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Are You Wary of Full Moons or Mercury Retrogrades?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Today, as has been true for many days these past few months, is remarkable in terms of your future life on earth for a number of reasons – one of which is the full moon in Virgo with a Pisces moon.

Perhaps this day does not appear that unusual for many of you – that is, until you review your feelings and thoughts. Is it not true that those who follow astrological happenings most often anticipate at least one negative occurrence during a full moon, and many negative occurrences during eclipses and other more eventful astrological happenings such as a Grand Cross?

Are your astrological notations not most often based on negative results? Granted, the words to describe those events may not be based in pain, but the expectations most often are. Do you not anticipate upheaval and odd behaviors during a full moon? Are you not wary whenever an eclipse occurs, even though you may ponder the possibilities with a shiver of excitement – like the excitement you reserve for a plane crash or natural disaster? Eclipses, full moons, equinoxes feed into your stream of delight based on “how awful it will be.”

Perhaps you deny your thrill at the possibility of disaster – your need for excitement based in pain. We beg to differ. How many of you can ignore a disaster in the making? Are your eyes and ears not glued to your television or computer screen wondering how bad it can be? And do you not delight in a media star’s comeuppance? You may deny your culpability in disasters – but by delighting in such agendas, you are inviting them into and onto the earth.

Now are we chiding you for such behavior? No. We are merely pointing out that until you refuse to be part of the problem, you are the problem. We are addressing the law of attraction in this channel.

You attract what you give your attention to. If that happens to be an oil spill, an earthquake, a hurricane or a mass murder, that is what you, as a society, will produce. Perhaps you feel that your news channels are responsible for promoting such dramatic and negative events…and so they are. But they do so because that is what you give your attention to. You create your world…including what your news channels discuss, what your television programs promote and what your media stars produce. You do indeed create your own reality on every level of life on earth as you know it.

Of course, you alone are not responsible for the news. Many of your negative assumptions have been created and maintained by your society for a variety of reasons – most notably in the last few centuries, all of the aspects of the Old Age that allowed you to play both the victim and the controller or bully.

Even though the Old Age no longer exists, you continue to promote many aspects of that Age with your thoughts and expectations – not the least of which is that astrological events, such as a full moon, are something to be wary of. Old Age thinking. Old Age reactions. Old Age beliefs.

How is it possible for you to shift your thinking and beliefs when you are inundated by negative, Old Age beliefs via the media and even some of your New Age teachers? For those of you gasping in disbelief, review the words of those people who are predicting gloom and doom in 2012 or are warning you about this or that event with words something like, “I hope this full moon is not too terrible for you.”

Those of you who have crossed over to the New Age, will find this full moon glorious. Let us explain. Many of you woke up this morning assuming that something uncomfortable would happen to you because it is a full moon day, only to discover that this day is not that unusual or uncomfortable. Instead, as Brenda has found even though her sun is in Pisces and her moon in Virgo, today is quite joyful and fun.

If the New Age is about joy, would it not follow that major astrological occurrences would emphasize that feature, just as pain and victimhood were emphasized in the Old Age?

Are you not tired of trauma, hate and rage that seems to be a daily function of your legislative representatives? Each and every day, are you not feeling more and more the need for harmony and consensus? Are you not finding corporate politics petty and boring? Are you not finding the need to beg for a life of peace and joy abhorrent rather than expected. Are you not finding that you are no longer willing to “turn the other cheek,” and that you no longer wish to be in a position to have to do so? A bit like watching two-year-olds fighting over a ball. As an adult, you watch their actions and think how silly. As a person of the New Age, more and more you are feeling something similar about those contemporaries who insist on fighting over a ball or a concept.

How will all of this shift your current information stream? The media will discover that those programs that promote positive rather than negative thoughts will be more successful – just as is true currently for the Oprah show vs other talk shows that promote fear and anger.

As for your astrological materials, many are being rewritten by those who feel the need to address positive issues, rather than the fear and pain that most Old Age astrological materials favored.

The New Age is about joy. Perhaps you cannot yet see that in your private life. Maybe you have lost your job or your loved one has died. But we will tell you, if you have not done so already, you will soon wish to jump on the joy bandwagon – as many have. A bandwagon delivering you to joy and laughter.

