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Are You Wary of Full Moons or Mercury Retrogrades?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Today, as has been true for many days these past few months, is remarkable in terms of your future life on earth for a number of reasons – one of which is the full moon in Virgo with a Pisces moon.

Perhaps this day does not appear that unusual for many of you – that is, until you review your feelings and thoughts. Is it not true that those who follow astrological happenings most often anticipate at least one negative occurrence during a full moon, and many negative occurrences during eclipses and other more eventful astrological happenings such as a Grand Cross?

Are your astrological notations not most often based on negative results? Granted, the words to describe those events may not be based in pain, but the expectations most often are. Do you not anticipate upheaval and odd behaviors during a full moon? Are you not wary whenever an eclipse occurs, even though you may ponder the possibilities with a shiver of excitement – like the excitement you reserve for a plane crash or natural disaster? Eclipses, full moons, equinoxes feed into your stream of delight based on “how awful it will be.”

Perhaps you deny your thrill at the possibility of disaster – your need for excitement based in pain. We beg to differ. How many of you can ignore a disaster in the making? Are your eyes and ears not glued to your television or computer screen wondering how bad it can be? And do you not delight in a media star’s comeuppance? You may deny your culpability in disasters – but by delighting in such agendas, you are inviting them into and onto the earth.

Now are we chiding you for such behavior? No. We are merely pointing out that until you refuse to be part of the problem, you are the problem. We are addressing the law of attraction in this channel.

You attract what you give your attention to. If that happens to be an oil spill, an earthquake, a hurricane or a mass murder, that is what you, as a society, will produce. Perhaps you feel that your news channels are responsible for promoting such dramatic and negative events…and so they are. But they do so because that is what you give your attention to. You create your world…including what your news channels discuss, what your television programs promote and what your media stars produce. You do indeed create your own reality on every level of life on earth as you know it.

Of course, you alone are not responsible for the news. Many of your negative assumptions have been created and maintained by your society for a variety of reasons – most notably in the last few centuries, all of the aspects of the Old Age that allowed you to play both the victim and the controller or bully.

Even though the Old Age no longer exists, you continue to promote many aspects of that Age with your thoughts and expectations – not the least of which is that astrological events, such as a full moon, are something to be wary of. Old Age thinking. Old Age reactions. Old Age beliefs.

How is it possible for you to shift your thinking and beliefs when you are inundated by negative, Old Age beliefs via the media and even some of your New Age teachers? For those of you gasping in disbelief, review the words of those people who are predicting gloom and doom in 2012 or are warning you about this or that event with words something like, “I hope this full moon is not too terrible for you.”

Those of you who have crossed over to the New Age, will find this full moon glorious. Let us explain. Many of you woke up this morning assuming that something uncomfortable would happen to you because it is a full moon day, only to discover that this day is not that unusual or uncomfortable. Instead, as Brenda has found even though her sun is in Pisces and her moon in Virgo, today is quite joyful and fun.

If the New Age is about joy, would it not follow that major astrological occurrences would emphasize that feature, just as pain and victimhood were emphasized in the Old Age?

Are you not tired of trauma, hate and rage that seems to be a daily function of your legislative representatives? Each and every day, are you not feeling more and more the need for harmony and consensus? Are you not finding corporate politics petty and boring? Are you not finding the need to beg for a life of peace and joy abhorrent rather than expected. Are you not finding that you are no longer willing to “turn the other cheek,” and that you no longer wish to be in a position to have to do so? A bit like watching two-year-olds fighting over a ball. As an adult, you watch their actions and think how silly. As a person of the New Age, more and more you are feeling something similar about those contemporaries who insist on fighting over a ball or a concept.

How will all of this shift your current information stream? The media will discover that those programs that promote positive rather than negative thoughts will be more successful – just as is true currently for the Oprah show vs other talk shows that promote fear and anger.

As for your astrological materials, many are being rewritten by those who feel the need to address positive issues, rather than the fear and pain that most Old Age astrological materials favored.

The New Age is about joy. Perhaps you cannot yet see that in your private life. Maybe you have lost your job or your loved one has died. But we will tell you, if you have not done so already, you will soon wish to jump on the joy bandwagon – as many have. A bandwagon delivering you to joy and laughter.

The life you have long pined for is here for your taking. So be it. Amen.

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Are You Afraid of Your Power?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we have discussed previously – your fear of your powers and thereby, the New Age.

