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Test Your New Creation Skills

Brenda Hoffman

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us start this day with a message of joy. Yes, you have new skills. Yes, you can use them when you wish. And yes, you can use them  in whatever way you wish.

For those of you concerned that such “selfish” actions might create death and mayhem, we beg to differ.

Only those of you who are pioneers, trailblazers and scout masters have easy access to the skills we are speaking of. In this life, you decided to be a leader in the lightworker, New Age transition movement. Everyone now on earth and in the future will have access to these skills. But because most do not yet believe that such is true, they are not able to create at will. Belief is the key to your new skills.

It is time to start testing your skills. Will you be frustrated in the first phases of this test? Of course, just as you usually are with new computer software. So do not be angry or afraid if this simple test does work as you hoped.

Create something you have wanted for some time. We are speaking of a physical object, for it is not yet time to create a relationship. It is far easier to create an object than it is to create a relationship. An object – even though made up of energy bits as is everything including yourself – does not necessarily react in the same way as relationships. What if someone does not wish to be part of your life play? What if that human is working on other issues and is not yet ready to interact with you? And on and on.

So let us create an object. First close your eyes – not because you have to, but because doing so will help you concentrate. Visualize an image of that object – most of you will wish to start with a simple object such as a pen. Imagine yourself using or viewing this object in whatever fashion seems the most pleasurable. Open your eyes and quickly sketch the object – this sketch is just your memory pad. Tape the picture to an area where you often pass. Then forget about it.

Many of you are thinking that this is little different from what you practiced ten or even 20 years ago. You are correct to a certain extent. The difference is that this object will materialize faster. More importantly, you do not have to spend time each day visualizing the object. Of course, many of you will even though that step is no longer necessary. A bit like when you first learned to use a computer and you searched for the typewriter return lever to move to the next line in your document.

In truth, think of your new skills as the difference between a typewriter and a computer. As you become more familiar with your skills, they will seem more like the difference between a library with books only open at certain times and the internet available when you wish to turn it on.

Some of you wish for us to give you more detailed instructions. There are none. Have we not stated on many occasions that creation is easier and more rapid than has been true in the past? And so it is.

We will give you a number of exercises in the next few months. Some you will complete easily. Others will feel to you as if you will never learn – but you will. You all will. You will learn to fly with your creation skills, just as you now do on your computer.

We will close with words of encouragement and of joy. We are a computer help desk available to you 24/7 so that you learn the skills you need to create the life you want – and teach others the same.

Again, do not fret if this lesson seems impossible for you. You will learn it when it is time for you to do so. For most of you reading this blog, that time is now.

This new year of 2011 is about creation. Last year was remembering that you could create. So get out your drawing pad and writing tool. Close your eyes, focus on the object and start creating. It is that simple and yes, that complicated. For before you can create anything, you must believe that you can. Just as you believe that you will breathe each second of every day, so too must you believe that you can create what you want, when you want it.

Perhaps such a thought does not seem that complicated, but your past belief patterns ensure that such thoughts are difficult.

Are you not always wishing for a genie in a bottle, a relative to give you a large sum of money or to win the lottery? Always something or someone outside of yourself to help you create the life you want. Forget those past beliefs.

Do you believe that there is a God, Universe or some larger entity that created you and can create FOR YOU whatever you want, as long as you follow that entities guidelines? Does this belief not persist even though we have stated over and over, as have other channelers, that you are God, that you are a cell of God?

Those of you versed in the sciences will understand what we are speaking of. Every cell in your body has the same DNA. And so it is true for you. You are a cell of God, the Universe or whatever term you wish to use. If God is able to create at will – which you most certainly believe or you would not pray in times of trouble – you are equally capable of creating whatever you want, when you want it. Everyone on earth and throughout the Universe is part of God or whatever term you wish to use. You may be of the fingernail cell group and your rival of the hair follicle cell group, but you all have the same DNA and the same creation skills.

Perhaps if you are of the fingernail group, you may find it more difficult to create some objects than others just because such objects are not part of your normal repertoire. But in time (a very short time we might add), you will allow yourself to create whatever you want, when you want it – whether it be a house, a friendship group, a new community or a new political party. Size is not the issue, belief is. Believe in yourself. Believe in your creation skills. Believe that the New Age is finally here.

Go on now – start creating with the knowledge that your creation skills might need a little revving up because they have been dormant for so long. This is a new year in earth terms and a New Age in Universal terms. Start living the New Age in your new year! So be it. Amen.

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