The life you have long pined for is here for your taking. So be it. Amen.

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Negate Any Part of Yourself and You Negate the Universe

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman.

Dear Ones,

Oh my goodness – have you not had an eventful last few days? Even we marvel at the amount of energy you have accepted and processed.

You are heroes of the greatest magnitude. Yet, you continue to doubt your direction and your role. Please understand that your ability to process the current energy bursts are more than enough for you to manage at this time.

Let us be more explicit. If you were pregnant or had the flu, you would allow yourself time to regenerate your energies before you attempted to move in a new direction.

As a pregnant woman, your thoughts and directions would most likely be related to welcoming a new entity into your life. You would not be terribly interested in starting a new business or initiating much of anything that was not directly related to your pregnancy.

And if you had the flu, you would not particularly care if your business report was perfect, nor would you attempt to initiate a new job. After all, you are sick and the world would allow you to be ill with all such a state of being entails.

Yet, now that you are being bombarded with new energies day after day, you fully expect yourself to start new businesses, new directions or new lives despite your exhaustion, confusion, anger or bewilderment – the results of those energy bursts. It is as if you have the worst flu symptoms imaginable and you fully expect to perform brain surgery within the hour.

Do you need rest? Can you no longer function in the “real” world? Perhaps. But more to the point, much is happening to your physical body – more than you understand. And so, just as is true for the times you are pregnant or have the flu, allow your body to tell you what its comfort needs are.

Maybe you have had no physical side-effects. That is wonderful. But if you do have side-effects, allow your body to direct you in whatever fashion is best for you. Listen to your being – your total being. Not just your emotional or your spiritual selves – your physical body is as important as any other part of your being.

Even though similar issues have been addressed by others in recent days, we wish to emphasize yet again that you are in a physical body for a reason and you have chosen your physical body for a reason.

Yet, many of you continue to reduce the status of your physical being. Are channeling or other methods of spiritual communication not more important, and certainly more “trendy” than drinking sufficient water to keep your physical body well oiled? Why worry about the suitability of your clothing for your physical plant – you look so darling in that tight little dress and your stiletto heels. Why bother to eat lunch, you have a report to finish and you can always grab a snack sometime later.

Do you not feel guilty if you do not attend church, meditate, channel or whatever form of spiritual process you have selected for yourself?

Ah that is what we wish to discuss today. You have long relegated your physical being to a secondary place. Your self-help books provide exercises to move through your emotional blocks. Your meditation, church services or whatever form feels most comfortable for you supports your spiritual growth.

But your society does not embrace the need to balance elements so that your physical comfort and yes, joy is as important as is true for your emotional/spiritual arenas.

The latest energy bursts have greatly impacted your physical being. Yet, you continue to try to tie the bursts to spiritual and emotional aspects of your being. Of course, as the energy bursts impact your physical being those bursts also affect both your spiritual and emotional realms. But, for once, please allow your physical being to receive “top billing.”

What is your physical being telling you it needs? Rest? Food? A warm bath? Exercise? Listen and respond.

In truth, listen and respond and your physical ills will fade. Do you not do something similar when you have the flu? Do you not rest in bed with books, tissues, water and that ever comforting chicken noodle soup nearby? And so it is now. Listen to your body as closely as you listen to your inner voice – they are one and the same. You cannot be spiritually and/or emotionally whole in a body that you ignore or dislike.

The ever-present phrase, “we are all one” has so many dimensions, not the least of which is that your fingernail cell is as important as your emotional health. We are all one. Each cell, each thought, each channel and each hallelujah are all equal and all equally important.

Does that mean you must lose thirty pounds to be of the New Age? Not necessarily. Does that mean you must wear special clothes everyday? Not necessarily.  It merely means that your inner voice will direct you to fulfill the needs of your cells, as well as your emotions and your spiritual being. But your inner voice cannot do so if you relegate your physical being to the back burner.

All aspects of your being are equally important and always have been. It is just that you have recently (within the last few decades or so) placed such great importance on your spiritual and emotional being that you have negated your physical self. All are important, all are equal and all are one.

If others request your physical being for work, play or whatever reason and you do not feel the energy or the interest in doing so, allow your being to accept that. In truth, marvel at the beauty of your body regenerating itself to the point where it does not have to push itself beyond its physical limits – as you have all tried to do in the last few energy bursts.