We have told you that the New Age is not about following or even caring about the dictates of others.

You have devoted this life and eons of previous lives to learning how to disregard your inner voice in favor of someone who seems to have or be what you want.  Granted, you had certain karmic issues you wished to complete in each lifetime. But even in that regard, you allowed and even encouraged others to control the direction of those lessons. Someone volunteered to be the bad guy, the bad boss, the bad mate, the bad politician or the bad parent so that you could complete your karmic lessons as a victim who may or may not have triumphed over those you felt were in control of your pain.

You were always in control of each and every life. You merely agreed to learn those lessons in pain. And others agreed to be part of your “passion play” – that was the over-all lesson of the Old Age – the past Age.

The New Age has arrived.

Fewer and fewer people are willing to play the “bad cop.” Oh you may find a few willing to give you a growl or two – but in essence, fewer people want to play that role and fewer still are looking for someone to do so. The pain game is over. You have moved through the Old Age gracefully and beautifully.

The New Age is about pleasure. So claim it. Do not worry about the poor soul who does not have all that you do. That soul is as strong and capable as are you. Victims are no more. And those people who opt to remain in the Old Age role of victim are finding it more and more difficult.

Maybe you are thinking that thousands are without work; millions live in poverty and countless others continue to be battered and bruised. Such is true – but those people are not fulfilling their inner direction or the earth’s new direction, they merely are trying to remain in the Old Age.

You are perhaps angry with this last thought. For indeed, you can see the starving children a few blocks from your home. You observe in your media as calamities strike  one geographical location after another. You see the tears of anger, pain and frustration. No one would opt for that life of pain if they did not have to.

Ah. Now you have reached the crux of your fear. “What if I follow my inner voice and discover that it is wrong?” Is it not easier to blame a boss, government official, parent or child than to take responsibility for a direction that may be wrong?

This New Age is about accessing and implementing the messages of your inner voice – which are never wrong for you. You may retort that schizophrenic and psychotic people follow their inner messages and look how far afield that takes them. Their’s is a different voice – a voice of the Old Age. The voice they are following is emanating from their mind, their ego – not their heart. And your need to believe that you may be psychotic if you follow your inner voice is yet another indicator that you are afraid of your power and of the New Age.

How can an Age of joy and happiness include thoughts of harming yourself or others? Listen to your heart, your inner being. That is your first and most important New Age lesson.

Your inner being will direct you to joy and lightness, for that is the function of your inner being. A function you closed down purposefully to more easily move through the Old Age. Now that it is time to access it again, you are overlaying its benefits and the resulting joy with fears produced through eons of living in the victim/martyr/controller roles of the Old Age.

Throw off your fears. Test drive your new inner thoughts and feelings.

But as is true for any fear, move through your fear of your inner voice at your own pace. Perhaps your first step into the New Age might be allowing yourself an ice cream cone or a quiet moment. It does not matter. Does it give you joy? Then it is of the New Age. Does it make you feel less than happy? Then it is of the Old Age.

Of course, there are still the naysayers telling you that such is never possible. Life is about pain and then you die. How silly and interesting that that last statement rings more true for you than does the belief that life is about joy and then you transform into a different form of joy.

Many of you read those last words and agreed. But observe your life, your current reality. How much joy do you allow? How much pain do you still expect? That is your personal measure of how you have accepted the New Age.

The New Age is here. And all you have to do to enmesh yourself in the joy that is the New Age, is to expect joy today, tomorrow and forever. Does that thought seem like a fairy tale? Then you remain in the Old Age. Does that seem like a possibility? Then you are tip-toeing into the New Age? Is that your reality and your expectation? Then you are of the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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What Have You Done Wrong? Where is Your Joy?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Where is your joy? What have you done wrong? Why is everyone else “sailing along” and you seem to be hitting one block after another?

Ah. This is a time of transition. In truth, one of the greatest transitions ever on earth or other planets. Transition or change is never as easy as is indicated in your history books.

The forefathers of the current United States had many doubts about their direction and even the outcome. History paints a picture of their knowing what to do and where to turn. Nothing could be further from the truth. They merely moved in the direction that felt the least painful emotionally, but not necessarily physically. They could have easily capitulated to England’s demands. Their immediate lives would have been more physically comfortable. Yet, their emotional needs precluded such a direction. And so it is with you.

