself independent of society dictates. You are reclaiming your right to be.

That does not mean you must stop loving during this time or that your love is limited to a day or two a year. But instead, that you are beginning to feel holiday joy throughout the year. No longer do you need to have a few days a year set aside for love. No longer do you need to care for others or to be nice so others can enjoy the holidays.

You are not tied to society shoulds. You are a free agent.

If you wish to share holiday joy, please do so. It is indeed a lovely time of year for many. But do not be pressured into feeling something that is society driven – whether joy, angst or sadness. It is not your holiday season, it is society’s holiday season.

Your new holidays are every day you wish to experience joy. Create festivities that fit your joy, interests and needs.

In the Old Age, joys were limited to a few days to help you remember what joy was – a dictate that was only appropriate if you felt joy. Many of you were depressed or sad because your (society) expectations did not meet your reality.

You can now declare “the king wears no clothes.” That the hype around the holidays may be wonderful for some, but not all. That it is perfectly appropriate to not celebrate the holidays, to do so in a different way or to shift the shoulds to fun.

Holiday shoulds are no different from any other should. They were designed to herd you into a pen of assimilation.

Perhaps you feel this message spoils your holidays. Such is not true. We are merely pointing out that some of you are preparing for the holidays with dread, sadness or feelings of “just more work.” None of which speak to joy.

Why are you not encouraged to feel holiday spirit in March or August? Why are holidays limited to a few days each year?

Of course there are holidays throughout the year with different feelings of joy perpetuated by your society. But because you should feel joy on a specific day does not mean you have to – you can feel loving joy when you wish.

As you distance yourself from your 3D world, you will find it more difficult to feel what society tells you that you should.

Perhaps you are now feeling sadness or loneliness when none is warranted. You are creating a new life of joy not encased in society shoulds – including holidays and other occasions.

You are free to declare joy when you wish. The same is true for sadness. Your new feelings are generated from within you – not society. Review your joy and sadness to discover their origins – society’s or inner-directed?

Do you find it delightful to shop for Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving Day? Then do so. Are you shopping for Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving Day because you are so harried with holiday preparations you need to crunch the holidays together? Then perhaps you wish to review your need to fill society dictates. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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