Are there not times when you tell others that you need emotional “down time?” And is not such a statement acceptable? And for those of you who easily access the spirit world via channeling, tarot cards or whatever, are there not times when you tell others that it is not comfortable for you to do so? Yet, you fully expect your physical being to work through lunch; race home; take the kids to whatever activities they have after school; clean the house or take care of the yard; prepare dinner and then fall into the bed in exhausted only to repeat that routine day after day?

Honor your body. Say no to exhaustion. Allow your body to process the energies that are arriving now almost daily. Most of all, treat all parts of your being as one important whole that cannot properly function without the other two. We are all one. You are all one.

The micro- and macrocosm are not mutually exclusive, nor are the various parts of your being. Honor yourself and you honor the Universe. Negate yourself or any part of yourself and you negate the Universe…as well as the concept that we are all one. So be it. Amen.

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Are You Afraid of Your Power?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we have discussed previously – your fear of your powers and thereby, the New Age.

We have told you that the New Age is not about following or even caring about the dictates of others.

You have devoted this life and eons of previous lives to learning how to disregard your inner voice in favor of someone who seems to have or be what you want.  Granted, you had certain karmic issues you wished to complete in each lifetime. But even in that regard, you allowed and even encouraged others to control the direction of those lessons. Someone volunteered to be the bad guy, the bad boss, the bad mate, the bad politician or the bad parent so that you could complete your karmic lessons as a victim who may or may not have triumphed over those you felt were in control of your pain.

You were always in control of each and every life. You merely agreed to learn those lessons in pain. And others agreed to be part of your “passion play” – that was the over-all lesson of the Old Age – the past Age.

The New Age has arrived.

Fewer and fewer people are willing to play the “bad cop.” Oh you may find a few willing to give you a growl or two – but in essence, fewer people want to play that role and fewer still are looking for someone to do so. The pain game is over. You have moved through the Old Age gracefully and beautifully.

The New Age is about pleasure. So claim it. Do not worry about the poor soul who does not have all that you do. That soul is as strong and capable as are you. Victims are no more. And those people who opt to remain in the Old Age role of victim are finding it more and more difficult.

Maybe you are thinking that thousands are without work; millions live in poverty and countless others continue to be battered and bruised. Such is true – but those people are not fulfilling their inner direction or the earth’s new direction, they merely are trying to remain in the Old Age.

You are perhaps angry with this last thought. For indeed, you can see the starving children a few blocks from your home. You observe in your media as calamities strike  one geographical location after another. You see the tears of anger, pain and frustration. No one would opt for that life of pain if they did not have to.

Ah. Now you have reached the crux of your fear. “What if I follow my inner voice and discover that it is wrong?” Is it not easier to blame a boss, government official, parent or child than to take responsibility for a direction that may be wrong?

This New Age is about accessing and implementing the messages of your inner voice – which are never wrong for you. You may retort that schizophrenic and psychotic people follow their inner messages and look how far afield that takes them. Their’s is a different voice – a voice of the Old Age. The voice they are following is emanating from their mind, their ego – not their heart. And your need to believe that you may be psychotic if you follow your inner voice is yet another indicator that you are afraid of your power and of the New Age.

How can an Age of joy and happiness include thoughts of harming yourself or others? Listen to your heart, your inner being. That is your first and most important New Age lesson.

Your inner being will direct you to joy and lightness, for that is the function of your inner being. A function you closed down purposefully to more easily move through the Old Age. Now that it is time to access it again, you are overlaying its benefits and the resulting joy with fears produced through eons of living in the victim/martyr/controller roles of the Old Age.

Throw off your fears. Test drive your new inner thoughts and feelings.

But as is true for any fear, move through your fear of your inner voice at your own pace. Perhaps your first step into the New Age might be allowing yourself an ice cream cone or a quiet moment. It does not matter. Does it give you joy? Then it is of the New Age. Does it make you feel less than happy? Then it is of the Old Age.

Of course, there are still the naysayers telling you that such is never possible. Life is about pain and then you die. How silly and interesting that that last statement rings more true for you than does the belief that life is about joy and then you transform into a different form of joy.