It would be easier for you to remain in a community, a relationship or a job – than to move towards the transitions your heart is telling you to make. But then, easier in the short-term does not always equate to a long-term solution..and so it is with you now.

Oh not all of you. Some of you have already completed your major adjustments. This particular piece is for those who remain in the throes of change.

Let us use yet another analogy that might make your current discomfort just a bit easier to understand. Those of you who have been pregnant understand the discomfort of that state. The difference is that you knew what the outcome would most likely be – a darling new addition to earth.

The same is not true for you now. You know what you feel like doing, but not the reason why. You do not have a specific outcome in mind, other than comfort and joy. When you are pregnant, you can laugh about your weight gain or your need for pickles and ice cream – both predictable indicators that you are indeed pregnant and all will be well in less than nine months. But like the forefathers of the United States, you currently have no end date in sight, nor do you understand your inner cravings.

Are you crazy or merely following your heart? How do you know your heart is correct? Most important of all, when will it all end?

We can give you no end date – each of you is moving at the pace that is correct for you. Some of you have moved through the bulk of the issues you wish to move through and feel light and airy. Others of you are just starting your journey, and you feel as if your life is at an end. It is.

The life you have known is no more. That is why you are moving through your issues. And just as is true for any movement, any direction, some of you are scout masters and others are pioneers. Both of you are moving in the same direction, but not at the same time.

If you are in extreme pain right now, ask for help and you will connect with one or more of those who have gone before.

The scout masters completed their issues in a somewhat blank state. They had no idea what was happening or why. They just knew they needed to move in a specific direction – much like salmon swimming upstream. Scout masters accepted that extremely courageous challenge before birth so that you would have a path to follow.

If you are in tremendous pain now, ask for help and you will connect with one or more of those who have gone before. Pioneers have always followed the trails carved by scout masters. The same is true for you. Open your thoughts and your being to those who can help you understand your path and your overwhelming need to move forward. Perhaps your scout master is a maintenance person, philosopher,  school teacher or political leader. It does not matter. Just ask for assistance and that person or persons will enter your life.

You will know your scout master(s) by the joy they provide whenever you are in their presence or by the words they speak.

Simple. You are in pain. You are not alone. You are a pioneer, but you have scout masters readily available to help you move through and beyond your pain. This transition is not about individuals pushing themselves to the very edge. It is about your society creating a new world together – in joy.

Allow yourself to accept the help of your scout master(s). And then allow yourself to know without a doubt that you are moving in the correct direction for yourself and society. You may not have an infant to display after your transition, but you most certainly will have feelings of peace and joy. That is your end game. That is your direction. And that is your need to move through your issues. So be it. Amen.

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Your Sigh of Relief is Genuine

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Yes. Finally yes!

Many of you are beginning to feel different – as if the weight of the world is no longer on your shoulders – as if there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. Again, we say, “YES.”

Now we are fully aware that not all of you have yet crossed over to joy and peace – you may yet have a few hurdles. But more and more of you are feeling the peace we have long discussed.

Does that mean you have inherited enough money never to worry about bills? Not necessarily. Does that mean you have found the mate or job of your dreams? Not necessarily. You have found a peace with where you are. A sense that all is right with your world, even though physical evidence may speak to more pain and trauma.

Thoughts and feelings attract like thoughts, feelings and circumstances. And so it is for those of you who are beginning to believe that the sigh of relief you have been feeling in the last few hours is genuine. It is.

You cannot move forward into peace and joy, as long as trauma and fear are your key thoughts. The peace you are beginning to feel is the knowledge that all is right with you and your world. And so it is.

We have relayed similar thoughts to you for a very long time. But never have those thoughts corresponded with a specific energy burst, as has happened and will continue to happen for the next few days.

You can fret and cry all you want, but your tears of trauma will not last long. Let us return to an image of childhood. Do you remember your toddler being heartbroken one moment and giggling the next? How do you suppose that was possible?

Your toddler knew without a doubt that even though he may have been hurt one moment, his parents or someone would make it better. Your toddler believed that his world was complete and good…and so it was. It was only as he advanced in years that he questioned the stability of his life and his ability to maintain positive life experiences. It was only with life that he began to doubt his world.

Sixty or so years later, we are helping you return to your initial belief in life. Not the life you have come to expect, but life that creates joy in your heart and makes your being right with the world…and yourself.

That is our gift to you, as well as your gift to yourself. For you have been as instrumental in creating these energy bursts as have we. You have directed the energies in a manner that will most help you move into the New Age. Hence, the most recent energy burst of life is good and life is grand.

