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Introducing Your New Spiritual Manifestation Skills

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Summary of Brenda’s January 6, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Change has always been part of earth existence. The difference was that you arrived in joy only to be enmeshed in earth density and fear. You’re transitioning to arrive in joy and remain in that state throughout the time you are of earth.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “You’re Not Responsible for Everyone and Everything”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show is different channeled material than “Brenda’s Blog” even though both might be about a similar topic.

Dear Ones,

This energies of this week will open you to enhanced forms of manifestation.

The manifestation we are speaking of is perhaps different from what you envision. Manifestation indeed creates – but most of you think of objects or things, instead of emotions or non-visible entities and harmonies.

While it is true that your physical manifestation capabilities may also be enhanced this week, it is your spiritual being that will first embrace enhanced manifestation skills, then your emotional being and finally your physical being. Meaning that those pieces that are not of a physical nature will manifest more rapidly this week than is true for those outside your inner-being.

Your physical body is necessary for one life, one incarnation. It is not designed for longevity. Granted, you are now living longer for a number of reasons and your physical being is strengthened accordingly. But because your emotional and spiritual beings last forever, they are the most durable elements of your being. You do not need to negate or denigrate your physical being. Merely understand that your physical being was not created for longevity.

Each new skill you develop or acknowledge on the new earth will follow a similar pattern of spiritual development, emotional development and finally physical development.

For those of you believing that you cannot possibly be a Lightworker as you did not note any shift on December 21 or the days that followed, internal shifts did occur that you are not yet aware of. One of which is your new spiritual manifestation skill.

Of course, you have always had the ability to manifest in all three areas of your being. It is just that your manifestation skills have been upgraded to levels you have not yet experienced on earth in large numbers.

Many of you naysayers will state to yourself and others that such is not the case – that your skills are no different from what was true in November. We beg to differ. You now have a broader spectrum of manifestation skills. Believe and accept that.

This manifestation shift is somewhat like the difference between driving a 1930’s automobile and one of today. Both vehicles transport you from point A to point B, but today’s vehicle does so with much more ease and comfort. So it is for you.Your manifestation skills have been enhanced in ways you could not have envisioned a few years ago.

Is it not true that many of you have GPS devices in your automobiles to help you find point B, that you are not surprised by seats that are heated with a touch of a button or cameras that allow you to back-up more easily?

Your new spiritual manifestation skills will be a pleasant surprise for many. And as you accept new manifestation happenings as a common part of your repertoire, other skills will follow.

Some of you wonder why your manifestation skills are being enhanced this week. Even though your calendar year has little meaning for the Universes, the processes your completed up to and thru December 21 invited your new manifestation skills in. And so it is that you rested and processed for a few days. It is time to once again shift and change.

Perhaps the past few weeks have not been that restful for you. Maybe you were involved with many 3D world activities or rested via a minor illness or fretted over something as silly as you are not a Lightworker. All avenues to allow your earth being to adjust to the new being you are becoming.

Eventually, you will enhance your manifestation skills at all levels but for now – this week for many – it is time to add your spiritual manifestation skills.

Nothing is required of you – it will just happen. We are merely informing you so you can note your new skills in joy and laughter, instead of fear or anxiety. Your new being is progressing wonderfully in stages correct for you. Allow that to be.

Do not compare yourself to others for you are progressing at the right pace.

Some of you have already accessed your spiritual manifestation skills. Others may not do so for a few weeks. It does not matter. Anymore than it mattered if a young boy’s voice changed before or after others in his age range for it was inevitable that his voice would change.

The only frustration was for those boys who wanted their voices to change sooner or later than others. Some who were choirs members and or involved in other activities requiring higher pitched voices were upset when their voice changed. Others were upset that they were “late bloomers.” All of which was forgotten in a few years. Few adult men ruminate about trauma related to their voice change. So it is for you now.

It does not matter if your spiritual manifestation skills bloom this week or in three months – it will happen. What matters is that you are prepared for the resulting joy of experiencing new spiritual manifestation skills and any other level of manifestation that is or soon will be occurring. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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