Many of you read those last words and agreed. But observe your life, your current reality. How much joy do you allow? How much pain do you still expect? That is your personal measure of how you have accepted the New Age.

The New Age is here. And all you have to do to enmesh yourself in the joy that is the New Age, is to expect joy today, tomorrow and forever. Does that thought seem like a fairy tale? Then you remain in the Old Age. Does that seem like a possibility? Then you are tip-toeing into the New Age? Is that your reality and your expectation? Then you are of the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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The Freedom From Being Wrong is Lonely

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

You are not alone. Of course, that is extremely difficult for you to comprehend as you move so slowly, in your time frames, through your issues.

Perhaps you feel as if you have been slugging through the mire for ages. In a sense you have. For indeed prior to this New Age transition, the format has been: create some karma, exit the earth, create a new earth life in which to work out your past karma and then create new karma. A never-ending cycle of work, or if you like, pain.

You have read over and over again how you must clear yourself of karma and that even as you do so, you are again creating new karma no matter how diligently you feel you are living a “good and appropriate” life. Do such thoughts indicate that you are bad, an ongoing sinner? Please place those thoughts in the power needs of the church of yesterday and you will understand the need for such thoughts until the church was ready to evolve.

Let us be more explicit. The church was designed on the mother, father, children model that you most often use to describe a family. Father or God had complete control. Mother or Mary was the tender-hearted mom who helped you even when God or father was angry at you. You have played the role of child for eons – to allow you to move through control and power issues.

You have completed those lessons. Your karma is no more. Never again will you return to earth to solve some dilemma that you set up in the Old Age. Those painful lessons and memories are over. By the same token, you no longer need or want an all-powerful father figure telling you how to live your life or having life and death control over you. You have graduated or more to the point for this discussion, you have left home.

Will you make “mistakes?” Of course, just as is true for any child leaving the nest. But will the ramifications for those mistakes be the same? No, for your perceptions and needs have evolved as  is indicated by your movement into the New Age.

You no longer want to learn your lessons in pain – that is of the Old Age. Therefore, you no longer need to have any group – whether that group be the government, the church or your family – outlining what is right or wrong for you and creating punishments that fit their needs.

Do you see how appropriate heaven and hell would be if the church wanted to control parishioners? Do you see how appropriate laws would be if government had a need to control the people? Do you see how right and wrong would be appropriate for any family setting in which the parents needed to maintain control?

Those controls, those needs are dissolving much more rapidly than even we expected. But the net result of that freedom from being wrong or doing wrong, is a loneliness that is difficult for you to describe.

You have maintained your religious, governmental and societal guidelines for eons. Even though you often did not like those guidelines, they did provide you with a sense of rightness. If you married the right person, you were given accolades. If you offered services to your church, you were given accolades. If you followed the laws, you were given accolades. The Old Age rules set you free at the same time that they were imprisoning you. For those rules were not designed for or by you, but rather by the institution that needed to perpetuate itself.

Now that you are an adult, you will create your own rules. But that brings us to our original thought. Leaving home, becoming an adult can be lonely. That is what you are currently experiencing. In essence, you are buying and furnishing your own home in the city of your choice and you would love to have your parents tell you what is right for them, so you would know what is right for you.

Such is no longer possible. The small piece that remains of the Old Age you is pinning for that direction – at the same time that the New Age you is screaming to be free.

Do you understand that you cannot have close friends telling you what to do, until you know enough about yourself to move forward without their input? This is a complicated concept that we wish for you to process slowly. You are looking for friends and relatives who will tell you that you are moving in the right direction – while at the same time, you do not want anyone telling you what to do. Even if someone were to pop into your life who was willing to create a life plan for you, you would soon toss that plan by the wayside.

The New Age is about freedom. A concept you are just starting to understand and accept. Freedom to cherish yourself. Freedom to make your own decisions. The freedom to be.

Freedom is an extremely difficult arena for you right now, because you have been trained for eons to listen to and follow whatever grouping, including friends, you construed to be of import to you. Never before have you created your own life, with your own policies. That special freedom has always been given to someone or something out there.

There is no longer anyone out there providing the answers you want. That is your loneliness. More to the point, that is your freedom. Friends and family will return. You are one after all. But they will return only after you have discovered your own freedoms and joy.