We will close for now. Even though this thought may seem repetitious to other materials you have accessed in the past few years, we will tell you that this energy burst in so much more. 

Allow the fears of the past to melt away. Allow your belief in the goodness of life and of others to return. Most of all, allow yourself to know without one iota of doubt that you cannot and will not fail to move into joy – if not today, then tomorrow.

You have requested and received the burst of joy that will allow you to forget your pain and to again see the beauty of life..and all of the joy that entails. So be it. Amen.  

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Are You a Cog in Society’s Wheel?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us begin with a question – a question we have asked many times, yet one that you are now more capable of answering than has been true in the past – who are you?

Perhaps you wonder why we continue to ask this question and why you still do not feel that you have the correct answer. In truth, as you evolve your answer to this question will also. So rather than thinking of this question as an end point, as you have in the past, think of it as a focus point for today – but not necessarily beyond that point.

You no longer need to define yourself for the remainder of your time on earth. Think in terms of how you have been programmed for eons to establish a line of activity based on a few pieces of information. For example, you are to determine what profession you wish to remain in for the rest of your life at the age of 18 or 19 – before you have had most of your major life experiences. Or you are to select your life mate at the young age of 19 or even 30.

For you baby boomers, does the age of 30 not seem fairly young? If not, think back to who you were and what you were focused on at that age; and compare those thoughts to the you of today. Do you now understand how utterly ridiculous is your ongoing need to define yourself based on limited information – even though you may be of the age that society says you should?

Not only can you not define who you are going to be with your current information, throw away any thoughts of ever doing so again.

Such parameters merely limit your skills, interests and abilities. Open your mind and heart and allow your being to flow.

What interests you today may hold no interest tomorrow. That is how it should be. Of course, we have used the word “should”. Please forgive us, but we do not know how to put such a concept into words that you will better understand – so for now, we will use the word “should”. But we digress.

We have long told you that your most direct line to your inner being is to return to the freedoms and joys of your infancy. Infants do not set limits on their joy, their exploration or most of all, their being. Infants are free to be who they are. They do not care if they are dirty, funny, hungry or sad. They just are.

You, on the other hand, establish parameters. “I cannot be tired today because I have a report due.” “I cannot be angry at my child because he is a child.” “I cannot do this because…” “I cannot be this because….” Parameters that limit your exploration of yourself and therefore your being.

Return to the wonderment of childhood. Allow yourself to flow into whatever container you wish to flow. If that container is too small, expand it. If that container is too large, reduce it. And if that container is just right today, but too large tomorrow adjust it accordingly.

There are no longer any rules to your beingness; other than allowing yourself to evolve, grow, expand, change and reduce at the rate and time that is correct for you.

Throw away the rule book. Throw away anything that defines who you are – particularly those rules and thoughts that reduce you to a cog in the wheel of society.

You are free. Allow that thought to rattle around in your being. And then, redirect your thoughts and joys into those areas that are right for you today – not those joys that might be right for you tomorrow, next year or in a decade – but are right for you at this moment. So be it. Amen.

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Let the Sunshine In!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

We wish for you to know that joy is not regulated to those big AHAS you now look for to proclaim to yourself and others that you are moving into or have moved into the New Age.

The joy of the New Age is not about streamers and glitter. It is a sense of well-being, an absence of chaos if you will.

You have probably assumed that the New Age would produce a joyful chaos to replace your current chaos. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Chaos is not peaceful and thus it cannot be joy – at least New Age joy. You have so attuned yourself to chaos that you have difficulties understanding how chaos will no longer be part of your life.

Are you not comfortable rushing around with tasks, even joyful tasks, that need to be completed before you can move into your next chaotic adventure? A wedding is touted to be a joyful event. Yet most often, the bride, the groom and their families become enmeshed in thousands of details that produce little other than anger, pain and fear.

Joy is not about racing around completing this task and that task with the hope that the end result will produce joy. Joy, like the New Age, is about moving easily into a place of contentment. More like watching a new puppy play, than fearing that your infant will become ill when exploring a potentially dirty floor.

Perhaps you wondering what we are speaking of for you feel that you are filled with joy throughout your day. We beg to differ. Place start jotting down the times your joy is tinged with fear.

Joy and fear are not compatible – a concept you have accepted intellectually, but most likely not emotionally. Study your actions and your feelings – and you will understand that you do not yet accept the joy of which we are speaking.

This New Age transition is not necessarily easy. You have read in the past few weeks from numerous sources that you are releasing many issues from past and current lives – that you are creating a clean historical slate.

Now you need to start filling that slate with new actions and attributes. Not the least, or the most easy, of which is how to live in and accept joy.  Not the joy tinged with fear, anger and pain you have accepted for eons. But true joy that requires no clarification, no reductions of “just in case” and certainly not joy clouded with thoughts of “when will the other shoe drop?”

Do you suppose a new-born limits her joy of being fed with fears that she better enjoy this meal for it might be her last? Do you suppose that a toddler giggles at your silly antics with fears that she will be abandoned? Of course not. Infants and toddlers experience joy with expectations that joy will continue or that a better joy will be available any time she feel like experiencing it.

It is time to think and act like a child in so many ways. Not the least of which is to experience joy without past fears.

Your joy is no longer limited by what others think, what could happen or memories of past traumas. That part of your life and being is over. Please allow that thought to process for a bit. It is an extremely important concept for you to accept…and expect.

It is time to proclaim to yourself and others that fear is of the past. Walk into the New Age with your head held high and expectations of pure joy, rather than fears of the past. The past is no more.

But then, the future cannot be – at least as we have long proclaimed – if you are unwilling to let go of your fears and allow joy, true joy to permeate your being. Let the sunshine in! So be it. Amen.

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Escape Your Prison Cell of Values

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Let us address what has happened and what is about to happen.

Even though you might not yet consciously be aware of the shifts, you have shifted your cellular structure dramatically in the past six months. The end result of that shifting can only be a shift of your life perceptions.

Perhaps you were raised in a community in which values and morals were strongly adhered to. Those values allowed you to move in a number of directions, but not in all directions. In a sense, those values were borders on your life much as a frame is a border of a piece of art.

You knew what was expected of you and what the results would be if you did not adhere to the values and morales of your community. Life was easy – much as life in a prison or a nunnery is easy. The stringent rules provided you with both a safety net and protection. And if you chose to disobey those rules, you were also pretty certain of the eventual outcomes. Your life was a pattern.

Those patterns have come to an end. And for those of you who doubt this truism, return yourself to that picture frame or pattern with the hope that your expected rewards will follow. You will find that even though the pattern may still exist, your rewards have altered dramatically. Your minister telling you that you are a gracious and loving human being will carry little weight if you do not feel those thoughts within you.

Your shift is that dramatic and that simple. Perhaps you have already experienced something of that nature. If you have not, you soon will. Your rewards have shifted and thereby your values. Your picture frame has dissolved and your knowingness of society’s truisms is no more.

Imagine how difficult it would be for you to rejoin society following 30 years of prison captivity. Think back to 1980 – the clothes, sexual activity (1980 was pre-AIDS), technology, slang, the fears and joy. All have evolved in that short period of time. Yet, values have remained somewhat consistent. It was inappropriate to murder someone in 1980 and it is inappropriate in your societal value system now. Even though the nuances may have changed, the picture frame remained somewhat consistent.

Your frame is no longer. There are no longer any borders or stop points for who you are.

This thought may frighten many. It need not. You are fully capable – and always have been, we may add – of determining your direction and values. If you would have consented to listen to your heart eons ago, this shift would not have been necessary or so dramatic. But then, you, as a group of human entities, decided that you wished to explore group thought before you delved into individual thought and actions.

Group thought is complete. It is time for you to determine what you value and who you are without input from your friends or relatives. You are the one!

Many of you fear that the removal of the picture frame will result in chaos. The opposite is true – but that theory can only be tested once you allow yourself to move at your own pace, in your own direction.

In truth, chaos can be the only result when a picture frame, a standard of values is created. You are all unique individuals; and the standard of values was developed to encompass the majority or those in power – leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

Did not the imposed value system of the last few eons include the church and all of those ensuing complications? Societal values or picture frames can never be too broad; or those in power lose control. So even though Christianity might have been important to many societies in the last few eons, it had to be the “right” Christianity. It was not enough to be Lutheran, you had to be Missouri Synod Lutheran.

All of your picture frames, value frames are extremely narrow whether you care to admit that or not. You only had a few available moves before you placed yourself beyond the frame.