Are we telling you that you may be lonely for a time? Yes. Not because we or God are punishing you, but because you want to find out who you are without the comfortable restrictions your society has placed on you for eons. Does that mean you should negate the friends you have? Of course not. Merely that they will not feel as close as you would like them to feel until you have found yourself.

Do not fret. You have not been abandoned. You have been set free.

Like parents who have every confidence that their child can handle the world without them, we tell you from the depth of our being – you are fine, you are strong and you are capable. Go find yourself and you will find others that think and act as you do. Negate finding yourself and you will continue the relationships you have at this time.

Do not be frightened. You are fully capable. You are a complete, strong and wonderfully evolving human. Allow that thought to drape you in warmth and then allow yourself to set out on your journey of discovering yourself. What a wonderful time for you. What a wonderful time for the Universe. So be it. Amen.

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What Have You Done Wrong? Where is Your Joy?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Where is your joy? What have you done wrong? Why is everyone else “sailing along” and you seem to be hitting one block after another?

Ah. This is a time of transition. In truth, one of the greatest transitions ever on earth or other planets. Transition or change is never as easy as is indicated in your history books.

The forefathers of the current United States had many doubts about their direction and even the outcome. History paints a picture of their knowing what to do and where to turn. Nothing could be further from the truth. They merely moved in the direction that felt the least painful emotionally, but not necessarily physically. They could have easily capitulated to England’s demands. Their immediate lives would have been more physically comfortable. Yet, their emotional needs precluded such a direction. And so it is with you.

It would be easier for you to remain in a community, a relationship or a job – than to move towards the transitions your heart is telling you to make. But then, easier in the short-term does not always equate to a long-term solution..and so it is with you now.

Oh not all of you. Some of you have already completed your major adjustments. This particular piece is for those who remain in the throes of change.

Let us use yet another analogy that might make your current discomfort just a bit easier to understand. Those of you who have been pregnant understand the discomfort of that state. The difference is that you knew what the outcome would most likely be – a darling new addition to earth.

The same is not true for you now. You know what you feel like doing, but not the reason why. You do not have a specific outcome in mind, other than comfort and joy. When you are pregnant, you can laugh about your weight gain or your need for pickles and ice cream – both predictable indicators that you are indeed pregnant and all will be well in less than nine months. But like the forefathers of the United States, you currently have no end date in sight, nor do you understand your inner cravings.

Are you crazy or merely following your heart? How do you know your heart is correct? Most important of all, when will it all end?

We can give you no end date – each of you is moving at the pace that is correct for you. Some of you have moved through the bulk of the issues you wish to move through and feel light and airy. Others of you are just starting your journey, and you feel as if your life is at an end. It is.

The life you have known is no more. That is why you are moving through your issues. And just as is true for any movement, any direction, some of you are scout masters and others are pioneers. Both of you are moving in the same direction, but not at the same time.

If you are in extreme pain right now, ask for help and you will connect with one or more of those who have gone before.

The scout masters completed their issues in a somewhat blank state. They had no idea what was happening or why. They just knew they needed to move in a specific direction – much like salmon swimming upstream. Scout masters accepted that extremely courageous challenge before birth so that you would have a path to follow.

If you are in tremendous pain now, ask for help and you will connect with one or more of those who have gone before. Pioneers have always followed the trails carved by scout masters. The same is true for you. Open your thoughts and your being to those who can help you understand your path and your overwhelming need to move forward. Perhaps your scout master is a maintenance person, philosopher,  school teacher or political leader. It does not matter. Just ask for assistance and that person or persons will enter your life.

You will know your scout master(s) by the joy they provide whenever you are in their presence or by the words they speak.

Simple. You are in pain. You are not alone. You are a pioneer, but you have scout masters readily available to help you move through and beyond your pain. This transition is not about individuals pushing themselves to the very edge. It is about your society creating a new world together – in joy.

Allow yourself to accept the help of your scout master(s). And then allow yourself to know without a doubt that you are moving in the correct direction for yourself and society. You may not have an infant to display after your transition, but you most certainly will have feelings of peace and joy. That is your end game. That is your direction. And that is your need to move through your issues. So be it. Amen.

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