Your life is now wide open. Even though that freedom feels delightful for those of you who never could understand the need for the picture frame of values, it also is terrifying. Who will tell you if you are good or bad or right or wrong? Who indeed?

The good news is that you no longer have a picture frame of values. The bad news is that you no longer have a picture frame of values. This is a time of tremendous changes. You are both the initiator and the recipient.

We wish to reduce your fears and to have you understand the beauty of your new life. You no longer need the picture frame. Just as you no longer needed your parents to tell you what to do once you left home. Was that first freedom not terrifying and exhilarating at the same time?

So it is for you now. You no longer need your parents, your teachers, your spouse or your children telling you what to do. You know what you need to do to be joyful – follow your heart. We guarantee that as you allow yourself to follow your heart and thereby move into joy; you will create the new world of joy for yourself and others that has been prophesied.

Perhaps you will better understand this thought if we use an analogy of birds. Would not your bird watching and listening excursions seem quite dull if all birds looked and sounded the same? That is the society that you have attempted to create for eons. It did not work. It was too confining. If you doubt our thoughts, please listen to the news tonight. There is a religious war there, contention there and anger there. All radiating from others who either want you to fit into their picture frame of values or from you because you want others to fit into yours.

The picture frame of values that you have tried to adhere to for eons is not liberating – it is confinement at its worst. We are telling you that you now have access to your prison cell keys. Open your cell and run into the wind shouting at the top of your lungs, “I am free at last!” And so it is. Amen.

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End Your Chaos Addiction

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have been reading about the changes that occurred in the recent energy bursts and are yet to occur in 2010. Is your life that much different from last week? Or do you continue to wait for those AHA sensations to direct you to your next piece of chaos?

We wish to discuss your need for excitement, for danger. Perhaps you have not yet acknowledged to yourself that you are addicted to trauma and chaos. Note your desire for something terrible to happen. Are you not waiting for a hurricane to strike the Gulf so that the oil spill is even more traumatic? Do you not listen to every grisly detail about a mass murder? Why do you feel the need to do so?

Such a need is your chaos addiction in action. How many of you would be content to live in a world without phones, electricity, computers, televisions or any current form of entertainment? What would you do in your free time? Church socials? Sitting around a piano singing songs? Walking? We venture to guess that the majority of you reading these materials would find such entertainment boring within a short time.

You have conditioned yourself to receive information in multiple formats instantaneously. As each new communications tool is introduced, you become more addicted to the chaos it produces. Can you physically do anything about a tsunami that is about to strike Hawaii? Or are you just curious?Do you not find yourself ricocheting from one tragedy to the next – as your media directs you?

The mass media is not causing your chaos addiction – it merely feeds it. With the end result – as is true for any drug – you need more and more. And you need it all now. The Gulf Oil Spill, gun control, the reduction in community services, political power plays, the death of your favorite movie star…. and so it goes day after day.

The media loves feeding your chaos addiction and even increases the information stream to better meet your addiction needs. Do you not find yourself reading the information streaming across the bottom of your television screen as you listen to the latest tidbit? And as you are watching television, is it not common for you to be talking on the phone or working on your computer?

No wonder you have head aches. No wonder you are exhausted at the end of the week. And no wonder you feel as if you are on a “tight lease” that may break at any second.

Granted, the New Age energy shifts are impacting you physically, but not in the fashion you thought. The energy shifts are changing your interests and patterns. Very soon, you will find that your deepest desire is to sit by a brook and contemplate nature. Or watch your child play. Or enjoy trying on new dresses as a friend watches. You will find your life simplified.

Some of you find this difficult to comprehend. Is not the future about new gadgets and forms of communication? Yes. But in a different sense than you are now imagining.

Before automobiles, daily transportation was more complicated and time-consuming. You no longer have to feed your horse, find a stable or brush your horse down after each use. You merely have to grab your car keys and drive until you wish to stop.

Such is what we are speaking of. You are currently in the thralls of chaos, believing that the energy shifts will merely provide more chaos that you will be able to utilize to make your life more complete or comfortable. In truth, you are at the end of your chaos addiction. The energy shifts are to help you simplify your life, not make it more chaotic.

Your addiction to chaos is of the Old Age. The need to obtain “juicy gossip” about this person or that celebrity is merely a display of your need to feel better about yourself at the expense of another. The New Age is about feeling comfortable enough with yourself that you no longer need to compare yourself to another.

We have promised you a comfortable, peaceful life in the New Age. How is that possible when you retain the need to simultaneously watch television, access websites and talk on your cell phone? A peaceful life is not represented by numerous communication systems dangling from your body. Nor does it mean that you must keep track of every part of the world in order to be a well-informed individual. Such thoughts are more about a caretaker role than of a strong individual knowing that others are strong individuals also.

Our last thought may be distressful for many. Have we not touted that all is one and one is all? Yes, but you have adopted this philosophy on the basis of your current world, rather than allowing your energies to move you in the direction that is right for you. Perhaps it is your role to build a medical camp in Haiti. Or maybe Haiti has nothing to do with you, other than moving you off your path.

Simplify is an extremely important word for you right now. Not in terms of throwing away your possessions, but rather that you are not responsible for anyone but you. And for you to use your limited energy during these extensive energy bursts to worry about an issue that has nothing to do with you, is to prolong your movement into the New Age. Does your heart tell you to pray for those on the Gulf coast? Then do so. Does your heart not shift in any way when you hear the latest reports of how terrible the oil spill is, other than to feel a vicarious thrill of “this is bad” excitement? That indicates you are addicted to chaos. Nothing more or less.

Many of you may acknowledge that you are addicted to chaos, but do not know how to circumvent such needs. That is easy. Listen to your heart. Does your heart, your inner being tell you to walk in the sunshine? Do so. Does your heart tell you to play hop scotch with your children or grandchildren? Do so. If you allow your heart, your inner being to lead, your addiction to chaos will be eliminated and your interest in a more simple, but sophisticated life will be enhanced.

Now you wish us to define the phrase,  sophisticated life. You no longer need your cell phone pressed to your ear to communicate with others – you merely need to wish to communicate and they will feel your presence and know your words. You no longer need your media to tell you what to be concerned about, your inner being will direct you accordingly. You no longer need your computer to relay messages instantaneously, your inner voice can do the same.

Perhaps you are now angry. You cannot communicate without words. You do not sense anything. Why not follow the media to find out what is happening? Why indeed?

Listen to your thoughts and then remember how communities initially fought the introduction of the automobile. You have new skills for a specific reason. The New Age is about simplifying your life. Allow your new energies and your inner being to direct you in that fashion.

That is how you will find your inner peace and unique joy. And that is how you will use your New Age tools. Automobiles are an easier system of transportation than horses. Your innate communication skills are more efficient and effective by far than your current media and all your gadgets.

Join the 21st Century and leave your horses behind. Listen to your inner voice and you will have more knowledge in a more peaceful venue. And above all, you will break yourself of your chaos addiction. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. So be it. Amen.

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Stop Comparing Your New Age Transition to Others

Channeled for Life Tapestry Creations by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Much has happened since we have last talked even though most of you do not yet quit understand what has transpired. With each shift, you are a bit different. And therefore, so is your community, your country and the earth. You may feel as if you have not shifted your belief patterns or that you should do more, but you are shifting at an almost unbelievable rate of speed. In truth, your physical being could not tolerate a more rapid shift.

Let us address those of you who feel you are not as pure, loving or joyful as you should be. You find that you are angry with the same thoughts and people who made you angry six months ago. Yet you are being told by so many that these dramatic energy shifts should alter your life immediately.

Many of you feel as if you are letting the Universe down by your seeming inability to shift as rapidly as your readings indicate is happening to everyone else. Please stop comparing yourself to others – everyone is moving at the pace that is correct for them. More importantly, know that those to whom you compare yourself are not at a much different place than you. Many of you are creating yet another Old Age competition that makes you feel less than you are.

You are a unique individual with unique skills that will develop in a unique time frame. Perhaps you are able to channel, but not time or experience travel. That is as it should be. Perhaps you wish to leave your community or your job but you do not yet feel the urgency that compels you to do so. That is how it should be. Perhaps you are relishing the blogs, books and channels that discuss the joys of the New Age even though overall, you do not sense much difference in your life. That is how it should be.

There are not, nor can there be, any overall time frames, specific skill sets or thought processes – you are a unique individual. “Cookie cutter” patterns were important in the Old Age, but are non-existent in this New Age. The New Age is not about repeating patterns, it is about creating new ones. And so you shall – but only after you allow yourself the freedom to move at your own pace and in your own direction.

Perhaps your current earth being has no need to channel because you will invent something to make air travel more convenient. Or perhaps you will never use the skills that have been touted by numerous New Age channelers, including this one. It does not matter. All that matters is that you allow yourself to listen to that quiet little voice within yourself and follow it accordingly.

Allow yourself to evolve at the pace that is correct for you and you will easily move into the New Age. Force yourself to be interested in any topic because it is something that others say you should – including the oil spill in the Gulf – and you will pull yourself away from your New Age skills and talents.

What makes you laugh? What sparks your interest? What excites you? That is your direction.

Throw away your cookie-cutter reactions to media reports. Throw away your fears of not moving fast enough or in the right direction. Allow yourself to flow and grow in the manner that is correct for you.  That is your role. And that is your joy.

The New Age is about freedom – allow yourself the freedom to be. The New Age is neither more nor less complicated than that. Listen to your inner voice and follow it. You will move at the pace and in the direction that is correct for you, your community, your society, your country, the earth and the Universe. So be it. Amen.

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New Age Boot Camp

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

This is another New Age boot camp message for those of you wishing to expand your spiritual horizons. Change is the key word in any lifetime on earth. In this particular lifetime, change cannot be defined for the change you are experiencing is far beyond anything you have previously experienced. Not only are you shifting, so are most of the entities on earth,  as is earth itself and the Universe.

Perhaps the best analogy is that you have moved or are moving from the attitudes of a teenager to serving in a war in which you must learn how to manage rapidly or you will not survive. You have all heard stories of heroic deeds of soldiers who at the age of 18 or 19 saved a life or commanded a group of soldiers in a brilliant strategic fashion. Yet you look at your 19-year-old and worry whether he will be able to get up in time to get to school or work.

Age is not a factor in this New Age transition. The number of times you have lived on earth prior to your current incarnation is not a factor. Not because previous lives did not provide you with experiences, but rather that this transition is unlike any other life you have experienced on earth.

Yes, you are experiencing discomfort. Yes, you want it to be the way it was before this transition started…but then, maybe not. Just as is true for soldiers in a war, particularly those soldiers in World Wars I and II, their experiences expanded their world far beyond what they thought possible the day they enlisted or received their draft notice. So it is and will be for you.

You are probably afraid of a number of issues. That is a given in any change. The very definition of change is moving beyond what is expected or comfortable. You can opt to fight this change – that is always your right as a unique individual. But that fear and that fighting will not make the change stop or even move in another direction for anyone but you.

Let us use yet another example. Those soldiers of World Wars I and II most likely did not like their living conditions all that much – living and fighting in extreme heat, mud, bone-chilling cold, with limited food and provisions and leaving their loved ones behind. Yet they knew that they had no options other than deserting, injuring themselves or placing themselves in harm’s way. In addition, they served with comrades experiencing similar discomforts. When the wars ended, many thought back with fond memories and a certain amount of pride of how much they changed and how fast they did so.

Such is the case for you now. Of course, you are uncomfortable. Of course, much of your past life no longer exists – at least not in the fashion you thought it would when you started this transition. You are indeed brave soldiers moving into and through discomfort because you know intuitively that is the action that is correct for you.

The difference is that you have no idea what others are experiencing because the New Age transition is an internal transition. Granted, you may discuss your changes with others – even blog about it, but words have not yet been created to define your current internal transition path.

There are no visible indicators to determine if you have won a battle or even the war. There are only internal markers that let you know that you are moving in the direction that is correct for you. It is a solitary war. One that only you can define for yourself.

How can the Gulf oil spill be part of this New Age Transition? How can the radicals of the world be part of this transition? How indeed.

Perhaps you are meant to create a fixture that will stop the flow of oil. Perhaps you are meant to send light and energy to that part of the world. Perhaps you are merely meant to solve your internal battles with fear, rage and anger – to bring peace to your being. You will know by your inner direction – that secret little voice that provides you with joy when you follow it – and increasingly, pain when it is ignored.

There are no rules. You can fight your transition. You can block it out. It is not necessary for you to make this transition in this lifetime. Perhaps you will decide to transition in your next lifetime. Or the lifetime after that. Or even the lifetime after that. It does not matter. The New Age is here. Your transition will happen at a pace that is correct for you.

For those of you transitioning in this lifetime, we salute you. Your path is more difficult than you know. Not only is it a new Universal direction, you are part of a volunteer army that cannot yet define your purpose or the outcome in terms that others will understand. You are adventurers of the highest order. So be it. Amen.

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